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APRIL 5, 2013 5:44AM

The Cayman Islands Air Banner - Fourteen - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity and Flower came back into the sponsored cabin, knowing they´d done the right thing by eating before proceeding with their mission. Buddha Talk was showing Joroby a one hundred dollar bill from Lofty´s bank reserves, insisting that the bill looked washed but that it was genuine, and that Lofty needed very little cash to function, in fact the one hundred dollar bill, carried by Buddha Talk everywhere in person, was the bank´s only cash on hand.

"And if customers need cash?" asked Joroby.

"They don´t, they use our lobster credit card," said Buddha Talk, "all their money is plowed into crashworthy."

"The inspection´s moving along, I think," said Flower.

Clarity heard a roar below her, in the arena. Something was happening in the boxing ring. She looked closely and saw Bubba Key pounding on Easy Glove´s chest with one of his gloves, as the contender was lying on the floor, knocked out by a solid series of punches from the Las Vegas-to-Cayman boxer and well known low cost flight adherent. It was round number three.

The umpire struggled to take Easy Glove´s glove from the hand of Bubba Key, and lifted the hand of Lofty´s client in victory. The bell from the boxing ring rang several times, indicating the end of the fight. A grilled lobster descended from the ceiling attached to a steel arm, and Bubba Key grabbed one of its pincers in triumph.

Simultaneously, Clarity heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and saw Beverly smiling to her, with ten other women behind her who had changed their pants or dress for Tahitian, flowered pareos.

"The girls like you, they´d like to party with you tonight after the fight inside Jaguar number seventy three, and offer a four hour, ten hand lomi lomi massage while you think of Buddha, at his one point eight U.S. million dollars mansion on Governor´s Harbor Canal in Nelson Quay."

Clarity smiled inwardly, looking at Beverly´s cleavage. A party headed by the head masseuse would interfere with their focused search for the earring of Shoroon Bumbagar, the seventh century aristocrat from the Mongolian region of Bulgan Aimag. She liked the thought of being pampered by five good looking women at the same time, though.

"We´re on ethnographic assignment, we need to find one of the original earrings of Shoroon Bumbagar."

"A new authority on Buddha?" asked Beverly.

"You can say that, a Mongolian authority actually, but he can´t answer right now," said Flower. Clarity looked at Joroby and Buddha Talk. Joroby was scolding Buddha Talk for the lack of transparency and compliance reporting tools of Lofty Bank, but Buddha Talk wasn´t answering or moving, he kept staring at the eyes of Joroby as if he was looking at a grilled lobster.

"Time to leave," said Flower, "the conversation isn´t moving very much."

"You´re right, let´s go."

Clarity and Flower ran away from Beverly and reached the arena´s parking lot. Parked beside the Rolls Royce and Jaguar number seventy three was an eight passenger golf cart labelled 'Beverly´s Cart to Enlightenment'. She stepped towards the cart and noticed the keys were on the cart. She sat in the driver´s seat while Flower seated beside her. Clarity glanced at the Rolls Royce with tainted windows. There was condensation on the window glass from the activity inside between Somerset and Tarrance.

"Where are we going?" asked Flower.

"To Lofty, we need that safe deposit box from Buddha Talk."

"The bank must be closed now, how are we going to get past security?"

They drove the golf cart below the local speed limit, and reached the bank forty five minutes later. The security guard was dozing at the entrance of the Grand Harbor shopping center. Flower tapped lightly on his shoulder, waking up the guard after shaking him several times against the table where he was resting his head.

"Mmmh, yes?"

"We´re customers of Lofty, our plane leaves tomorrow at five thirty, we need to check out our personal belongings in the jewelry deposit box," said Clarity.

"Box number?"

"Five zero three, we´re brand new customers of Lofty," said Flower, beaming a smile.

"The scandium deposit box, it´s on the right, in the vault, it´s pink cast in color, the only one there is like that."

"And to open the box and check our belongings?"

"Being Lofty customers, you must know this. You have to believe in Samsara, the continuous cycle of life and rebirth, and in anicca, a corollary mark of Buddhist existence. The box is voice activated, each customer has a Buddhist word to open it."

"Any Buddhist glossary available, here?" asked Flower.

"Inside the vault´s elevator, press on the button named 'stupa', it´s Sanskrit for shrine. Good luck."

Clarity looked incredulously at both as she stepped inside the lobby of the bank with Flower. Lofty was a Buddhist bank, and Flower had caught that, so naturally. She told herself she´d protect her friend from then on, from all of her bohemian dangerous inclinations. They thanked the security guard and stepped inside the elevator leading to the vault.

Clarity pressed on the 'shrine' button and a pile of sheets sprung out of one elevator panel. She looked closely and found the English translation of the word anicca in Pali: It meant impermanence. Beside the word was another indication, labeled as 'step on tiles one and three'. The elevator door opened and they stepped inside the vault towards the small golden deposit box, a shiny box with the etching 'genuine scandium melted by Buddha Talk, use for safekeeping purposes only,' on it.

Clarity stepped lightly on floor tiles one and three beside the golden safety box indicated by the security guard, and said out loud the word 'impermanence' in Pali. The security box made of light scandium, opened. Flower looked inside.

"There´s a key with a keyring inside, but there´s no earring.






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Uh, oh. Actually, I thought of the girls as I munched on a lobster roll in Boston yesterday. R
Nice thought, the lobster´s nearly a character here, though I never thought they would end up in a lobs story.