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APRIL 12, 2013 5:39AM

The Cayman Islands Air Banner - Fifteen - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity looked closely at the key. It had an address: 503 bis Governor´s Square, Seven Mile Beach, Nelson Quay, Grand Cayman.

"Where´s my earring?"

"Let´s hold on to this key and ask the guard," said Clarity. They closed the safe deposit box saying the word 'koan' aloud, a word indicated below the opening word, 'anicca', which meant riddle-like puzzle, and was used to teach Buddhist wisdom, contradictions such as what is the sound of one hand clapping. They rode the elevator to the lobby and found the guard playing 'mahjong' on a computer.

"That´s the address of Mr. Buddha Talk. Don´t go there tonight, it´s private night for him and his eighteen companions. One of his security trucks came to pick up an earring, earlier today. At this time, it´s probably safe in his mansion´s deposit box."

     "Many thanks. Bye." Clarity and Flower steamrolled the asphalt with the borrowed golf cart, at thirty miles an hour, reaching Seven Mile Beach within forty five minutes of leaving Lofty´s headquarters. The mansion was built in British colonial style, and was guarded by a doberman named 'Rothman Slim', restless and hungry, posted inside a small cabin where the guard could rest.

"Do you have meat?" asked Flower.

"No, why?"

"Dogs like meat, otherwise I don´t see how to get past that dog in the cabin." She yawned and placed her head on Clarity´s shoulder.

"Well, we have to get past the guard, really, the dog´s nearly irrelevant. We´ll drive through with our cart."

The security guard at the iron gate had a semi automatic weapon holstered across his chest.

"Hi, Beverly told us to get the table ready for the party, they´re on their way, but decided to take the Jaguar number seventy three."

"Who are you?"

"We´re new masseuses, intermediate level more or less," said Flower, "Beverly recruited us after we signed our fifty year contract with Lofty. Do you know if the earring´s home, the one earring that is special for our very Buddha Talk?"

"The earring´s been sent to the Bahamas, it´s a special gift from Mr. Buddha Talk to one of his girlfriends, a shrewd business woman who lives in Nassau."

"Good, thanks," said Clarity.

"Do you know who won the fight, I have invested one thousand dollars on Bubba Key."

"Bubba Key crushed Easy Glove in three rounds." The guard placed his weapon on a ledge of the cabin, and opened the iron gate.

"Good, good, come in, I´ll hold the dog so that he doesn´t go after you. The mansion´s empty. Do you have the key?"

Clarity hushed Flower before she could speak.

"We have the key, thank you." They drove through an alley to the entrance of the home. Clarity saw a safe deposit box with the number five zero three bis, made of a metal similar to the one at Lofty, and inserted the found key. The entrance door opened and several red laser beams inside placed for security, stopped shining, shut by Clarity´s key insertion. She recovered the key and stepped inside, hearing the humming noise of the air conditioning.

"How did you know we had the right key?"

"I´m starting to know Buddha Talk, he takes precautions, and he´s the only one who has all the information. Let´s find his bedroom."

They walked up the marble stairs of the large two floor home, reaching the main bedroom, which had a tiger pelt on the bed, with the tiger´s teeth pointing at them. On the right, there was a dressing room.

"Let´s go in there, there should be a safe there, with my earring."

Flower´s intuition surprised Clarity once again. They found the safe, made of scandium, behind a folded white shirt. At the bottom left of the safe, there was a sign that said 'genuine scandium melted by Buddha Talk, use only for homekeeping purposes.' The safe opened with the same key from Lofty. Clarity reached with her hand inside and found the safe deposit box of Bubba Key.

"Wow, I wish my earring was as easy to find as this box. I can´t believe Bubba Key trusts Buddha Talk with all his savings."

"I can´t believe all his savings weigh so little. Let´s see if the key works here as well," said Clarity. She inserted the key from Lofty and miraculously, it also opened the boxer´s safe deposit box. Inside, she found a single bearer share, indicating that whoever held the share owned all net assets of Lofty Bank, cash onhand less any debt of the Cayman Islands bank.

"There´s no earring, but this share is the key to Lofty, we own Lofty, so to speak, I think," said Flower.

The girl dressed in the flowered dress picked up the second item in the box, a scandium lobster credit card, and Clarity jotted the pin number on her notepad.

"Not exactly, read the small print, it says that only if the bearer of this share owns Lord Moorehead III, the Great Dane of well known, British Lord inheritance, and five times best in show at the Westminster Kennel dog show, the superbowl of pet shows, held alternatively in Nassau, Bahamas, and Coconut Grove, Florida, as per the inheritance papers of Lord Moorehead III written by Chesterfield Moorehead, known as Lord Moorehead II, at age 97 and ninety four days, in the City of London, United Kingdom, is this bearer share active as sole ownership share of Lofty Bank for the bearer, and as ownership share of additional business interests, such as boxing match stakes, and the night club premises of Neria B opened in Nassau, Bahamas, by a close associate of Mr. Buddha Talk specializing in the beauty segment.

In such event of bearer ownership, Lord Moorehead III will act as 'front man' of the bank and main recipient of all official mail notices from the Cayman Islands monetary Authority or any other senders, including The Arkhon Syndicate, which may or may not finance activities of Lofty Bank depending upon its cash onhand derived from its fund placement and cash remittance services, known as 'the sprinkler', such sprinkling referring to cash, and not water. That´s why all notices go to Lord Moorehead, because the poor dog can´t answer them, and then Buddha Talk does what he wants with Lofty."

"But how did Lord Moorehead become the 'front' owner of the bank?  That doesn´t make sense. I´m starting to think that we´ll need to really own Lofty to get my earring back and to get twenty percent return on investment."

"Well, a dog is the ideal front man, certainly, it never talks. In any case, to own Lofty, we might need to go to Nassau or Coconut Grove and find out more about the pedigree and the inheritance of Lord Moorehead there."

One floor below, they heard the sound of Beverly and Somerset, jogging together in the lobby.

"That was fun, it´s getting us ready for the triathlon this year. Let´s go upstairs and then have dinner," said Beverly, "I think he´s in the mood for tigress outfits, now that he sent the earring to his girlfriend. Who is she?"

"I´m not sure, a business woman in the beauty business, she´s the one who guides his pleasure philosophy. There´s a book on pleasure that he never shows us that she gave him when he went to Nassau to meet members of the Syndicate."

"Is that his secret? Every time I´m with him, I just let go, and he keeps me coming for hours in the same position, legs folded, with my body almost still. He just checks that my all my buds are standing firm, and he tells me I´m a healthy and enlightened woman. That gets me off every time, he´s so sweet."

"It´s part of his secret, you know he never talks about sexual ecstasy, for him it´s sacred. I heard he can satisfy seven or eight women for hours in a single night. Let´s change into the tigress outfits, maybe it´ll be our turn tonight, you´re getting me in the mood."






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