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JUNE 7, 2013 2:23PM

The Bahamas Lotion - 7 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity opened the window of the grey and cream A8 Marathon Checker taxi with checkerboard trim, built in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and stared at the giant sign announcing the name of the 'Decadent Leisure' resort owned by Cassandra Scafarel, 'Hexas Style Resort, Eleuthera Branch'. They had landed in the island of Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. The girls beside her giggled at the site of the naked sentinel at the entrance turret. The small tower was shaped as a cocktail glass made of wood, including a straw rising from the top. The guard was performing his due dilligence daywatch duties, nightstick in hand, but 'au Naturel'.

While Jenna reached back to get a closer look at the guard, Clarity read the small letterprint on the sign: Nudity laws of the Bahamas do not apply inside this Hexas Style resort for Adults Only. Elony beauty lotion is not included with your stay in the island of Eleuthera, nor are many amenities included in our personal development program. Remember a hot tub also serves its original purpose to simply relax, and remember to eat before and after each Hexas Style pleasure. The current lawsuit with Atrium Resorts may affect the length of your stay.

"We´ll start with some pool games, to bring meaning to the word fountain fun," said Penelope.

"I love pool games," said Jenna.

"Everyone´s so good looking here," said Cynthia. Clarity looked at the well kept grassline on both sides of the road leading to their accomodations and listened to the conversation between two attractive women walking a few feet away towards a log cabin. Dressed casually in white color lace hipster briefs and strapless bras made by 'Agent Provocateur', the two good looking women in their thirties were discussing the effect of an Elony-based supplement on their lovemaking, a moisturizing emollient which kept the surface of the clitoris sensitive.

"I didn´t think it would bring me to climax several times. I mean a single drop kept it tingling for hours."

"I saw you, you did really well with that lotion, it works, must be the way they boiled the purified water in the lotion. I´ll buy a bottle of it I think." The natural, calm look of the women, combined with the topic of the conversation, rarely heard in public, aroused Clarity, and made her feel revitalized and healthy at the same time. At times, she spoke of casual sex with Lanai and Cynthia, but never with such openness or explicitness of depiction. That sense of being in a forbidden area of pleasure, rarely shown in society, stirred her own feminine waters, bringing the arousal to the surface of her thinking, and raising her body temperature. She let go of some tension in the chest area and gratified herself in the subsequent relaxing sensation of warmth.

"Why are there only women here?" asked Lanai. Avalon seemed annoyed by the comment.

"Men are only in charge of security here, their presence is accessory. Only Cassandra and Avene can indulge in pleasure with them, and only they can take turns with Knocke. The men are extremely loyal to both Cassandra and Avene, but only to both of them. I still don´t understand why. By the way, no one calls Cassandra Cassandra. She´s Lady Scafarel for all of us."

Avalon led them to their quarters, named 'Propylaea Collonade A', a series of modern low rises decorated with stone carvings, before carefully dividing the girls into two groups. One group included Lanai, Jenna, Taimi, and Flower, while she was assigned a room with an ocean view, with Cynthia. Lanai knocked on their door and Penelope opened. Clarity became aware that they had no money, no passports, no return ticket, and no way of letting Donway know their location. She started inquiring about the possible ways to leave Hexas.

"Do you know where our passports are, I´d like to think that you kept them?" asked Clarity.

"That´s out of my reach, now, Avene placed them inside Lady Scafarel´s personal item."

"An item of pleasure?" asked Lanai.

"An item for personal belongings, sort of a safe, but not really, it´s jewelry as well. Take a closer look, there´s a picture of it there." Avalon pointed to a large painting on the far wall of the room, depicting an intricate egg made of varicolored gold, opalescent blue enamel and watercolor on ivory. Clarity walked towards the painting, looking at the title etched in copper, at the bottom: Xenia Imperial Pelican Fabergé egg - Private Collection of Maria Feodorovna, Empress Consort of Russia. 1898.

"That´s where our passports are, I see, it´s a hefty egg, kind of an oddity," said Lanai.

"This egg is unknown to most cosmopolites today, it is an objet de fantaisie unlike any other Fabergé eggs, it was commissioned by Maria Feodorovna exclusively to provide, handle and store all of her private items of pleasure. It went through the hands of Occidental Petroleum tycoon Armand Hammer, an art collector with close ties with the Soviet Union. No one knows what happened after Hammer owned it, a similar egg is in the U.S. at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, but no one knows about this one, except well informed people like Lady Scafarel."

"I guess we´re part of her pleasure, now, Lady Scafarel´s pleasure, that is," said Lanai, "why would she do that, the empress I mean, Maria Feodorovna?"

"Russian society at the time was very conservative. This was the outlet of feminine pleasure that nobody knew existed. And Cassandra is one of the few people who know what was inside, in fact some of those items are part of our advanced, personal development offerings. Even I don´t know of them yet, still working on stage three, understanding how to bring affluence without use of material items."

"Advanced offerings, meaning," said Cynthia.

"Heaven number four, the last and definite stage in your understanding of pleasure, once you´ve understood how to handle Elony in a comprehensive way, without money, by the way." She turned her head towards Clarity. "What´s your name?"

"Clarity," said the teleoperator.

Clarity inquired about the location of Scafarel within the resort. When she was present at Hexas, Scafarel stayed in a large stone building replica of the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos, a Greek mythological site excavated by archaeologist Arthur Evans, alledgedly built by Daedalus, who made wings of feathers and wax to escape the palace with his son Icarus.

"How do you pay for things around here?" asked Clarity.

"There is no money at Hexas, everything revolves around the notion of service. You´ll see, it´s our first stage in personal development, it´s heaven to do away with money, once you try it."







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