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MAY 17, 2012 12:22PM


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You can now download for free the complete ebook of the Malibu Case, the first episode of fiction discrepancy 'Sun on the Rocks', in various formats (Kindle, pdf, Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple ipad), in case you´d like to share the story with friends, or read it more leisurely, if you missed the online release on OS, earlier this season.






Here´s the link to the complete story of the Malibu Case, once you´re there, simply choose and download the format you prefer, (pen name is Somers Isle & Loveshade).


Many thanks for following 'Sun on the Rocks', I look forward to pleasant times sharing it with you.




About Sun on the Rocks:


It´s a breezy, all-Girl summer and beach fiction read all year round, specializing in the trivial pursuit. These pleasant stories with an undertone of humor, follow the adventures of several women over twenty one years of age, as they seek to become a world-beating synchronised swimming team, 'Sun on the Rocks', led by the incombustible Stevenson Garden Products (SGP) teleoperator Clarity Nice, a woman of resourceful intuition, and acute observer of the laws of human mischief.


In The Malibu Case, Clarity and her friends, librarian Lanai Thomson, lifeguard Taimi Kendrick, and well-to-do Malibu resident Cynthia Stevenson, daughter of the SGP Corporation owner, establish a state wide referendum in California on public and workplace nudity, outsmarting Malibu city police Officer Packwood.





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Workstudio,thank you for sharing.Rated!!!
You´re welcome Stathi, enjoy, many thanks for dropping by and rating.
Love it. Further advevtures I hope R
Many thanks Gerald, a further mission of trivial nature is making its way to OS for next week.

Thank you Blinddream, glad to see you dropping by here.
Thanks for the heads-up. I will support the (synchronised swimming) team and fire up the PC-for-Kindle.
Many thanks, Ash.