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MAY 10, 2013 5:18AM

The Bahamas Lotion - 3 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity looked at the silhouette of the seven four seven that had brought them from Cayman Islands to the Bahamas and at the Lofty Buddha Air Leasing Company employee wearing an orange suit with a pink flamingo, the official bird of the Bahamas. She wanted to be as far from local police as possible, but she also wanted to recover her money and passport so that she and Flower could return to Acapulco before the City of Wellington, the ocean liner where they worked as hostesses, left for L.A. Around eight PM in the evening. She glanced at the man with a golden iguana, named Knocke, Lance Knocke, in charge of all security measures and personnel at Elony. He was walking slowly, and received the company of two of his men, men dressed in polo shirts and khaki pants.

Barely saying a word, they led Clarity and Flower through one of the lounge doors to an escalator of the airport, until they reached a 1977 white 'Silver Jubilee' Rolls Royce limousine, showing the familiar radiator grille, made by hand and eye, and polished for hours, along with its emblem, the hood ornament that the cleaning lady had warned Clarity to approach with care and understanding earlier in the afternoon. She insisted on using the term 'the Spirit of Ecstasy', not 'the Silver Lady', as many called the lady with fluttering robes. It was the time for sunset and she breathed the warm air with seventy percent humidity. She longed for white sand Bahamas beaches and turquoise tropical waters where she could dive and swim naked for several hours with her friends.

"Hop inside," said Knocke. Clarity looked in the distance looking for hope. Instead, she found Lanai holding on to a red firetruck front door a few hundred feet away. The truck, an Isuzu FTR 800 class 2 pumper imported from the Fire and Rescue Agency of New South Wales in Wagga Wagga, Australia, was beaming a blue siren, approaching the limo at high speed. Stretching above Lanai, Taimi and Cynthia were struggling atop the truck with Jenna, who was surfing the air, holding balance by grabbing the ladder. The truck screeched to a halt in front of the limo, and Lanai hopped off the open front door a few feet away from Clarity, smiling.

"We met an Australian fireman on our Bimini Islands flight from Acapulco, in charge of truck sales to the local Mexican and Caribbean municipalities. Luckily, these trucks are being sold throughout Caribbean airports, beats the airport shuttles any time, very convenient. We told the captain of the City of Wellington he could leave for L.A., told him we´d see him again in Acapulco."

Knocke didn´t react immediately, and his two henchmen stared inquisitively at the girls.

"Thanks, Mike, take care," said Lanai. She hugged Clarity. "Glad to see you, sorry we´re late, we stopped at the Old Nassau Airport Terminal before we found the plane, where are we going?"

"Well, that´s the point, we´re not going, that´s why we called you," said Clarity. The good looking teleoperator pointed to the firetruck.

"Hold on, wait, your friend, in the firetruck, can he provide a lift?" asked Clarity, "these people have an invitation which is slightly unsettling."

"Why? this limo´s cool, no, I´m afraid not he´s on the job," said Lanai. Lanai waved at the fireman driving the truck good bye, and within a minute they were on their own with Knocke.

"Get in, ladies," said Locke. He opened the backdoor of the car.

"Cool, a limo in Nassau," said Taimi, hopping inside, "I´m so hungry, I need some snacks." Clarity saw Cynthia, Jenna and Lanai get inside as well. Clarity´s jaw dropped, and she looked at Flower in disarray.

"Let´s look at it as a vacation," said Flower, sighing, "I´ve never been shot on video before." She stepped in front of Clarity and entered the luxurious limo.

"Yes, might as well," said Clarity. Breathing deeply, she stepped inside the limo, covered in burgundy leather, and decorated with the repeated wallpaper pattern of the Charioteer of Delphi, the Bronze statue of a man of Greek origin who didn´t pull any strings, but instead was merely holding on to them.

Clarity noticed that the car wasn´t moving. Flower was keeping silent, counting the flowers on her dress. She looked out the window, and noticed that 'Pink Gogo', the plane of Penelope Avalon, had landed near them. Within minutes, the familiar silhouette of Penelope, dressed in the same one piece pink loose fitting suit, which made her look like a catwoman, came out of the plane, and stepped off the pink plane wearing canvas pink upper dance shoes. Hopping on a two wheel, self balancing, Segway personal transporter, she approached the Rolls Royce, rolling briskly on the tarmac. Clarity saw the front window of the limousine roll down. One of Knocke´s henchmen peeked towards the head of security for Elony.

"Let´s go slowly to Neria B, we need to be there by three AM. I want everybody to see Penelope at her pink best in front of the Elony stand at the entrance. Go through Saunders Beach, Palmdale, Windsor Estates, and LeeWard East. Then, drive west towards Lake Killarney, Neria B is on the south side, on a side street from Carmichael Road. And stop by Pirana Joe and the Cosmetics Boutique on Bay Street, I need new beach wear for me and new jewelry for Penelope."

"Got the instructions chief, got the GPS chief, we´ll get to the night club at three AM and stop at the diner for a quick dinner. We got the guest list of Carolina Herrera, the 212 VIP one, they´re all going to Neria B after hours to test Elony. For the first time, we put all of them on our guest list. Do you want us to take care of Penelope´s catsuit after the show? These girls would look good in it."

"No, I got her tonight, she´s going to teach me naked breast massage with a bottle of Elony."

Knocke cracked the bones of his fingers, as though getting ready for a workout. He pressed a button and the front window rose. Clarity tapped on the elbow rest pad with her left hand.

"I can´t believe it, we´re stuck, anybody really has an idea of how we can get out of here?"

"This is fun," said Taimi, "what did you guys do in the Cayman Islands?"

"We had fun as well," said Clarity, eyeing Penelope, who was mounting the radiator of the car in her suit, and settling in a hard plastic platform on the right side of the hood, to allow the driver a good view, not of Penelope, but a view to drive out of the airport.

"She´s getting ready for the go-go show tonight," said Knocke. He handed her a copy of an old book, titled 'Decadence', which she tried to brush away, but the man with the iguana insisted that she take it.

"This book was written by the unknown hedonist; it is a code of pleasure brought from the annals of history, and it is your way out of the life Penelope lives, permanent pleasure, regardless of your schedule on a given day. Inside the book, there are enough free passes for you and your friend to attend our stage three resort in the Caribbean, that´s after the infomercial and Neria B, if you make it out of Neria B, which I doubt."

Clarity leafed through the book. It was a clearly written book, with illustrations of ancient goddesses with lion bodies in bronze, wearing a single, gold earring. Other illustrations depicted Egyptian goddess Nefertiti in limestone, and a mosaic of Byzantine nuns. She found the passes which acted as bookmarks and read an excerpt of the book: In the beginning there was only pleasure, nature, and the moaning of a woman in orgasm. Society is an artificial artifact of fake plastic items wrapped up in recyclable, cosmopolitan material, meant to delay pleasure. Toss the toil in your life, keep the pleasure, and then, recycle the pleasure to add variety, in good feminine company, if possible.

In the very end, your epitaph will show the extent of your enjoyment in this life. It is a good time to understand the very nature of your orgasm, the very thought of your deepest pleasure and beauty, the very meaning of Elony, our contribution for today´s sophisticated woman and her companion, another sophisticated woman with a similar taste for pampered luxury and upscale pleasure. Our three stages of pleasure will guide you to your ultimate reality, and Elony will ensure your body is aware of that reality as well."

"The book´s been updated," said Clarity.

"Yes, we´ve included Elony material."

"It´s new, really, never saw anything like this before."

"Read it well," said Knocke. Clarity was starting to be turned on by so much guided pleasure, the book was making a physical, sensual impression on her. Unbeknown to Knocke, the word orgasm was her preferred word in the dictionary, a word that triggered thoughts of soft touch, delicate flowers, melting sensations, elegant perfume such as Nina Ricci´s L´Air du Temps, her favorite, and feminine realities well beyond the normal assumptions of those who knew her. She rarely shared these intimate thoughts, and only Lanai had a sense of her real sexual fantasies.

She looked at her friends, who were listening to an easy listening music program as the Rolls Royce rolled into Windsor Field Road, leaving the airport behind them. It probably was the accumulated tension, which needed release.

"I´ll read it slowly, that way my pleasure will last longer," she said. She was only half kidding.

"Now, you´re catching on the way of Elony. Remember the codeword to get to stage three." Knocke lowered his head towards Clarity, who noticed the name on the golden iguana of his tie, 'Hexas Style Resorts'. Lanai lowered her head as well, to hear Knocke´s codeword, and Clarity´s ears became surrounded by Knocke and Lanai´s noses. Knocke whispered the word to Clarity.

"Rosebud," said Knocke. Clarity didn´t move, pondering the word carefully. She turned her eyes slightly towards Lanai, who was clapping.

"I know that word," said Lanai. She was beaming a grin but Clarity was in no mood for smiling.

"It´s a codeword to get out of where, exactly when," said Clarity. Knocke didn´t answer.

"It´s from Citizen Kane, from the Orson Welles movie," said Lanai. Clarity whispered to Lanai.

"Lanai, if you start talking movies and getting close to this man, we´ll never get out." Lanai whispered back.

"I don´t want to get out, what does that book say, exactly?" Clarity moved the book away from Lanai´s hand.

"Oh, Rosebud is more than a word from a movie," said Knocke. He opened the bottle of a Lemon Snapple juice and drank a few sips, giving a grape flavored bottle to Lanai.

"Ooo! I like you," said Lanai, "tell me about the meaning of the word."

"I can´t it´s a codeword. You need to learn the etiquette of pleasure first, that´s why we´re going to Neria B."

"What´s Neria B," said Clarity.

"The night club of your dreams with the woman of your dreams, an older woman, Lady Scafarel," said Knocke.







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