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Clarity stood aside, letting Afterflow, who was getting impatient, through the side entrance of the conference room. After a few additional minutes, Everglade answered questions from the punch-in bunch crowd, while the elevator repairman spoke to Brayfield about various unexplored connections betwRead full post »

At around eleven AM, the punch-in bunch, punched in their attendance card at Central Underground Center´s reception desk, and headed for the conference room. It was a group of political and economic mavens, high ranking officials, bankers, economists, investigative financial reporters, thinkRead full post »

Clarity returned to her desk at the lounge floor of the military center, counting the various jets of the Bellagio show, which took place every fifteen minutes during the day. Everything was back to normal at the Bellagio.


"Couldn´t get the blueprint of the motherboard," said Clarity.Read full post »

The job Brayfield intended for Clarity was one of easy supervision. She was in charge of monitoring the Bellagio fountain jets, ensuring the pattern shown to onlookers matched a pre-planned sequence that was programmed into the pumps, strainers, electrical panels, and filters by Evans´ domoticRead full post »

"Not so fast, lady," said Brayfield.

"Not so fast?"

"No, let´s do the requisitioning right away, I want to know whether in fact, in true rendition of the matter, you carry bitcoins or not." Brayfield pulled out a smartphone and called his assistant, Mandy Everglade, thirty two year oldRead full post »

Clarity watched her head at the low ceiling, barely higher than her own height. A meek, thin, man, short, with pointed nose and thick eyebrows, dressed in brown overalls and matching UPS cap, carrying a large, adjustable pipe wrench painted red on his shoulder, approached the elevator and hit the lanRead full post »

The KSS 280 Kone elevator B slowed down to a halt after reaching first basement level, stopping half a floor short of its final destination. The stylish interior of the elevator was made of etched stainless steel and patterned laminate materials and the floor´s Travertino Bianco marble tiles weRead full post »


(sun on the rocks is fiction)

Buddha Talk: Corpulent, shady genius of money flows which begin and end with the same pocket, his own, scholar of sexual ecstasy, occasional Buddhist and worshipper of a shrine honoring/… Read full post »

Checking her watch, Scafarel approached a counter and made an X sign with her fingers to several stewardesses belonging to various airlines, who turned on music through the airport loudspeakers, and began dancing, improvising a flashmob near the duty free section. Using the time and distraction weRead full post »

Al Donway showed a photograph of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur harem to Habib, trying to mesmerize him, while Money Fact moved towards Cassandra Scafarel and the Owens & Owell girls. Habib ran towards Donway, ripping the photograph to pieces, and reaching for his neck. Money Fact reachedRead full post »

Jenny Owens, an amateur collector of flowers, had paid the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the rose of levity, instead of the entry fee for a bottle of Elony, and that included access to the Church’s Hexas Style resort in the Bahamas for her and her friend Shalia Owell. TheRead full post »

Clarity hid in the back of the recreational vehicle with Montana, and a few minutes later, Habib and Charles took the wheel and passenger seats, driving the half truck to the parking lot of L’Hotel Bahrain, a luxury boutique hotel, promising an intimate retreat from the urban setting inRead full post »

Clarity and Montana were led to two coaches in an office of the twenty seventh floor of the Almoayyed building, holding the Church of the Holy Flower trading and finance outfits. They slept until nine thirty the next day, and Habib woke them up, bringing in breakfast, some ham with scrambledRead full post »

Clarity knew that they were in trouble, and she hoped that Charles or the attorney wouldn’t take her Aquaracer off her wrist. She rolled up her sleeves and showed the watch to Charles. Montana didn’t roll up her sleeves and Charles simply asked her several times to show him the watch.Read full post »

The attorney hired by Cassandra Scafarel to represent the Church of the Holy Flower in Bahrain, retrieved another file labeled 'OOL General Hierarchy'. The Church of Spiritual Flower Studies owned the other parts of the religious outfit, an intricate web of thirty two entities, among them copyrighRead full post »

Clarity watched Scafarel from inside the transparent glass bell, feeling like a flower about to get watered inside a vase. Across from her, Scafarel placed the rose of levity inside a small vase that started blowing air to it, lifting it several inches off the floor. Carefully, sheRead full post »

Clarity and Montana listened to bossa nova as the plane took off from Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd airport, heading for the capital of Bahrain. After reaching cruising altitude, they heard a knock on the flight cabin door.

"Open up please," said Scafarel. Clarity’s heartbeat acceleratedRead full post »

Clarity dozed off while they crossed the sixteen mile four lane road linking the main island of Bahrain with the border station in Saudi Arabia, which boasted a McDonalds, and a Kudu. After a short drive in Saudi Arabia, they reached King Fahd International Airport, and followed Scafarel toRead full post »

Clarity looked at the women left in the room. They were part of the Church of the Holy Flower Harem, known as the Nightline of Kuala Lumpur harem, fifty four ladies coming from thirty four countries, all displaying shapely bodies, smelling exceptionally well, of fragrances such as Ô de L’… Read full post »

Clarity and Montana went through the gate of building four of the Bahrain Industrial Investment Park, passed large warehouses, until they reached the entrance of a modern glass-covered building. Two security guards looked at their passes and led them to a room labeled as the 'Air Fashion Flight HaremRead full post »

"The holy flower is the navel area, the chi-chung point, leading to the sea of chi point, slightly lower, and close to the ovarian palace." Jenny Owens lifted her head and noticed Montana, who was looking at the chart between their heads.

"Who is she?" asked Jenny Owens, turning toRead full post »

"Scafarel is a middlewoman between the kingdom of Bahrain and Owens & Owell," said Clarity, "that’s how she got in touch with the O&O daughters and why she has an office in the O&O building."

"Check their agenda," said Montana, "the Heidi Klum emoticon kissingRead full post »

Clarity lifted the window cleaning platform several floors until they reached the top floor. Three women were waiting at the top of the building, which served as heliport. Clarity heard the sound of a helicopter, which landed shortly after on the helipad. One of the women prompted Clarity for papersRead full post »

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Middle East,

Clarity Nice, wearing construction overalls, tapped on her Bahrain Construction Ministry Inspector plastic helmet, the hard hat, to secure it in place, as the narrow six feet window cleaning platform, also known as a swing stage, lifted to the thirty fifthRead full post »

The car load truck entered Bakal´s property, helicopter on top. Donway adjusted the frequency of Bakal´s domotic system, made by Pentatone Learning Systems, which had created a malfunction in the Bell Warrior´s electronic wiring system, causing subsequent engine failure. He sought tRead full post »