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JUNE 23, 2013 4:12AM

The Bahamas Lotion - 9 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity listened to the pleasant churping of the birds at the Hexas Style resort, a sound coming from outside the window of the accounting room. She peeked outside and saw a self standing fountain colonnade made with cream colored travertine, of six sculpted feminine figures depicting the maidens of Karyai, one of them streaming water intermitently into a rock basin filled with water. In front of the fountain, a woman in bikini covered by a translucent white toga moved around, trying to catch and swallow the water stream from one of the stone maidens before the stream hit the basin. Clarity waved at her to say hi.

"What are you doing?" The woman turned to Clarity and approached the window.

"I´m trying to catch flaw, that´s the meaning of the purified water of this fountain of feminine perfection. My name is Optesia."

"What work do you do here, I mean to avoid paying services offered with money."

"I´m a Hestian, I´ve overcome the need for money, and I´m starting to understand how to become a perfect hostess to reach heaven number two. Perfection is simply catching flaw before it happens, before the water falls to the ground, so to speak, and this effort of catching water strengthens my will."

"I see," said Clarity, "I´m different, perfection´s still trying to catch on to me,  my flaws are endless, out of bounds really, that´s why I prefer to use Elony only to tan. Well, have a fun search of perfection."

A beeping noise scattered Clarity´s thoughts. It was an alarm clock, alerting Miela of imminent lunch time. The front door of the office opened in one go, revealing the tilted head of Knocke holding a walkie talkie spitting air weather messages.

"What are you doing here?" asked Knocke. Clarity´s ideas tumbled with the sudden presence of the unpleasant man in charge of security. All of the momentous wisdom received by way of the Elony infomercial and the observance of Scafarel´s egg merged in Clarity´s mind into a single idea.

"Simply learning accounting, I´m doing work, to make up the fact that I have no money, that is I work to provide a service," said Clarity.

"Yes, still, what are you doing here in particular," said Knocke.

"My service will be useful, hopefully, here and outside this resort. And I will have observed in accounting terms exactly how much money I would have earned in order to pay for the service such as lunch, which is not included here, I think. Would you like to come to lunch with me?"

"No, no meals are included here. But you got it wrong, you should be learning to live completely without money, simply exchanging service. What did you touch, Miela should be here," said the head of security. He spoke briefly on his walkie talkie for a few minutes, and kept Clarity from moving towards the door. After ten minutes, Miela came in, with her usual look devoid of smile, glaring at Clarity immediately.

"I spoke with Penelope, this one´s bound for the bath immediately," said Miela, "she lied to me, she refused Elony and just wants to leave, a bit sturdy of head." In such cases of being clearly outnumbered, Clarity opted for distracting the attention of the attacking guerilla members, by focusing their attention on other members, who might not be sharing equally in the dangers of the mission.

"Where are my friends, what are you doing with them?"

"Your friends are being put to work, just like you will be, in your own way. The girl named Lanai has been sent to study the book of Decadence in more detail with other scribes. The women named Taimi will be a lifeguard of Lady Scafarel´s pool until she proves her usefulness. Your roommate, Cynthia, has been a cheerleader, she´s in good shape. She will be an assistant of Penelope and will be trained to become a go-go at Neria B like her. And your friends Jenna and Flower will become Hestian servants, attending to the maintenance of Hexas Style as hostesses."

Miela led Clarity to the living area of Penelope Avalon, while Knocke called on two private assistants of Avalon, dressed as French maids, to personally take Clarity to her balneae, a hot area meant for washing out any spiritual sturdiness after entering Hexas Style. The two elegant maids, Lavia and Lidia, about thirty years of age, led Clarity into a fresh room scented with white rose petals. Lavia led Clarity to a changing room and started to unclothe her, while Lidia watched.

"What is happening exactly?" asked Clarity.

"You have to stay in the washing pool naked for a few hours, then we´ll take you to your room, which is next to Penelope´s bedroom. You´re her private assistant now, it´s a good job, you might even know some day what´s inside Lady Scafarel´s Fabergé egg. The meaning of permanent pleasure."

"I thought Penelope didn´t like my presence at the accounting area."

"She didn´t but you showed presence of mind, Penelope likes that."

"I see, how come you don´t want to leave this place?"

"We´re happy here, there are compensations of deep pleasure and satisfaction in return for working for Lady Scafarel. Seeing someone like you coming in, inexperienced, for instance, naked."

Clarity became suddenly aroused when she noticed the two women were staring at her naked body. Intimate parts of her became firm, paying tribute to both women. She walked in front of the two maids and stepped inside a bath filled with silky white milk.

"What is this fluid, it´s so silky and nice."

"It´s much better than Elony, it´s authentic goat milk, thickened with cream, what the Roman matrons did to stay young. Just think of your body while you´re inside, and how open it can be, your meridians will also open eventually. Listen to your body, by observing how your pleasure moves inside, instead of adding noise by making contact with your body with your hands. Avoid touch, and the gate of permanent pleasure will open." The other maid brushed the mini skirt of the one who had spoken, lifting it, showing her tanned bum.

"We´re Greek, you shouldn´t say that, with the Atrium lawsuit going on, Lady Scafarel dislikes anything Roman these days."

"You´re right." She turned to Clarity. "You´re a Greek Goddess now, simply think that you´re built for long lasting pleasure, and that we´re helping you discover where that pleasure, dormant until now, lies."

After five hours, Clarity stepped out of the bath area, helped by the maids who had ensured Clarity stayed bathing for three hundred minutes. They gave her a light plate with grilled vegetables and mineral water, before leading Clarity to her bed. She felt relaxed and warm, and at the same awake and aroused by the long bath and the two women simply watching her through. Her body called to be touched, yet an idea came into her mind. What if she didn´t touch her body to calm the natural instincts of a woman as she usually did?

After a few seconds of digesting this new way of relating to herself, she kept with her idea, struggling at times to simply feel her body pleasure instead of wanting pleasure and destroying refined perception through touch itself. Thoughts of Penelope providing advice on how to heighten her own arousal entered her mind, and her stomach area simply relaxed with a pleasant burning sensation coming from her lower body.

She focused her mind on her navel and felt the sudden sensation that she was good, very good, a good woman blessed with the virtue of being pleasant, a woman knowing what it meant to be good, a woman liking to be good, a strong woman who was very healthy and also very good looking. Oh God, she was so good looking, she loved her body, every single facet of it.

A rush came into her head and her thoughts merged into a sense of sublime unity, closeness, proximity, with God, the universe, and her own sense of purpose, warmed by a feeling of intense orgasm and sexual ecstasy simply pervading her body from her stomach to her head. After thirty long minutes of experiencing this new way of relating to herself and sensing her own pleasure, allowing it to rise and fall, instead of wanting it, her mind returned to thinking mode, and her arousal lowered all the way to a neutral, normal sense of being.

She´d reached heaven, heaven number four, real heaven for the first time in her life, and didn´t know how it had happened. Simply, she was built like that, to experience sexual ecstasy. Now, the question became how to get out of her golden cage, getting in touch with her friends, and how to avoid the other three heavens she didn´t need, associated with Elony, a beauty lotion she didn´t need either, while figuring out the real motives of Penelope Avalon, an ambivalent presence in her life, someone completely unsure of her own virtue, unlike her.






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