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JUNE 14, 2013 8:14AM

The Bahamas Lotion - 8 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity paid attention to the Imperial egg depicted on the painting on the wall of her room. According to an illustration below the egg, the egg was hollow, and unfolded into a screen of eight miniatures, made with ivory, each depicting a particular heaven. She was deeply attracted to the notion of creating a heaven through material items, somehow the thought of adults being able to live in harmony, turned her on tremendously, touching a delicate fiber of her spiritual nature, naked. She stepped closer to the miniatures, but couldn´t grasp the illustrations depicted with enough clarity to understand them. She turned her back and saw Lanai and Cynthia lying on their stomach, while Avalon was sitting astride on them, caressing their back.

"I love the service here," said Lanai.

"What is inside those miniatures," asked Clarity.

"Each miniature explains a particular notion of heaven that Maria Feodorovna actually embodied," said Avalon.

"Heaven is a notion particular to religion, it has nothing to do with someone´s real life, it has to do with the afterlife."

"That´s not the case, Clarity, I´m in heaven right now," said Lanai.

"Me too," said Cynthia, "let´s postpone the pool games, in fact, this is better. Clarity, take that suit off Penelope, she needs to be comfortable to provide a relaxing massage."

Clarity looked at their friends and noticed Avalon pulling down her zipper to expose her perfect thirty five inch cleavage. Avalon wasn´t saying anything, she simply reached for the blouses of Lanai and Cynthia, and unbuttoned them, before doing the same with their bras. Then, she spoke to Clarity.

"You like the egg, that´s nice, well, heaven is more than a notion, it´s something very specific and present on earth, simply it´s not something which is very well known yet." Avalon pointed Clarity towards a large feather on a chest of drawers, and the teleoperator with auburn hair reached for it, standing beside the bed where her friends were dozing off.

"So what are the four heavens offered here?" she asked.

"Well, first heaven is doing away with money. Second heaven is under way with your friends, it´s understanding how to use Elony erotically instead of just as beauty lotion. The third is more intricate, it involves ceremonial offerings and long hours of high sex, and the fourth means you simply don´t leave here anymore, once you know of it. I can´t tell you what it is until you´re ready. But I´ve been told, you´re permanent."

"Permanent, what does that mean, in terms of our ranking," said Cynthia.

"You´re staying here for a while," said Avalon.

"Good, let´s work on heaven number one," said Lanai.

"Yes, I´ll check to ensure she´s reached it," said Cynthia. Penelope glared at Clarity, who started sensing that Avalon simply wanted to be with her friends right away without her being present. Somehow, Avalon had seen that Clarity wasn´t as easy a guest at Hexas Style.

"There´s lotion in my cabin, Parthena area, Artemis room. Could you do me a favor and get a large bottle of Elony from my closet?" Clarity handed the feather to Avalon, who placed it on the back of Lanai, at the base of her spine.

"Yes, no problem, I´ll get the lotion in y0ur cabin."

"Leave your clothes there, on my bed, you won´t need them," said Avalon smiling.

Clarity left their room, room delta phi kappa in Collonade A, and walked casually towards the cabin of Penelope Avalon. In the distance, she could see a group of women dressed in white, translucent togas, playing volleyball on a sand area. All areas of the resort were indicated by poles with woodden arrows on top. For a second, she was tempted to take her clothes off and walk back to her room naked with a bottle of Elony, but a passage of Decadence on the permanent nature of pleasure made her think again. Instead of going towards the 'Parthena' area, she followed directions to the accounting area, coming face to face with Miela, the woman from the Fuzzy Bunny shop in Nassau. Her face was serious, but she seemed more at ease inside the resort.

"Well, hello Miela, nice to see you again. Hey, Penelope sent me, can you get a bottle of Elony for Penelope in her room, she´s busy now building heaven number one with my friends, in 'Propylaea Collonade A', and told me to get acquainted with the accounting department so that I can do away with money here, simply working." Miela didn´t react, but Clarity didn´t lose her nerve.

"Simply working, no money, that´s the idea here to do away with money here, to reach the first stage in our personal development?" Miela kept her pokerface and took several seconds to answer Clarity, because she couldn´t understand why Clarity was asking the question.

"Yes, that is the case, you work to attain pleasure here, without any money, which friends are with Penelope?" asked the woman. She lifted from the chair and eyed the cleavage of Clarity, brushing against her jeans.

"The one with black hair, and the one who looks like a cheerleader, Cynthia."

"Keep my spot over there, in the accounting room, I´ll be back in three hours. Don´t touch anything and read the accounting manuals, they´re on that bench over there."

"No problem, my pleasure, I mean your pleasure."

Clarity opened the door of the accounting room. She checked the computer and opened the accounting software application. Before working as teleoperator at Stevenson Garden Products, Cynthia had brought her to the accounting and treasury department where she had worked as assistant to a manager in charge of sending transfers prepared by the accountants. She was familiar with treasury operations, and found with little effort, the file corresponding to the transfers performed that day.

She looked for evidence of fraud at Hexas, but couldn´t find any indication about Elony, its cost, or where it was manufactured or distributed. There was about twenty thousand dollars in the cash account of Hexas, enough to alert someone of their presence. The name 'Atrium Cubiculum' surfaced among several payers to Hexas. The rival resort, a replica of a Patrician roman home, paid Hexas for their safe deposit boxes, made of cement, and Hexas was in charge of delivering and installing them.

She looked at the Atrium file, which was linked to the accounting file, and found out that several safe deposit boxes were being destroyed daily at Atrium. Below one of the receipts from Atrium, she found a wire transfer sent from Hexas to Knocke´s bank account in the Bahamas, for 'Atrium Safe Deposit Refurbishings, Recyclings, and Permanent Erasings.' Knocke was the one who was destroying the boxes at Atrium to scare away customers and close the place, thought Clarity. Quickly becoming familiar with the wire transfer computer icons and menus, she sent a transfer in the amount of three hundred dollars, to Atrium, titled 'help us, we´re trapped at Hexas Style, they want us here forever, and they´re destroying your safe deposit boxes', and closed all files. She looked around the room, and heard the sound of a pigeon near the window. Three pigeons were held in a cage, which said 'Nassau regular mail for Lady Scafarel - Eleuthera airmail Transport Company - send to Neria B every seven days to the care of Buddha Talk'. The pigeons, my luck, she thought.

Looking closer at the pigeons, she noticed each had a metal tag attached to their legs. One of them had the name Neria B written on the tag. She wrote a quick message on a piece of paper explaining the location of Hexas Style in Eleuthera to Donway, and placed the pulp item on one of the pigeon legs, attaching it with an elastic. Carefully, she picked up the pigeon and set it free through the window, watching it as it flew away above the cabins of the resort. Then, she dialled a Nassau number to leave a message at the Wyndham for the Brigade Inspector, just in case the pigeon faltered.

Unfortunately, the phone line was down, it didn´t work, nothing new or modern seemed to work at Hexas, everything was old fashioned, according to the fashion of the ancient Greek, in fact. She wasn´t ready at all to accept the notion that she was a permanent guest of the Greek resort, but didn´t want Donway at the resort so soon either, until they found enough evidence to arrest Scafarel for fraud. She sighed and closed the window, watching the two remaining pigeons look at her. At least one single pigeon was able to get out of Hexas Style on its own.






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