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JULY 5, 2013 5:25AM

The Bahamas Lotion - 11 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity listened to an odd eastern tonality, while she performed a few interesting chores for Avalon, like placing several boxes of Elony near the entrance of Avalon´s apartment, and ordering the various collections of her white, embroidered lingerie in a set of open drawers, which is how Avalon liked to display her clothes. She followed the sound and saw the source of it. Laid on top of one of the intimate clothing drawers, she picked up a device meant as a cell phone, one that looked like a Blackberry but different, longer.

This device had a different type of keyboard, with more than the twenty six letters of the western alphabet. The keys were magnificent, white against grey plastic background, and a backlit screen, with characters displaying an exotic language, one she´d never seen before. She counted thirty six distinct symbols in the keyboard, which doubled to seventy two with a shift key. She turned the device around, to the part including the batteries. An unknown brand name etched against the surface of the plastic sprang to attention, 'Pentatone Scale Remote Learning Systems'.

"I got that from Lady Scafarel, it´s a Thai alphabet calligraphy and symbolic decriptor, it also serves as mantra tone guide and as a full range cell phone using the Global Positioning System."

"Very nice, I see it also uses three, small, round batteries, it´s a very low consumption item, where did you get it, I´ve never heard of this brand or seen these characters before." Clarity turned around and caught Penelope taking off her clothes bending away from her to look at a set of sandals, showing her legs, behind and lips in perfect alignment. Her breathing fastened despite her. She stepped closer to her and noticed the long shaft protecting her rosebud. Avalon noticed Clarity and donned a pink cotton shirt and button jeans, without any panties.

"Singapore, these suppliers can´t be found anywhere, they´re extremely difficult to reach. There´s less than ten made of these in the world." Clarity changed the subject.

"Why can´t anybody see what´s in Lady Scafarel´s egg?"

"No one can open that egg, I´ve been working here for five years and I haven´t figured out how to do it. Pleasure is the greatest reward, Clarity, but it´s also difficult to reach consistently. Everyday tasks get in the way." Clarity stepped towards the kitchen counter to grab a bottle of strawberry juice, but stumbled on one of the Elony boxes hidden from view.

"Where are these boxes being distributed, where are they going?"

"Somewhere in Asia and Middle East for our preferred customers, it´s a booming market over there, they love Elony, and ever since I saw Emmanuelle on video, I love oriental women. Ever tried one?"

The casual question surprised Clarity. With every question and comment, Avalon was aiming to break her will, to engage her in Avalon´s style of pleasure with women. Her own arousal at the question told her to be careful with her answer, because her body was telling her to let go of all inhibition.

"No, I like my body the way it is now, I don´t need sex with someone else to show it to me." Avalon stepped towards Clarity and opened the teleoperator´s white cotton blouse, running her hands between her cleavage until she reached her navel. Clarity bit her lip slightly, gasped, and buttoned her blouse calmly.

"Oriental women are different from us, Clarity, they accept their feminine nature very naturally and are very willing to share it with other women. I learned a lot from several Thai Airlines hostesses. Had hours of satisfying sex with them, and finally learned how to use Elony, by placing a small drop of it on the rosebud, simply observing it."

"How many hours?" asked Clarity. She knew she was teasing Avalon, but wanted to keep the Elony infomercial actress receptive. Avalon bent forward against the table, opening her blouse, brushing her breasts against the table, and smiled.

"Seven hour sessions, that was my longest, some of them can go twenty four hours having sex."

Clarity let out a sound mocking Avalon. That woman was in better shape than she thought.

"That doesn´t exist, twenty four hours of sex straight doesn´t exist."

"It depends on what you view as sex," said Avalon. She stared at Clarity directly, wanting to know her expression on her face. Clarity´s eyes were wide open, still digesting the answer. She had never felt so attracted by another woman, a woman five years older than her which knew much, much more about the sensual raptures of being a woman.

The door opened and Miele came into the room, agitated, and naked from the waist up. A necklace of white pearls adorned her waist.

"It´s Atrium, someone from the Sex Investigation Brigade is there now looking at the papers of our lawsuit with them, Knocke barely had two minutes to leave in a taxi without being seen. Apparently, someone from the Brigade at Neria B received a message from one of our pigeons here revealing the location of Hexas Style. They´re also examining the mortar and I think they may know that Knocke has been breaking the deposit boxes of guests there to drive them away from the resort."

Clarity looked away and stepped into the large closet of Penelope, simply listening to the conversation between both women. She saw Avalon dial a number on her Thai language communicator, and she started speaking gutural sounds to another person. After a few minutes, she turned off the phone.

"Find out who they sent. Put away the pigeons in the mansion, and stop all the conference calls sent out to Bahamas tour operators. The Brigade, it must be Money Fact, that woman will pay, she owes me a pink Pentatone, I beat her last time we fought." Clarity peeked her head from the closet and spoke briefly.

"How did you fight exactly?"

"She was a go-go undercover at China White in London, while I was ensuring that Elony became mass-produced. She nearly seduced me by playing legroll in her apartment, and there was a pink Pentatone at stake, the only one that has ever been built in pink. We sat across naked and folded our legs at knee level, one inside the other. We agreed that the one that pulled the other woman off the ground would win. She won but she told me who she really was before she pulled, told me that she worked for Central Intelligence, and that I was under arrest. I left, but since then, we´re sworn enemies. I can´t stand losing at legroll, ever since I was placed on the waiting list of Jubilee dancers in Vegas."

"What´s the nature of the lawsuit with Atrium?" asked Clarity.

"It´s simple, we disagree over the definition of pleasure," said Avalon, "over the meaning of it in fact. But we want to take over that resort."






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