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JULY 12, 2013 6:26AM

The Bahamas Lotion - 12 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity rubbed some Elony lotion on the back of Avalon, while the infomercial spokeswoman rested her breasts against her bed, to prevent the air oxidation process from reaching her chest. According to her, the less the breasts were exposed to air particles, the better. Clarity took a closer look at Avalon´s white panties, lifting the garnment´s tag to verify the brand, in case she ran into Avalon at a toga party. Avalon was wearing an extra small ivory color Isabella thong by Myla, made of dusk silk satin, Elastene, and cotton gusset lining. It exposed her backside completely, revealing no tan lines. She tapped her bum with one of her hands. Not a bad choice.

"I feel this rash, I don´t know what it is," said Avalon. "Is the air conditioning on?" Clarity checked the ventilation panel at face level near the entrance door.


"Let´s go check the Agora, at the Attalos area of the resort, we might have to leave earlier than planned." Avalon got up and Clarity saw her firm breasts less than three feet away from her. They were apple-shaped, pleasing to the eye, nurturing, healthy, and tan. She made an effort to avoid gibbering nonsense to the attractive woman, who donned her pink suit.

"Leave, with us, you mean, where?"

"We´ll see, we have to know who´s after us exactly."

They left Avalon´s collonade and walked through a playground for adults which included a crystal clear pool and several palm trees. At the core of the playground, several women, dressed in transparent togas, including Jenna and Cynthia, were standing on the shade projected by a large sun dial showing local hour in Eleuthera, looking like statues. She looked at Jenna´s back and noticed two small solid metal beads held by a string attached to a necklace on her waist, moving left and right below her sacrum area. The sight of the beads rolling slowly on Jenna´s bum and pulled by gravity, aroused her immediately.

"They´re playing time-still, they can´t move for fifteen minutes, it´s good to strengthen their will and they meditate at the same time. That´s how I fooled the Sex Brigade at Neria B."

They followed an arrow for a few minutes to the Agora, a place to gather in the Greek city-state, a temple entirely built of marble and limestone, with an open air patio inside. Clarity stepped on the stoa of the assembly building, a covered walkway made of Doric columns, creating a secure atmosphere for those studying inside. They stepped inside the sanctuary of the temple, and found Lanai looking at a copy of Decadence held by Flower, using a magnifying glass on a large grey stone inscription filled with Greek letters. Beside her, Miela was typing on a symbolic decriptor similar to the one owned by Avalon various comments on the size of the letters and the calligraphy position with respect other letters. Lanai waved at Clarity but Miela barely lifted her eyes, simply acknowledging the presence of Avalon.

"These letters are inversed, I´m not sure what they say, but they match the image in this book. You have to read this from left to right and from right to left alternatively with each line of bi-directional text. This is definitely a Boustrophedon like Flower said." The girl from Hawaii pointed to an illustration inside the book, described as the gate of Voluptas de Naturas, or the gate of pleasure.

"Where is the gate of pleasure," asked Avalon. Her impatience intrigued Clarity. To Avalon, it looked as though there actually was a real gate of pleasure in the body.

"One question," said Lanai, "these are physical points of the body, there´s a correspondence with the human body in this text?" Avalon sighed, annoyed by the question. She glanced at her watch.

"Yes, now where is the gate of pleasure according to the Greek stone?"

"I´m not sure, it just says along the wisdom channel, where the sense of balance and strength is held, despite possible adverse forces."

"Is it below the navel?"

"Yes, that´s certain, but it might be what they call the cauldron itself, this area below the navel that serves as a sort of safe neutral energy repository for the body."

Clarity felt a tingling exactly below her navel. She remembered that she hadn´t touched her intimate parts as usual the night before, and suddenly felt a delightful sensation simply looking at her friends. She was feeling an orgasm but she couldn´t share the experience directly. She kept holding still, until the sensation subsided a few minutes later, allowing her to breathe more comfortably. She looked at the decorated ceiling and felt rejuvenated. Oddly, she wasn´t tired.

Knocke came in with two security guards, driving a hydraulic forklift, pushing away Lanai and Flower from the stone, lifted into the truck.

"Where is the stone going?" he asked.

"Dock 2 S, by the beach, it´s leaving with us," said Penelope. "The private collector´s not getting this, we´re still far off the mark on all the information the stone holds. With this, we multiply the sales of Elony by ten."

"The money of seventy three women who have reached stage two, is safe at Lofty," said Knocke. "Nearly ten million dollars in total, one hundred forty thousand a piece."

"Have the women signed?"

"Getting there, they like the idea of living in the Caribbean."

"Leave them here, we´ve got the money, Lofty will take over. What about stage three, those who have gone on for more than seven hours?"

"Ready for shipment, only two, Optesia and another woman, absolutely no sense of where they are, they´re simply in ecstasy, not interested in sex toys anymore. Like the Duchess of Kensington. It´s astounding, I just don´t understand it."

"Women are shipped here?" asked Flower. "I love the idea of being shipped, it´s like being a present, it makes you feel so nice and natural and gifty." Clarity ensured that Flower lowered her voice and focused on paragraph two of Decadence describing the sweet nectar of the mouth, which flourished once the gate of pleasure became open.

"Any of them reach stage four?" interrupted Avalon.

"No, Avene´s still the only one beyond nine hours. She´s the only one to have seen what´s in the egg." Penelope breathed with relief, as though her esteem had been spared a hit.

"I want that egg, Lance, I´ve done most of the work to get these women here. Now that their money´s safe and all the cases of Elony are sold for this year, I want to see what´s inside that Fabergé egg like Avene Maxini and Ivory Kensington have."

"The Duchess of Kensington paid for this resort and still thinks the money is going to Atrium. You know the rules, you´re still attached to money, and you have to get past nine hours of sex with another woman, without interruption, simply observing your naked body. I think Scafarel thinks you might take over the whole resort if she lets you see the egg, that´s why she doesn´t want you to have a private assistant. Let´s get out of here first, we´ll discuss this later," said Knocke.

"Well, I have a private assistant now, that´s why Clarity´s coming with me."

Avalon made a call to the mansion of Scafarel, which was near the white beach area of the resort. Speaking a tongue resembling sanskrit, she nodded several times, before pressing the off button and turning off the symbolic decriptor.

"We´re out of here, fuel Pink Go-Go, I´m going to be the bait so that Lady Scafarel and Avene can leave. Take the girls and Miela, I´m leaving with this one, with Clarity. Take all the infomercials out of you tube, and take all the women to the Lofty seven four seven at the airport."

A roaring noise interrupted them. A Bell OH-58 Kiowa Warrior single rotor reconnaissance helicopter hovered on the premises of Hexas Style. Peering from below the shaded area of the Agora of Hexas Style, Clarity looked at it more closely. A pigeon shot out of a tube protruding from the belly of the helicopter. Flying towards the ground, it regained some notion that it was a pigeon about one hundred feet from hitting one of the temple limestone roofs.

Knowing where it was, it flew towards the fountain travertine colonnade of the maidens of Karyai, hopped on the heads of one of the maids for a few seconds, and stepped inside the Hexas Style accounting area through the window. Penelope spoke to Knocke while Lanai and Flower were lifted onto the forklift with the stone.

"The pigeon, I can´t believe they got the pigeon at Neria B. That´s a Central Intelligence helicopter, I recognize the five code number on the helicopter´s fuselage, leave the pigeons here. I´ll call Scafarel to let her know she should leave on the yacht right away."






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