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Peter Winkler

Peter Winkler
North Hollywood, California,
December 14
Peter Winkler is the author of Dennis Hopper: The Wild Ride of a Hollywood Rebel (Barricade Books, 2011). Filmmaker Philippe Mora writes, "I knew Dennis Hopper in his wild days and his sober days, and this book captures the man in his many incarnations. Winkler's deeply researched biography of Hopper is the definitive book on this live wire who lived on the high wire." Winkler has written for a variety of publications, including Filmfax, The Huffington Post, and Playboy. Winkler graduated with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles.


JULY 30, 2011 2:59AM

Tell Me No Sad Stories

Rate: 2 Flag elevated an OS post to its main site today, and it is yet another sob story from someone who has anesthetized themself with drugs and alcohol just to cope with mere existence.

Call me heartless, call me cruel, call me whatever you want, but this is the straw that broke my back. I'm fed up, and can't bear to read one more essay from somebody who doesn't appreciate how lucky they are just to be able bodied.

Here's why.

When I was nine years old, I was suddenly afflicted with crippling rheumatoid arthritis. In 1972, at age 15, I became the youngest person to have a bilateral hip joint replacement procedure. Since then, nature's caprice has seen fit to give me more maladies: ankylosing spondalytis, Sjogren's Syndrome, early-stage renal failure, type II diabetes, and many attendant complications. I've spent a good portion of my life in hospitals and doctors' offices. I am physically and financially dependent on others. The only time I ever leave my house is to go to yet another doctor's office.

I should have been an alcoholic or druggieholic ten times over by now, but I'm neither.

You can get up every day, take care of yourself and do anything you want.

Life is hard for you, bubbie baby? Well boo-effin-hoo. I don't wanna hear about it. I'm busy dying.

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I didn't read the piece you mentioned, Peter, nor do I intend to. I, too, have little interest in people who wail about their misery - unless they're really good writers and use their misery as a literary asset with the aim of enlightening readers. Not sure whether your complaint is with Salon's editorial policy or preferences or with people who wail about their infirmities. My position on Salon's choices is that Salon can display pages out of the phone directory if that's what it wants. The choice of what to read or not to read is mine. My sympathies on your ailments. I'm rating this for old time's sake, as I followed you here from Ed Gorman's blog over a year and a half ago. Thanks for that.
Thanks for this post -- it's spot on. I bow down to you for your courage and spirit. This post should have been editor-picked, but it's pretty obvious why it wasn't.