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OCTOBER 11, 2013 7:16AM

The Abu Dhabi Channel - 3 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity and Cynthia lifted their eyebrows and stepped forward towards the opening in the wall, left by the television set.

"This hotel has a special layout, can you see what´s at the other end?" asked Clarity. Cynthia reached inside the opening with her head.

"It´s Flower, she loves wearing Arabian clothes, it makes her feel like a princess. There´s some kind of see-through, glass window, she can´t hear me or even see me, I think."

There was a loud knock on the door. Clarity tiptoed towards the door and placed her ear against it, hearing the voice of Mina.

"According to the electronic monitoring panel, none of the rooms have been opened in the last thirty minutes except this one and room 510. She has to be in here, someone from this room ordered the new Thai champagne." Clarity slid the door chain in place and backed quietly up towards Cynthia, telling her to keep quiet. She took the television remote control device, staring at the brand name: Pentatone Scale Remote Learning Systems. It was the same brand as the decryptor of Penelope Avalon, the decryptor that she felt she had earned as a result of her good investigation work in Eleuthera.

She stepped on a leather sofa and crawled inside the opening left by the television set, followed by Cynthia. After crossing a horizontal red beam, the television panel slid back in place, and Clarity looked ahead, reaching a hard surface that looked like a mirror. Across her, Lanai was blowing her hair with a hair dryer, looking straight at her, and behind her, several women, naked and clothed, including Taimi, Jenna, and Flower, were dancing to an Arabian music choreography. Clarity tapped lightly on the mirror. After a few minutes, she saw Lanai look closer at the mirror. The doorbell rang and one of the women, a woman Clarity recognized from the Hexas Style fountain, opened the door to let Mina inside.

"Any girls made their way here?"

Flower answered. "That would be us, I don´t see any men."

"I mean besides you."

"Not that we know of, is the cold chocolate with Arabian coffee and milk ice cream ready?" Flower lifted her leg, and a sandal flew off, landing near the door.

"No, we´re looking for the coffee you requested. Don´t pull any tricks on us, we´re watching you." Clarity saw Mina close the door. The modern choreography to the sound of Amr Diab´s Habibi Ya Nour el Ain, continued, and Taimi turned up the volume.

"She knows we don´t have money, and she knows that that man, Bakal is paying for our stay," said Flower, speaking to Jenna. Lanai unplugged the blow dryer, and the mirror slid to the right, leaving Clarity exposed inside the opening. Lanai reached towards her and touched Clarity´s face, to ensure it was genuine.

"It´s you?"

"Yeah, it´s me, get me out of here, I´m helping Cynthia get out of the other room. Here, take this remote, while I get out."

Lanai pulled Clarity, then Cynthia. A flock of six girls gathered around them. Two of the women turned to Cynthia, vying for the bead, made of lead, moving along her backside. Cynthia tapped their hands, insisting she was better at belly dancing with the bead than them. Flower stepped forward.

"I haven´t told them about Buddha Talk, we´re sort of being led towards pleasure here by Avene Maxini, you know we´re in the Middle East? This is a special room of silence, I think, there´s no way out of here, there are no phones, no email, we don´t speak arabic, we´re stuck here, we entered the gates."

"I know we´re in the Middle East, you should have let me handle Avalon in Eleuthera. Have you seen Lady Scafarel, it´s her we´re looking to arrest. Which gates do you mean?"

"The gates of sexual ecstasy. Give me that remote, I want the chateaubriand today for lunch," said Flower. The words reminded Clarity of her experience in the Bahamas, where she´d experienced a twenty minute orgasm for the first time, with peaks and valleys, her longest climax ever.

"No, I keep the remote for now. What happened during the trip, how did you leave the Hexas Style Resort?" asked Clarity. She moved towards the window and opened the blinds, letting natural sunshine inside the room. The two women from Eleuthera, one naked, one clothed in Arabian Night clothing, went back to dancing. Clarity knew one of them from Eleuthera, the woman who searched for perfection by catching water from a fountain before it landed on the ground. She moved towards a large desk. On the desk was a guest book, which described the status of all the women in the room.

Clarity noticed the names of Taimi, Jenna, Flower, Lanai and Cynthia. They were special assigned consorts to the Emirate´s power broker, Hamir Bakal, a client of Scafarel´s Elony consort agency, providing items of sensual leisure including women, to the Emirate´s power elite, which comprised politicians, military heads, scientific mavens, and high finance prodigies. The book was signed with an ink pen, by all seven women in the room. Flower made the story simple, as everything else in her life was.

"Well, after we last saw you, we just came for hours, it was Avene Maxini and Scafarel, they started showing us the jade egg and these adult videos with women that we´d never seen, and providing these wonderful, small battery operated dental fixtures that could also be used as sex toys. We´d definitely never, ever seen or used these before, extremely refined and effectives items. Then, we were taken to Avalon´s plane, and they gave us caviar canapés after leaving the Bahamas. Finally, we woke up here, they must have put something in the caviar, I think I slept twenty three hours straight after I drank Avalon´s Earl Grey tea."







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