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MARCH 22, 2013 3:31PM

The Cayman Islands Air Banner - Twelve - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity and Flower walked with Joroby to the exit of the bank, set on a pleasant shopping center known as Cayman Grand Harbor, East of Georgetown, which looked like a small, typical British colony village, and included a sculptor shop, a bookshop, a liquor store, a marketplace, and a place selling paintings.

     Parked in front of the main street, the Rolls Royce Ghost that Clarity had seen in Acapulco, shone its grey color lustre. Clarity and Flower hopped in the backseat of the Rolls Royce with Joroby, while Tarrance took the driving wheel after donning a driver´s cap and a suit, and Somerset sat as copilot on the passenger seat. Clarity, seating between Joroby and Flower, enjoyed the soft music in the car, a remake of the instrumental bossa nova song 'Mas que Nada'. An extendable arm unfolded three cigarettes, three salmon slices, and three apples, on a silver tray.

     "We don´t smoke, thank you," said Clarity.

     "Some viewing entertainment while we drive to the arena?"

     "Yes, thank you." Clarity noticed that the Rolls Royce was rolling forward at a slow speed, less than five miles an hour, allowing an employee of Lofty, the man in Chinos walking fast at the bank, to show several ads, displaying the investment features of crashworthy, such as the included fire and casualty insurance, the twenty percent all-inclusive simultaneous investment and loan rate, and the advantages of timesharing a safe deposit box.

     "Do you always drive this slowly here?"

     "It´s not a long drive, but we like you to enjoy the scenery."

     Joroby reached for a slice of salmon, but the tray moved towards Flower. Clarity saw Flower politely decline the offer of the salmon, and pushed the tray towards Clarity. Joroby reached for the tray again, but it moved towards the front seat, where a second arm replaced the three cigarettes with three thin 'Mercaderes' cigars branded as 'San Cristobal de la Habana'.

     "A gift from Mr. Castro himself," said Tarrance.

     "Thank you, we don´t smoke cigars either," said Flower, "getting kind of hungry though, if you can press the 'reach customer' button on the tray, we appreciate it."

     With the car still rolling forward, Somerset opened the car door and got out of her seat, jogging along the passenger side. Tarrance pressed on a button, and the image of Somerset jogging appeared on a video screen in front of them.

     "She´s our viewing entertainment tonight."

     Clarity glanced to her left and saw a Jaguar, with the number seventy three tagged in large print to its side, pass them at a slightly higher speed. Inside, she recognized the silhouette of Buddha Talk.

     "There he is, there´s Buddha Talk, inside that car," said Clarity. Flower waved several times at the car, which was rolling at six miles an hour, but slowly, the Jaguar overtook them, in a three minute manoeuvre.

     "Can you stop that car or go faster, I´d like to speak with the man inside," said Joroby.

     "I´m afraid not, we´re on schedule now, our cruise control has been preset at five miles an hour to save gas," said Tarrance.

     Four hours of jogging entertainment later, at eight fifty nine PM, the Rolls Royce limped through Georgetown traffic, and reached Seven mile beach, driving through a lively crowd of ten thousand people who was going out to watch a boxing fight at Hoverbay arena, a multipurpose, indoor facility.

     "Buddha lounge or our sponsored cabin?  The Buddha lounge will be hosted by eighteen hostesses who work with Buddha Talk to help him assess his busy agenda. Our sponsored cabin has no host and no hostesses, it´s a self service cabin, where you might even consider sleeping."

     "I´ll go with the sponsored cabin, it sounds more peaceful, but I want to see this Buddha Talk," said Joroby.

     The Rolls Royce reached an indoor parking lot with space for five cars. Clarity noticed the Jaguar was already parked. She reached for the salmon but the tray moved suddenly towards Somerset, who grabbed two slices and one apple. She saw Tarrance grab the remaining slice of salmon and two apples, leaving them with the three cigars.

     "Great, I hope you enjoyed our appetizers, you can get out and take the elevator to the upper terrace."

     Tarrance opened Flower´s back door for them. They got out of the car and walked to the elevator, leaving Somerset and Tarrance in the Rolls Royce.

     "We stay here," said Tarrance, "we have to prepare the next viewing entertainment for Buddha Talk, it´s in our loan facility and residence arrangement." Joroby let Flower and Clarity in the elevator and pressed the upper terrace button.

     "Tell me about your view of the crashworthy deposit and what you think of Lofty. This is not a usual bank is it?"

     "It´s not a bank, it´s a ripoff, there´s an employment contract, a debt and a timesharing residence contract built-into this investment product which is sold as a deposit, crashworthy," said Clarity.

     "It´s certainly difficult to pinpoint the personal belongings area," said Flower. Joroby and Clarity looked at her briefly, then resumed their talk.

     "Do you have evidence of this fraud?"

     "A dive shop exploded in Acapulco, but there´s no more evidence there," said Flower. Clarity continued the explanation.

     "No, our private banker, Mr. Rapple, kept the papers. Fortunately, we have avoided signing on as investors by being with you."

      The elevator door opened, and Lord Moorehead, dressed in a purple, wool sweater, welcomed them, leading them to the sponsored cabin overlooking the arena. There was only a single person inside, Bubba Key, wearing boxing shorts and shoes, and a golden belt with a large silver buckle. He was speaking on a small cell phone.

     "The dog has performed fine as an usher. Your guests are here, I´m moving along to the ring. See you after the fight. I´m going to crush Easy Glove tonight, no one meddles with our Law and Limited Lofty Banking Corporation. Take care of the dog, it´s Somerset´s sweater that it´s wearing."






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At last the fight. The bit with the elusive canapés and limping along limo was priceless. R
Many thanks Gerald, I enjoyed that part as well, must have thought of it thinking about waiting in line, it´s sort of a bureaucratic limo, everything happens at a slow rate or incorrectly or it simply fails to happen.