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The Abu Dhabi Channel - 1 - Sun on the Rocks

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Buddha Talk: Corpulent, shady genius of circular money flows, scholar of sexual ecstasy, occasional Buddhist and worshipper of a lobster shrine for good Karma, Buddha Talk is banking agent and the heir apparent of Lofty Bank, a Cayman Islands banking institution with no particular regard for its clients and a lock on ownership held by a Great Dane, Lord Moorehead III, British by upbringing and inheritance granted by Lord Moorehead II, a man, old, very old, and dead now, at age ninety seven, previous British Lord, owner of Lofty Bank, who gave all of its wealth and bank ownership rights to his dog. Lord Moorehead acts as front 'man' for Buddha Talk, and is also the official recipient of all bank notices by the monetary authority, a convenient fact for Buddha Talk, and one bark that doesn´t cease to surprise the monetary authority who casts a recurring shadow of doubt upon the legalities of having a dog act as front 'man' and official owner of a Bank doing business in the British Overseas Territory located in the Western Caribbean Sea, a pleasant area to live when the money and work issues are solved.

Clarity and Flower, after gaining entry as investors to the bank with the help of Clark, the owner of a diamond shop in Grand Cayman, find themselves owing nearly one hundred thousand dollars to the Lofty Bank outfit for no reason, a debt they can pay by working for the bank for fifty years, as part of the bank´s flagship product, the Crashworthy Deposit, part bank deposit paying twenty percent, part investment, part insurance policy, and part working arrangement. Lofty has ties with the underworld, and the monetary authority of the Cayman Islands stubbornly refuses to grant it a renewal of its license, something that doesn´t stop the bank from operating in the most illegal manner, advertising its products to potential investors on an air banner carried by a Gippland 200 crop duster flying low on Caribbean and tropical beaches such as those of Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Acapulco. This is all documented in The Cayman Air Banner.

Boustrophedon: Large, ancient grey stone inscription filled with Greek letter symbols. In a boustrophedon, letters are inversed, you have to read the inscriptions on the stone from left to right and from right to left alternatively with each line of bi-directional text. Penelope Avalon and Cassandra Scafarel believe that the Boustrophedon holds important information on ancient methods of pleasure, including comments and thoughts on the gate of pleasure, Voluptas de Naturas. The current location of the Boustrophedon that Clarity and her friend Lanai saw at Scafarel´s Hexas Style Resort in the Bahamas, is unknown to Clarity, known to:

Cassandra Scafarel: Shrewd businesswoman in her forties without a moral code or compass, executive head of beauty lotion outfit 'Elony', sold through illegal flight infomercials with the assistance of Lofty Bank. The infomercial is an excuse to sell to customers, mostly affluent women, Elony´s personal growth services, which include how to bring heaven a little closer to home, after doing away with money, in particular fifty thousand dollars that must be paid for a bottle of Elony, in order to receive a resort-pass to reach the Leisure and Pleasure Resort of Scafarel, the Hexas Style Resort in the Bahamas island of Eleuthera.

Hexas Style was partly dismantled in The Bahamas Lotion, by Al Donway and the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence, a group of attractive women ensuring Law and Order are respected, along with their bodies. The Brigade´s most representative member is agent Money Fact, the woman who introduced Clarity to the nine hour oil-optional massage, proof that work is not a necessary part of life. Money Fact excels at action, mentoring and faulty logic. After a decidedly last minute and decisive intervention from Sensual Intelligence at Hexas Style, Scafarel manages to flee from the Bahamas resort on her private yacht, with the Boustrophedon, but without some secrets regarding pleasure, including the:

Imperial Pelican Fabergé Egg: Intricate egg, or jewel, depending on how hungry you are, eight inches high, made of varicolored gold, opalescent blue enamel and watercolor on ivory. It is known as the Xenia Imperial Pelican Fabergé egg, and belongs to the Private Collection of Maria Feodorovna, Empress Consort of Russia in 1898. The egg, commissioned by Maria Feodorovna to provide, handle and store, all of her private items of pleasure, went through the hands of Occidental Petroleum tycoon Armand Hammer, an art collector with close ties to the ex-Soviet Union, and has now fallen into the hands of Cassandra Scafarel, a woman who stops at nothing to understand how pleasure works, in particular how the pleasure of a woman works, including her own. The Pelican Fabergé egg, eight inches high, is hollow, and unfolds into eight miniatures, holding what´s known in Fabergé egg language, as the surprise inside, a time-tested item of pleasure for the woman, the Jade Egg, a small two inch in diameter jade egg that must be boiled before each intimate, feminine use. Owned by Cassandra Scafarel, requisitioned by the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence for examination.

Penelope Avalon: Sex Goddess and Go-Go girl from Las Vegas, dressed in a pink suit, user of the learjet 'Pink Go-Go' appropriately painted in pink. Penelope has had enough of living the plastic pleasure style of Las Vegas showgirls, and finds in the outfit of Cassandra Scafarel, the Bahamas Hexas Style Resort, a way out of Hotel California. Penelope likes attractive women unclothed, and would like to do Clarity, because she´s nice.

The Symbolic Decryptor: Thai alphabet gadget similar to a smartphone or Blackberry, which can be used as cell phone, useful for understanding all types of characters and symbols, made in VLE mode (Very Limited Edition, less than ten made worldwide) by the mysterious Oriental company known as Pentatone Scale Learning Systems.

The item, the gadget, looks like a Blackberry with keyboard, with 36 Thai character keys, doubled with the shift key, for a total of 72, instead of the 26 of the Western alphabet, and its keys are made of hard, white color plastic, similar to the color casing of the Kindle 2, cast against a grey background and a backlit screen. The decryptor can also be used as indicator of calligraphy, as mantra tone guide and geo-locator, using the Global Positioning System to calculate the coordinates of any location worldwide.

Penelope Avalon received one of these decryptors from Lady Scafarel, after completing work on heaven, according to Scafarel´s personal growth system, and Clarity would like to keep the item as souvenir, although Money Fact disagrees and is holding custody of the device for strategic and Intelligence reasons. Sure, she likes the nifty item, that´s all, and she likes to subtly let Clarity know that she´s the boss of Sensual Intelligence.

Book of Decadence: Book written on the topic by the unknown hedonist, a small print manifesto of deep thought with illustrations of ancient goddesses with lion bodies in bronze, and a mosaic of Byzantine nuns, used by Penelope Avalon and the Hexas Style Hedonist Resort in the Bahamas, on how to let go of the encumbrance of work, and dedicate your time, well spent, according to the book, to leisure, pleasure, et. al. Book clearly advises on the pitfalls of decadence and purportedly how to avoid them.

Following is a short description of the feminine adult icons of pleasure, leisure and 'less work means a better world', a short fiction biopic text substitute of the feminine lead characters of Sun on the Rocks, the non-competitive swimming team who works at the City of Wellington, a Post-Panamax ocean liner normally docking in Los Angeles, California, which engages in cruises to Acapulco, the Mexican coast line, the Caribbean, and anywhere where the weather is nice, really. Sun on the Rocks includes six good looking women who like to have fun in the sun, with or without clothes:

Clarity Nice: Teleoperator from Malibu, California, twenty five years of age, quarter century wise. A diligent employee of Malibu outfit Stevenson Garden Products, auburn hair pumpkin born and raised in a wood cabin of Topanga Canyon, a woman of resourceful intuition and acute observer of the Laws of Human Mischief. Clarity means well and unclothes well in general or on the beach. She likes lovemaking, sharing nudity with other women, and the practical matters and possibilities of sexual ecstasy, after having experienced it first hand at Cassandra Scafarel´s adult resort Hexas Style in the Bahamas. Because she does everything casually, she ignores how holy she and the virtues she embodies are, but she knows that she is good, very good, in fact, the fact that she is honest is the reason why she usually doesn´t have much money.

Lanai Thomson: Twenty four year old Librarian from Malibu, originally from Hawaii, Clarity´s best friend, somewhat goofy and absent-minded, fun, usually cautious in all of her endeavors, including doing men. She enjoys reading old books with some type of hidden knowledge, specially those which talk about enjoyment or decadence, the first to learn new avenues for it, the second, books such as the book of Decadence, because she wants to know how to avoid the pitfalls of its apparent lure. We would all like to know exactly what she does when she has sex with Clarity or simply unclothes with her for a 'naked pajama night'.

Flower Parkwood: Twenty three year old Bohemian Ethnographer found on the beach in Acapulco after the Acapulco cocktail affair. Flower has brown hair, is fresh, likes to wear platforms, and is genuinely interested in learning about cultures and the history of those cultures, as long as comfort, leisure and money are nearby. Buddha Talk has attempted to seduce her in The Cayman Air Banner, so far, without success, although they both share a liking for the 'Spirit of Ecstasy', the winged lady traditionally found at the top of Rolls Royce radiators. Flower ignores everything about sexual ecstasy, but she likes the idea.

Taimi Kendrick: Lifeguard by profession from Malibu, twenty two years of age, she´s one of the original four members of Sun on the Rocks, with Lanai, Cynthia, and Clarity. No nonsense, practical, fun and genuine, she enjoys simple things, life without its complications, usually handled by Clarity, Flower or Lanai.

Jenna Likeway: Twenty three year old surfer and diver fond of the Acapulco diving spot, La Quebrada, found on the City of Wellington, before the search for The Acapulco Cocktail took place. Simple, genuine, and introvert, with long blond hair, she often does more than she says.

Cynthia Stevenson: Twenty two year old pom squad waves cheerleader from Pepperdine University, good friend of Clarity, gave Clarity her TAG-Heuer Aquaracer watch for her birthday. Cynthia is the well-to-do daughter of the owner of the Stevenson Garden Products company, established in Malibu, the first clothing optional corporate outfit worldwide, to our knowledge, a fact well deserved and established when Clarity and her friends took on officer Packwood during The Malibu Case, along with its clothing implications. She has fun as long as everything goes well, but has difficulty overcoming difficulty, any slight adversity that is. Problems and dealing with them, are simply not part of her daily routine or among her interests. She likes to dress elegantly and swim naked on summer evenings in any pool with her friends.



Abu Dhabi Coastline, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Clarity sat on a chair inside the command post of the Liberian crane ship 'Camco Amabulyan', a Jumbo Javelin J1800 vessel with a bale capacity of eighteen thousand cubic meters, carrying hundreds of boxes of Elony beauty lotion, an item sold illegally in the Caribbean without Food and Drug Administration approval, by Cassandra Scafarel, a business woman owning the Neria B adult night club in Nassau, Bahamas. Observing Central Intelligence officer Alven Donway, who was sipping his light roast Hawaiian Kona coffee while the ship´s crane was lifting several containers in preparation for docking in Abu Dhabi, she brought the magnifying glass from the Swedish Antikvariat who was part of the ship´s crew, closer to one of the miniatures of the Fabergé egg they had found in the Bahamas island of Eleuthera, where Scafarel had built a city of ancient Greek pleasure known as the Hexas Style Resort.

She was looking for clues to find her friends and arrest Cassandra Scafarel, the distributor of beauty lotion made with unknown artificial ingredients, a woman sought by the Food and Drug Administration for fraud, who had orchestrated the disappearance of her friends in Eleuthera, taking them to Abu Dhabi, a small, prosperous, Arab Emirate, part of the United Arab Emirates. After speaking with Central Brigade agent Money Fact, Clarity was sure Scafarel had taken her friends to the Emirate to deal with their beauty, train them in refined sexuality methods, and ultimately assign them an owner, the oddity of nature known as a man, the proponent of the proactive. All of that matched the ways of Lofty Bank and of their owner, Buddha Talk, a man difficult to find despite his overwhelming weight, a man who showed uncanny interest in taking her friend, ethnographer Flower Parkwood to the ultimate heights of sexual ecstasy, and after her friend´s refusal, had taken one of her earrings instead and given it to Scafarel as present. Scafarel had a prominent role in Buddha Talk´s life, she could guess that much, but the why and how still eluded her, just like Flower´s earring.

Clarity ran the magnifying glass over the miniatures. Seven of the eight miniatures depicted various country scenes, buildings, monuments, faces and symbols, but the eighth miniature was different. It looked recent, as if it were an add-on to the other miniatures, which all dated back more than a century to 1898, like the pelican Fabergé egg itself. The egg belonged to Maria Feodorovna, Empress consort of Russia, a private woman with delicate tastes. Etched in silver inside the eighth miniature, a five digit code was placed inside a square frame. Sensual Brigade agent Money Fact hovered over the miniature Clarity was examining, holding the Thai keyboard decryptor previously owned by sex goddess Penelope Avalon, a go-go at Neria B working for Scafarel, and the one who had placed Clarity inadvertently in a situation of discovery of her own sexual ecstasy.

"The Pentatone Scale decryptor has been useful. The etching is made with 958 Britannia Silver and Rhodium plating, which gives it a finish comparable to white gold. The numbers are part of a limited series remote control code," said Money Fact.

"Like a television set remote control?"

"Yes, exactly. I am checking the source filed with the decryptor of Penelope Avalon, this code is only available in luxury hotels of the United Arab Emirates. We´re pretty sure this one is from Abu Dhabi and we´re pretty sure Scafarel is in the region." Clarity ran the glass over the five digit code, 57819.

"It´s odd, this code is like an anachronism compared to the historical depictions in the miniatures, it´s like updating an ancient pleasure code with modern coordinates. Which hotel in Abu Dhabi has the code?"

"That´s what you have to find out. You´re still sure you want to rescue your friends?"

"Yes, I know they didn´t leave the Bahamas of their own free will, and the ship´s captain mentioned Abu Dhabi to Avalon. My friends and I always go together, there´s a synchronized swimming team at stake. How am I going to find this hotel, there are many hotels in Abu Dhabi."

"We caught an image of the remote in the decryptor before all other images were removed wirelessly in Eleuthera, the device has a button to order champagne, not just any champagne, but a specific one, a Thai champagne bottle of an upscale brand, Ko Phi & Nga, sold by the Soneva Kiri Hotel in the island of Koh Kood, and by the Royal Orchid, the Sukhotai, and the Shangri-La, all five star hotels in or near Bangkok. When you get to the hotel in Abu Dhabi, press the champagne button to alert us of where you and the remote are, the decryptor should be able to pick up the signal and relay location."

Money Fact took out the jade egg found in Scafarel´s Fabergé egg, and gave it to Clarity. She invited Clarity to follow her, leaving Donway talking to the Swedish antique expert, about his role and why the jade egg had to be on the ship.

"Orders of Lady Scafarel," said the antiquary, "I am here to verify the authenticity of the Greek Boustrophedon code of pleasure, but she took it somewhere else, it must be on her yacht. She said to bring the jade egg to Abu Dhabi if anything bad happened in Eleuthera at the Hexas Style resort, a place she referred to as the Church, and then, once in Abu Dhabi, to give the egg as passport to the dock authorities, to the head of customs. Then, she told me I should go to Liberia by plane, where I would be paid, and that I should leave the ship in Abu Dhabi, that everything was in place over there, that someone else would recover the Elony cargo."

"We´ll see who recovers it," said Donway, "but they won´t get the egg, Money Fact is in charge of testing it. The Boustrophedon is just a stone of Greek origin with text, it´s not a code of any type. You´re saying the Hexas Style resort in Eleuthera was like a Church, that it didn´t simply distribute Elony beauty lotion acting like a holiday resort?"

"No, it wasn´t a holiday resort, several beautiful women became adherents of Lady Scafarel´s philosophy there, they stayed several months, one of them over a year, it´s like a Church, simply you have to go every day instead of once a week, and you can´t leave if you decide to go there the first time."

"Well, that´s not the case anymore, we dismantled the place, now what kind of Church is this?" Donway moved his coffee mug, made in Liberia, away from him.

"A Church of pleasure, devotion to pleasure above all other notions or creeds, you could call it a devotional temple of pleasure." Donway walked around the antique expert, and turned around, pointing his index finger at him.

"I see, well I´ll see whether I call it what you say you´d like to call it, if the occasion calls for calling it anything at all. And these changes of pleasure perception are permanent, they´re physical you say, not only perceptual, mental?"

"No, they´re physical, pleasure feels different after a couple of months."

"So your body feels different." Donway scratched his nose and approached the expert, lowering his voice. These questions were important to clarify, for his wife might be interested in knowing of them. In fact, Money Fact might be interested in explaining them to his wife. "Sexually, I mean," said the Intelligence official.

"Yes, sexually, my body feels different, it could be your body," said the antiquarian.

"My body´s ok, thanks, look after your body before you look into my body."

"I didn´t look after your body, I only look into my body, and I read the Boustrophaedon, it´s a code of pleasure, but you´re not listening."

Money Fact led Clarity away from the flybridge to one of the cargo bay areas of the ship. They walked past several aisles filled with crates, until they reached a container named with the Thai champagne brand that Money Fact mentioned. The agent lifted a lever and the front door of the container opened, revealing several large boxes made with clear color wood. They were going to deliver Clarity inside the box.

"Get inside the box, we´re going to dock in fifteen minutes, I´ll bring you food and drink. When you´re at the hotel, let us know by calling this number, it´s attached to the decryptor and only I have access to it because I have a double Oh L licence, an open operative lovemaking license to engage and deploy high sex methods to arrest criminals."

"You´re saying that I might have to have some form of love and high sex with an unknown adult to find my friends?"

"Hopefully not, high sex is not safe the way your body has changed after the nine hour massage I provided on the ship, love is even less safe. In fact, high sex is not safe in general, there´s no emotional infrastructure in place to engage in it as a normal professional, or simply as a lay person, while you work as teleoperator in a company for instance. It´ll be in place eventually, but it´s fifty years away, I think."

Money Fact tapped on the head of Clarity several times to ensure she was clearheaded and lifted her dress, placing a bandaid patch inside the fabric of her thong. Clarity felt an intimate dampness surface delightfully.

"But a nine hour massage is high sex, I feel so energized now, I should be ready for this. Can I have the decryptor?"

"No, we have to understand how it works, we´ll track you though, it´s safer, your thong is safe and the tracking dot is safe in your thong."

"This method´s not safer, the decryptor´s simply expensive." Money Fact tapped on the woodden crate with her fingers, economic arguments brought her logic to mush.

"It´s expensive and it may be safer, but it´s not for you."

"Can it be for me now if I return it later, I may need it to call you in Abu Dhabi, and I don´t have a phone or money."

"You don´t have a phone because you went to Eleuthera and you don´t have money because you may not need it. No, simply no, no decryptor Clarity, we´ll track you with that small bandaid patch, we need to test whether it works at normal body temperature. You need to go through twenty four hours of sensual sex to be ready for high sex, and that´s part of our special training, it´ll take a couple of years for you to reach that level. The decryptor will incriminate you as a sensual agent, we want you undercover." Clarity checked the patch inside her thong, moving it away from her firm, round, tushy midline, at hip level. She stepped into the woodden crate filled with champagne and settled on a pile of dry hay.

"What do I do if they find me in here?"

"Say that you taste champagne, as though it was your profession."

"My undercover is safe, good, bring me Evian mineral water, I don´t want to dehydrate inside the box, surrounded by champagne bottles."





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Or Whether Corporate Nudity should be part of the Dress Code.


Or How a single Drink can turn Thirst into A Traction with the Law.


Or Going Where Your Money Goes to Keep an Eye on How it disappears.



Or Discerning When the Notion of a Lotion is not Beauty but Dependence.


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