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APRIL 19, 2013 5:34AM

The Cayman Islands Air Banner - Sixteen - Sun on the Rocks

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"It´s Beverly and Somerset, they´re here, let´s take the share," said Flower.

"We can´t take the share, Buddha Talk will kill us."

"Let´s take the share to James Blond, he´ll be the one to get killed." Clarity sighed.

"Let´s get out of here and then discuss, without the share," said Clarity. Flower reached for the back of Buddha Talk´s safe.

"There´s a phone and a pile of money in the back. Look."

Clarity grabbed the cell phone, which was turned on, and looked at the pile of paper. They were Treasury bonds, one hundred in total, in ten thousand dollar denominations.

"There´s a million dollars here," said Flower, "well, we found our crashworthy deposit, let´s take the money." Clarity looked at her as though she were crazy.

"The money or the share," said Flower. "If we don´t take the share, we have no bargaining leverage as Lofty working customers. If we don´t take the money, we´re mush in the hands of Buddha Talk. And we need this kind of money to get out of here." The cell phone rang.

"I have to take this phone, it feels good to be rich," said Flower.

"Yes?, yes, I´m Somerset, oh good, the hydroplane is here, good, thank you. No, no banner is necessary, we´re not going to advertise Lofty in the Bahamas, that territory is covered already. Mr. Buddha Talk, well, he may not be coming this time. The yacht´s on repair, that´s ok. The Syndicate is waiting for Mr. Buddha Talk next week at the Neria B night club in Nassau, yes, Nassau, Bahamas, well thank you, I knew where Nassau is, good, yes we´re writing it on the agenda. By the seaside, two minutes, thank you, and then the Lofty Airlines flight for the infomercial in Little Cayman airport that will take us to Nassau to prepare Mr. Buddha Talk´s meeting. Got it, got all of it. Make it four minutes, we need a few minutes to gather our thoughts. Bye." Clarity heard the roar of 'Rothman Slim' and the voice of Buddha Talk entering the bedroom. She whispered to Flower.

"Good, that´s our way out of here, let´s take the cell phone and the bonds, and leave the share. Leave the dresser door closed."

"Deal, you get past the dog first, though, that thing´s dangerous."

Clarity heard the voice of Buddha Talk and the sound of window panes sliding, bringing a soft sea breeze to the dressing room.

"Go Rothman, you can jump to the pool as well as Lord Moorehead."

Clarity heard the dog stepping on the balcony and jumping into a pool with a splashing sound. After twenty five minutes, there was lively talk in the balcony. Clarity peeked at the balcony. At nineteen people, including Buddha Talk, the only man, the balcony was full. She grabbed the hand of Flower and slipped outside the dressing room into the bedroom. They crouched to reach the bedroom door and closed it behind them. They walked to the garden towards a small wharf, ensuring they remained in the shadows from the entrance iron gate. They found a rowboat and noticed a hydroplane landing three hundred feet away.

"The yacht´s on repair, our luck. I don´t know where that dog is, must be swimming."

"Let´s go, let´s say we´re part of a varsity row team." They heard the voice of Buddha Talk screaming from atop the balcony.

"The money, my phone, they´re gone, get those girls, Rothman, I know they´re here somewhere." Immediately, the doberman got out of the pool and ran towards the jetty.

"Yeah, let´s move swiftly, I don´t like the sound of Buddha Talk´s barking item of home surveillance," said Flower.

They rowed to the hydroplane and reached the main cabin. A good looking pilot with a scar on his cheek welcomed them, beaming a flashlight at them, as the screams of Tarrance, Beverly, and Somerset behind them reached them.

"I was expecting Bubba Key, you have company it seems," said the pilot.

"We´re flying on our own." Clarity took a single ten thousand dollar treasury bond, and gave it to the pilot. The man looked at the bill and rolled his eyes.

"With this kind of money, I´ll take you anywhere. Give me all of it. Where are we going?"

"To Little Cayman airport, we have to catch a plane there going to Nassau." The pilot grabbed the pile of treasury bonds and folded them inside a leather pouch.

"Ah! yes, the infomercial, fasten your seat belts, let´s get moving. There´s some piña colada in the back, if you´d like refreshments."

As the plane lifted off, leaving Buddha Talk and all other talk behind, Clarity looked at the beautiful Caribbean sea, watching the sun rise. Closing her eyes after a tiring night, she started dreaming of a Cayman Island beachfront home on Nelson Quay, partly owned in a one hundred and three year timeshare agreement with her friends Flower, Cynthia, Taimi, Jenna and Lanai.


Or Going where your Money goes,

 to Keep an Eye on how it Disappears.

Next week, a new episode,


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Or Whether Corporate Nudity should be part of the Dress Code.



Or How a single drink can Turn Thirst into a Traction with the Law.


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Workstudio, somehow I missed seeing your interesting series in the activity feed here--will read through all of your chapters this weekend and hope you have another series in the pipeline here!
Many thanks designanator, kind of you to comment, hope you enjoy the episode, there is a new one starting next week, it´s titled The Bahamas Lotion.
Glad Buddha got his, but too bad Flower didn't get her earring back. Maybe in the next adventure. On to the next. R