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MARCH 27, 2013 3:47AM

The Cayman Islands Air Banner - Thirteen - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity and Flower walked with Joroby to their seats overlooking the arena, which was filled with an anxious crowd holding signs such as 'crush Easy Glove Bubba', or 'Easy Glove to the compartment.' Clarity looked down from the VIP cabin and noticed a good looking woman, the one known as Beverly she had seen in Acapulco inside the Rolls Royce, introducing the boxers and presenting a platter of lobster to the crowd, lobster widely available in small posts distributed throughout the arena. She looked around for food, but didn´t see any platter filled with anything to eat or drink, only a Lofty ATM to her right admitting only its 'Lofty lobster' debit card.

     A large steel panel on the wall in the shape of a crop dusting Gippsman 200, the cabin sponsor, lifted, leaving full view on the Buddha lounge, a comfortable area displaying a group of attractive women, vying for the attention of the only man there, Buddha Talk, who was calmly smoking a cigarette near a statue of Buddha made with stone, lit by disco neon lights rotating around its solemn head.

     About twenty five different dishes, ranging from appetizers like grilled vegetables, salads, whole grilled chickens and grilled fish, and abundant fruit, dates, and chocolate truffles indicated abundance in the neighboring VIP lounge. Flower grabbed the glass panel of the window and set her nose against it.

     Bubba Key was the first to enter the arena. After waving to the crowd, he stepped out of the ring and jumped on Beverly´s back. Then, he abandoned his first prey and from one corner jumped on Easy Glove, when the contender stepped into the ring to wave to the crowd as well. At the end of round two, the door opened and Clarity recognized the overbearing presence of Buddha Talk, who walked directly towards the inspector.

     "Inspector Joroby, where did you find these two women? I don´t like private interference with my business."

     "They´re not interfering, they´re with me, that should be enough. We finally meet, Mr. Buddha Talk, pleased to meet you." Joroby shook the hand of Buddha Talk, which he found mushy.

     "Sit down over there, sir, there´s one thing troubling us about Lofty," said the inspector, "one very particular thing:  There is simply no customer feedback. It seems that the five thousand two hundred fifty three customers, many of them golfers, have disappeared without a trace since the bank license of Lofty was approved, after receiving their lobster credit card." Buddha Talk swaggered towards the inspector´s sofa, while Bubba Key was clinging to Easy Glove´s back, trying to bend the opponent to defeat on the floor.

     "We know how they travel, and where they play golf, but we don´t know where they are," said Flower. A grilled lobster settled on a plate, descended from the ceiling, attached to a vertical metal rod, and Buddha Talk grabbed it when it was within reach, before Clarity, Flower or Joroby could reach it. He pointed to the ATM, telling his guests that they needed Lofty´s lobster card to eat.

     "Our customers work with us on a global scale. Some of them have decided to do stitching work in the U.S. or Asia, where their labor is valued."

     "Was it their choice though, to work for Lofty?" asked Joroby.

     "Buddha said that choice is a tenuous road of reencarnation avenues filled with flowers of hesitation. They chose well, based upon our recommendation." 

     "Which was?"

     "It´s confidential, in our statutory safe deposit box, under BVI jurisdiction."

     "We´re not in the British Virgin Islands, sir."

     "Under the Caribbean Single Market jurisdiction Act, the box is part of BVI territory, but is allowed residence in Grand Cayman. Judge Cahry said so."

     "Judge Cahry became a Lofty customer and also disappeared."

     "That was after he commented on the jurisdiction of the box," said Buddha Talk.  

     Clarity walked back towards the door, taking Flower´s hand.

     "Let´s go eat while they´re talking," said Clarity. She felt an odd object caressing her hair, and lifted her eyes. A lobster plate was available. She stepped further back towards the door, then changed her mind and reached for the lobster, but Buddha Talk pressed on a button with a remote, and the lobster sprung upwards towards a ceiling trap closing on it.

     "We´ll be right back," said Flower, "we know there´s food over there in the other room, the lively room of good looking women."

     They walked to the neighboring lounge, mingling with the ladies there, justifying their presence by saying they were customers of Lofty. Clarity approached one of the women, wearing a white cotton sweatshirt labeled as 'Head Masseuse' in the back.

     "Do you have fifty year indentures as well in your crashworthy contract?" asked Clarity. The woman, known as Beverly, wearing jean shorts, answered her question.

     "We all do, we work for Buddha Talk for life, he´s so sweet. Heavy and lofty, but sweet. We like the tropical lifestyle here in Grand Cayman, life is so easy on us." Clarity noticed one of the earrings of Beverly looked like the one that Flower was searching.

     "Is that earring yours?"

     "No, it´s a replica, Buddha Talk´s specialty, they´re held in a safe deposit box at Lofty´s main branch in Grand Harbor. I heard the original came from Mongolia."

     "My earring," said Flower.

     "Your friend´s funny. Hey, would you like to join us after the fight, there´s a pool party at the balcony of Bubba Key´s hotel room afterwards. I´ll tell you about how to get the lobster card."

     "No thanks," said Clarity. Making her way through several women, she finally reached a platter filled with grilled lobster, and for several minutes, simply didn´t stop eating. She whispered to Flower as they left the Buddha Lounge.

     "Now, we have proof of fraud against Lofty. We just need the replicas, your original, and some additional evidence to justify that it´s doing illegal business here."





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1,500 golfers gone. Should be easier to get a tee time. Sounds like the girls are closing in for the kill. R