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OCTOBER 18, 2013 7:37AM

The Abu Dhabi Channel - 4 - Sun on the Rocks

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"Hide," said Lanai, her ear placed on the wall, "get out in the balcony with Cynthia, Mako´s searching the other room, room 506. I´ll take care of the remote for you, Clarity." Lanai extended her hand. Clarity kept Lanai´s stare, and lifted her eyebrows. The remote was attractive, extremely attractive, it even could be considered addictive, to some extent, that´s the conclusion Money Fact would have drawn. It was important to keep things under control, to let the girls know that the remote and her own self went together.

"No, I´ll keep the remote, you´re having a bit of trouble with it, I can see that," said Clarity. She pushed Cynthia in front of her and opened the sliding doors, stepping on the adobe tiles of the terrace. The woman from the fountain in Eleuthera, named Optesia, stepped outside as well, looking closely at the intricate Arabic geometrical patterns of a tile on the terrace wall. She was still looking for perfection, just as she was in Eleuthera.

"Don´t ever push the VIP button of the remote," she said. Clarity looked at the remote more closely. It was coated grey plastic, with a pleasant blue light backlit screen showing the ten digits and a lower panel with several buttons, among them the Champagne button, and one with the acronym VIP, written on it.

"Why not?" Optesia pressed the channel button to ensure the adult listing of Jim Holliday adult movies including Sex Sorority Kittens, was still there.

"Because Bakal is ruthless, he´ll take us to the hotel cellar and leave us there, drinking only wine. To be drunk all the time, it´s horrible, so far from perfection." Optesia´s sense of perfection was not on the same road as common sense and satisfaction, thought Clarity. But she sensed that the woman knew a lot of things which might be useful, when properly guided in conversation.

"Did you try the water fountain here as well Optesia? You know you can catch the water before it falls every time here, it´s easier than in the Bahamas, now you can feel perfect more easily."

"I Don´t trust the water, I drink only Nordic Mist tonic water."


"It´s made by Coca Cola, the perfect soft drink."

Clarity looked at the remote control battery cover, remembering the words of Money Fact, about the remote control code, 57819, which was etched on it. 'Fifty seven less one is fifty six, divided by seven is eight, eight is the third digit, watch out for that digit, there´s something odd in that digit. Then, notice, nine minus one, the fourth and fitfth digits, is eight, again the third digit, another sign that this remote control is special, there´s a numeral attractive notion towards the eighth digit. Press the champagne button of the remote carefully, and don´t drink the champagne, even if they tell you the champagne tastes like Möet & Chandon. It´s just not the case, Ko Phi & Nga is not French champagne, it´s Thai champagne, there´s something odd about it, it was made by a monk defending a monastery from intruders.'

Clarity glanced outside the window at the reclining bed and the palm tree near the beach house, offering a gorgeous view of Saadiyat Beach. A pool sign on the remote control device flashed the word Atarmia Spa. She wondered how it felt to be pampered at a Spa in such a nice setting in the Middle East. It was like living in Malibu, without the celebrities.

"Optesia, ever thought that number eight was perfect?" The eyes of Optesia beamed.

"Eight is the perfect number, it´s the number of success, wealth, and business, cycles, and dogged determination. If you place it horizontally, it´s the symbol of infinity. Infinity´s perfect, there´s no start and no finish."

Clarity lifted her index finger and pressed the Ko Phi & Nga champagne button of the remote again, this time really hoping Money Fact would be near them soon, with a rescue team, to rescue them from the hotel. She looked at the television panel and screen inside their room, room 508. The channel had changed to a local restaurant channel, the Kerala, advertising the Thai champagne, featured by top chefs like Atul Kochhar of the Benares Indian restaurant in London, and Laurent Pillard of the Burger Bar in Las Vegas. The floor inside them started to pivot, while the terrace lowered one foot in ten seconds.

"Get inside, the room´s moving, it´s perfect," said Optesia.

Within a few minutes the room had moved twenty feet away from Cynthia´s room, room 506, the room where Clarity had picked up the remote. Before them, another room appeared, a two level penthouse suite, and a metal curtain lowered on room 508. The girls flocked towards the double beds to watch the adult program showing, while Clarity checked the guest book signed by guests of the suite. There was a name from the night before. Carrelson Sterley, oil magnate, Fairplay, Colorado, population, 675. A beep interrupted the adult programming, during a crucial revelation moment. An attractive blond girl answering to the name of Nevena appeared onscreen instead, replacing the adult jungle movie about two naked women discovering fire for the first time near a lagoon, the fire of their arousal. The girls flocked to the minibar, making use of their time to try out snacks while the program was on hold.

"This is Nevena, I´m in charge of domotics and information technology here at the hotel. What room are you in, I´m speaking to the group, do you have permission to be in this room from Mr. Bakal, where is Montana Sterley?" Even Flower, normally talkative, was intimidated by the woman speaking harshly to them, dressed in a white cotton shirt revealing a perfect cleavage. Clarity stepped forward, trying to see the brand of the shirt. She wanted that cotton shirt, even if it meant leaving the woman speaking to her topless. She knew the shirt would look good on her, for some reason she liked white cotton clothes.

"We have permission," said Clarity. They even had the remote control but she wasn´t going to say that. She saw Nevena press a button and the television panel moved towards the window. Nevena had a camera looking through to the room, placed atop the television frame.

"Montana Sterley should be there, by the window, but she isn´t there. I´m alerting security to head for the penthouse suite," said Nevena, "don´t leave that room, someone will take you to another room and will ensure you´re using the proper remote control unit." Clarity took Optesia aside.

"Optesia, what does Domotics mean?"

"Domus Informatics, information technology in the home, air conditioning, heating, tv´s, stereos, appliances, lights, all controlled by a single device."

"I see, this woman, Nevena controls the whole hotel by pressing buttons on several devices, then," said Clarity.

"It´s a good guess," said Optesia, "close to perfect, it´s very good, you have very good intuition."

"Why only close to perfect?"

"There´s a single device which controls the hotel, not several, less work, I think this is Bakal´s private penthouse."

Clarity turned her back on the television screen and examined the remote control for an exit button. The closest she found was a pink button. Pink was a nice color, there should be something good associated with it. She pressed on the pink button of the remote towards the flat panel high definition television. A red laser beam flashed towards the tv set and a classified sign appeared onscreen on channel 108, the adult pay-per-view channel of the Park Hyatt in Abu Dhabi. The system requested a code, and she typed the five number code of the remote that she had memorized, 57819. The videotape was not a film by Andrew Blake, it was produced by Scafarel through Telval Studios, and was meant for Bakal, it showed a strategic dossier on Carrelson Sterley, the Colorado oil tycoon who was touring the Middle East with his twenty one year old daughter Montana, searching for possible oil and food segment buyout targets, and also for the Boustrophedon, to bring back to Fairplay in Colorado for the open air museum called South Park City.

The file on Carrelson Sterley was well prepared, it explained intimate details of his life, like how he always washed his Rolls Royce convertible Corniche from left to right, because it reminded him of reading a business report correctly. Carrelson Sterley enjoyed the company of beautiful women since his wife Kelly Jane had fled with a tennis instructor to a paradise island in the Pacific, with five thousand dollars, inside a private jet, a jet resold for cash to a Philipino wealthy businessman, while refueling in Fidji. With the cash, the couple lived happily in Fidji, where they had obtained a passport.

Carrelson Sterley did not know that, neither of those facts, despite hiring a local private detective. Since then, Montana´s father kept a rolodex of escort service agencies, and Scafarel provided some of the beautiful women he enjoyed for conversation and vigorous exercise, which is how he viewed lovemaking. He frequented the women and remembered their names to forget his wife, and the women remembered him, Kelly Caroline, Kelly Ann, and Kelly Shelley. Kelly Shelley reminded him of a new name for a Subway Combo sandwich, his favorite snack when traveling to the East Coast in the U.S.

A small screen appeared on the top left of the television screen images, a second side-screen showing Mako entering the room adjacent to Cynthia´s room, room 508, the room where she had found Lanai, finding Bakal there, looking for the Thai champagne bottles. She pressed the plus volume button to hear the conversation, and the report on Carrelson Sterley disappeared, replaced by a live view of room 508. Bakal was handsome, in his thirties, Mako wasn´t.

"Where are all the women and my remote? Do you have the no-explosion bottles?" asked Bakal.

"Cynthia Stevenson, one of the women must have taken the remote from your penthouse when you requested that the seven women from Hexas Style perform the Macarena dance for you. The bottles haven´t exploded this time, there´s thread around the cork, as with a usual bottle of champagne."

"Where are the women now?"

"In your penthouse, we think."

"That´s not far from here, can we look at the penthouse with the cameras?" said Bakal. He placed his right hand on his forehead, thinking. His shrewd uncle had taught him to think when problems arose. He hadn´t taught him how to think, though, which was sort of annoying as nephew.

"No, there´s something wrong with the domotic system. The women from Hexas Style are inside the hotel, we know that for a fact, they simply have a remote which is more than that, it´s an important domotic device, the one that should have been delivered to this room and was delivered to your penthouse instead. There´s another woman who came in today inside the Thai champagne boxes, you order that?"

"Another woman, no, the women are already here, and I thought you had the remote for me."

"We had the remote, and you also had it, we just didn´t know where it was at the time you had it."

"Where is it?"

"We don´t know, that´s why we´re here, otherwise you´d be in your penthouse."

Mako lifted a large box atop his shoulders, wobbling forward to the bed.

"Here are the Ko Phi & Nga champagne boxes you requested, the thread in the bottles indicates the information you requested is part of the boxes." The corpulent Hyatt employee pointed to a trolley carrying several woodden boxes filled with champagne. Bakal used an axe lowered from the ceiling to break the wood of two boxes.

"The full code of the remote is there, etched in one of the bottles, according to Scafarel, and I need that code and the remote to watch the strategic file on Sterley and his business interests, and to find my own pathway of adult pleasure. Carrelson Sterley´s not buying any of my companies, I want to know more about his private life instead, and about that Boustrophedon, the famous code of pleasure Scafarel discussed with me in private, in the yacht, the yacht that I paid, with the money I earned, those hundreds of thousands of dollars I keep in the yacht as spare money, but that weren´t enough to grant me access to her personal pleasure coaching services." Bakal stared at Mako, expecting an answer. Mako growled, knowing an answer was expected of him.

"You want me to tell you you´re rich?"

"Wealthy, but rich is fine."

"You´re rich, it´s true, you have a lot of money, it may not be enough, but it´s a lot of money, I´d say that." Mako looked at Bakal with sullen eyes, knowing the statement was correct, wondering whether Bakal would request something else.

"Thank you, I needed that," said Bakal, tapping the desk with his fingers. He wanted to bed Scafarel´s assistant, Avene Maxini, in order to know the secrets of sexual ecstasy, and he knew that the women in the penthouse would allow him to do that, for Maxini, twenty five, liked attractive women, as much as men.







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