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JUNE 28, 2013 4:34AM

The Bahamas Lotion - 10 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity woke up refreshed around eight AM the next morning, listening to an Audubon Shearwater, a common tropical seabird found in the Bahamas, which she´d seen on the cover of a National Geographic magazine. She glanced at the lounge chair before her, looking for her washed jeans and loafers. She noticed her clothes had disappeared, taken by Lavia or Lidia most likely, and substituted by a thick, white cotton towel. The smell of scrambled eggs from across the room stirred her apetite. The door opened and her friend Lanai appeared smiling carrying a platter of eggs with broiled potatoes, shrimp, watermelon, apple and pineapple pieces, along with a mug steaming hot earl grey tea.

"I brought you breakfast, you haven´t been good Penelope tells us, we´re just letting you know that we´re through with money, we´ve reached heaven number one," said Lanai. Clarity rubbed her eyes and got up, grabbing the towel to cover herself. Behind Lanai, Clarity saw Jenna, Flower, Cynthia and Taimi, each with their schedule for the day, each carrying a copy of Decadence, talking lively with Avalon, Knocke and Miela.

"Jenna and Cynthia are going to test items of pleasure for Hexas, Taimi´s going to meet Lady Scafarel, and we´re all getting room and board in return. It´s a good deal," said Lanai. "I´m learning massage directly from Penelope, and I´m in charge of reading Decadence. The book´s pretty good, it has some good points."

"Did they tell you that we can recover our passports?"

"Not really, but they didn´t say we couldn´t, or that we couldn´t leave either. We just have to test some pleasure equipment made for women, and see whether it´s better with or without Elony. After a couple of weeks, we´ll leave the place, and we´ll have spent a lovely vacation here."

"Elony´s not approved by the FDA, Lanai."

"It smells very nice though, you should try a little. Permanent pleasure´s not so bad Clarity, this place is special, and I want to know what´s in that Fabergé egg after I finish reading Decadence. Penelope gave a body to body massage to Jenna and Cynthia with her breasts and let me watch them. I was taking notes, we were all naked, it was not only fun, Penelope knows what she´s doing with her pleasure, she knows where to touch exactly, she found my rosebud, and it wasn´t where I thought it was, it´s not right above our petals."

"The rosebud´s a pretty clear description for me, when it´s active, you see the rosebud, when it´s not, you don´t see it," said Clarity.

"No, according to Decadence, the rosebud is below your navel and goes through to the sacral area, it´s called the wheel of self, the center of your emotions, satisfaction and creativity, our very pleasure principle. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that that´s how I overcame money, by focusing on my other rosebud and reading specific passages of Decadence several times."

"I see, well my rosebud´s different, it´s not as proactively aligned with this resort or with Avalon yet. I´m not through with money, I like money, I love the idea of money, wealth and prosperity. In fact, I´m going to let Avalon know that I´d like to see some real money, after breakfast, as soon as I find my clothes."

Clarity ate breakfast, enjoying the scrambled eggs and the fruit. She placed aside her plate and lifted her eyes. Lanai was leaving Avalon´s Periplae collonade, and she waved good bye at Clarity. The girls left with Miela and Clarity felt lost and isolated without them. She looked at Knocke and Avalon, pleading for kindness.

"Good, we´re going to place you in a pleasure dilemma, let´s do it in my room, I need to know why you´re so attached to money," said Avalon. Clarity´s thinking turned to the showgirl dressed in pink. Knocke led her to Avalon´s room. Knocke left the room and closed the door, leaving her with Avalon for the first time.

"Well, how does it feel to work for a sex goddess like me?" said Avalon. Clarity tugged her towel to her right shoulder.

"You crave my attention, don´t you?" said Clarity. Avalon glared at Clarity and jumped out of her pink suit getting naked before her. Clarity had never seen such a perfect body. Her breasts were apple shape perfect, her waist slim, her legs long, her bum firm and perky, her features refined, her light brown hair thick and shiny, and her gait athletic. She was shaved everywhere. She brushed the towel off Clarity and sat her down on a light wood chair near the room´s desk, which displayed her image through a mirror across.

"I am the owner of my own attention," said Penelope.

"Your subtle power ways reveal your true intention, to take my sexual strength, whatever form it may take and however long it may take you." Avalon lifted her hands off Clarity.

"You may be wise some day, but you´re not seeing properly. Here´s the choice, Clarity, your friends have been more reasonable than you, they´re simply having a good time and they chose well. Either you work for me for the next five years willingly, or your friends will be sent away from the resort to work for the various businesses of Lady Scafarel related to pleasure, elsewhere, outside the Bahamas. We received orders from Buddha Talk to keep you here until further notice. He said you entered Lofty Bank through the golf cart vault entrance, and no one does that without signing the fifty year work lease agreement with Lofty, which you haven´t done."

"I´m still trying to figure out the investment profile of Lofty´s twenty percent return investment deposit." Avalon placed her hands on her shoulders and looked at her with suspiciously lewd intentions.

"Lofty´s for high profile investors, you don´t have that kind of money, you need my guidance to show you affluence and wealth, but that´s after heaven number four for you." Clarity had to accept that she liked affluence, although she sensed that Avalon knew more about the Cayman Islands bank deposit. Clearly, Avalon was seducing her, but oddly, the seduction was working.

"So, assuming I work with you, not for you, I´m going to learn the secrets of feminine pleasure from you and get my clothes back?"

"Yes, we´re training you to become skilled at understanding feminine pleasure, very precisely. You´ll feel very, very clean. Your friends are good, but you´re better, you´re set for my position when I move on to a position closer to that of Lady Scafarel. That may happen in five years if you do good work with me distributing Elony." Clarity got up and reached for the towel that Avalon had thrown on the bed. She let the attractive beauty lotion goddess know that she liked some aspects of the offer, like seeing good looking, affluent women naked and being able to understand how they thought.

"My rosebud is at odds, I need some time to think it over, can you get me to that intricate egg displayed in our room?" Avalon smiled and nodded.

 "No, but you can tell me about your rosebud anytime, though, honey."

Clarity blushed but held the stare. She couldn´t help lowering her eyes after a minute towards Avalon lower navel area. God, she was so nice and clean, and feminine, strong, young, sexy and healthy. And older, a few years older. Yet, it was her vanity which prevented her to walk forward into her arms and kiss her. Avalon opened the door and walked naked to the main entrance leaving Clarity on her own, locked inside. Clarity stepped outside the go-go´s room and noticed a bottle of Elony by a shelf near the entrance of Avalon´s low rise. She reached for the bottle of Elony and looked at the expiration date. Oddly, the lotion had expired. Using a clip, she erased the date and exchanged the bottle with the bottle of Elony that was placed on Avalon´s night table. Minutes later, Avalon came back with her clothes.

"Deal, I´ll work as your assistant and be your fuzzy bunny," said Clarity.

Avalon placed her loafers at the bedside and threw the washed jeans and white cotton panties to the teleoperator with auburn hair.

"Excellent, some day you´ll be a sex goddess like me," said Avalon.






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