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OCTOBER 25, 2013 8:06AM

The Abu Dhabi Channel - 5 - Sun on the Rocks

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Clarity pushed the stop button of the remote to stop the report on Carrelson Sterley. A set of indications flashed onscreen, maintenance room 3L, near the conference room, on the fifth floor. She looked at the women from Hexas Style, they were frolicking in the bed, changing positions and choreographies reminiscent of sexual yoga. In front of her, Jenna was ensuring Lanai´s thong was in place, while Taimi checked the thong of Jenna, and Lanai buttoned Flower´s jeans, covering a hugging belly chain with rings and red gem made by Shanell. Cynthia was dancing, showing her back to them, in particular the bead bouncing off her sacrum, observed by Flower.

"I mean, you´re just enjoying this way of life here," said Clarity, "you genuinely like pleasure so much now as to forget everything else, was it Scafarel or Maxini who did that?"

"Scafarel put us in the Jacuzzi for five hours here, the swirling whirlpools did the rest, it feels really good on your lower body, Clarity, you should try it. Still, now that we´re here, it´s less scary to do this than to think we´re trapped," said Flower, "it´s not a bad strategy. How does this bead work exactly Cynthia?"

Clarity searched the drawers of one of the desks and found a diagram of the hotel. She found the sketch corresponding to the fifth floor and during several minutes searched for room 3L. The architect of the hotel had tampered with the layout, room 3L, room 3L, was inside the conference room, and the conference room was the real name of... Her finger followed the reference to the next page. Her eyes widened. The conference room was the Penthouse, the Penthouse suite on the fifth floor where they were. She turned the diagram clockwise to align the positioning of the room with the position of room 3L. Room 3L was in the back towards her left. The bathroom, she thought, room 3L was bathroom number three on the second floor, which no one had explored yet.

She walked upstairs and entered bathroom 3, noticing a large television set that was showing a well made aerobics adult film. She found a closet in the bathroom corresponding to room 3L and opened the door, coming face to face with a naked girl with long, blond hair, Montana Sterley, screwdriver in hand, ready to work on the cabling system relayed to the television screen.

"Finally, my father came through, you´re with police or security, I hope coming to get me out of here?" The question took Clarity off guard. She wasn´t used to working undercover because she wasn´t sure she was an agent, Money Fact had said nothing to that effect, to the effect of being part of the Sensual Intelligence Brigade of Central Intelligence. She gave the girl a towel, which flew out instantly into the bathtub. Montana liked to walk around naked when she was working.

"Not exactly police, Sensual Intelligence Brigade," said Clarity. She mumbled the next sentence. "I´m a beginning agent." Montana Sterley didn´t flinch, she looked into the eyeballs of Clarity and seemed appeased by the girl´s honest, gentle look. She looked beyond Clarity. Seven women were peeking inside the bathroom.

"You look like a teleoperator," said Montana. Clarity became pale.

"How did you know, we barely met, I met you barely, that is, I mean you don´t know me."

"One of your friends is showing a photo of you to the other women, with one of those cordless headphones with a microphone." Clarity turned around and saw Lanai explaining to Optesia the flower sprinkler system working at the entrance of Stevenson Garden Products in Malibu, and Clarity´s role as teleoperator there.

"They wanted to know who you are," said Lanai. Clarity sighed. So much for Brigade Intelligence undercover identity. Montana stepped in front of Clarity and the women, and left the bathroom, jumping on the large bed with a quilt, reaching for her jeans.

"Good, I need some Sensual Intelligence to fix this adult film mess here."

Montana requested the remote control, ensuring channel 108 was still putting out adult content. Using a small pen drive that she carried with her Ralph Lauren clothes, she was taping all adult films to resell them in Hong Kong, where the Pentatone Learning Systems remote control device had been manufactured, in order to buy the company distributing the remote, the SOCAL company. Bakal had received a concession from the makers of the remote to import the remotes in Abu Dhabi, in exchange for showing adult films produced by Scafarel´s Telval in luxury hotels. Clarity and Montana came back inside the bathroom to pick up Montana´s clothes. The television screen stopped showing the adult feature, replaced by Nevena, dressed in white lingerie. Montana glared at the woman.

"That´s my Aubade number fifty three underwear set, give it back to me."

"Your money and your father are powerless here, we own this hotel, we own your lingerie, we own you in fact," said Nevena. Optesia came inside the room and took both girls out of the bathroom.

"They know where we are, they want the remote, we have to hold on to it to get out of here. Only Avene Maxini knows the full reach of the remote, it opens the deepest avenues of pleasure for the wealthy and the powerful and the well known, the established global elite."

"Does it open the avenues of pleasure for us as well?" asked Flower, "I like the idea of becoming part of the global selected few who live well in posh avenues of good clothing gear and refined jewelry."

Montana stepped towards the large balcony of the suite, filled with a large ficus shrub. A line of ten large cars, all painted black, was entering the hotel. The Colorado cowgirl reached for the remote control and switched channels until she reached Abu Dhabi News Front on channel nine, the channel of the hotel itself. The voice of Nevena announced the changes at the hotel leisurely and calmly.

"The hotel is now closed to new customers, as the SoftSide adult industry conference will be held in the hotel for the week. Please get your access badge at the front desk. All guests and passengers coming into Abu Dhabi from the airport or from Dubai will be sent to other luxury hotels, at the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, with a view on the Arabian Gulf, at the Emirates Palace on West Corniche Road, or at the Yas Abu Dhabi on Yas Island. We hope you have a pleasant stay in Abu Dhabi." For the next hour, Clarity heard all the rooms of the hotel emptying. All the guests were leaving. She tried opening the penthouse´s door leading to the corridor. It was closed.

Clarity heard a beep. Montana reached for her jeans, showing her backside to Clarity, and held an Apple iPhone in her hands.

"It´s Nevena, she just loves to tease me, Bakal is asking my father for ransom, two hundred seventy three million, eight hundred forty three thousand two hundred seventy eight dollars. The two seventy eight is what I´ve spent on adult films so far here, the eight hundred forty three thousand correspond to the price of a Lamborghini sponsored by Virgin that my father bought at Dubai duty free. Good, good, I got over two hundred million dollars in value, my five year allowance, now my father will take me seriously."

"You´re glad your life has a price?" asked Clarity.

"I tell my father to start putting me on the Board of Directors of his companies, I know I can add economic value added to them, net operating profit after tax, minus capital employed, which is working capital plus inventory, or equity plus long term debt, times weighted average cost of capital. He says I´m too young to add value, twenty one is not too young, it´s the right time to start taking over businesses. Can you call some additional Intelligence, like backup, like Special Forces backup, like assault forces I mean?"

"No, I´m it, backup and forefront." Montana eyed Clarity´s breastline.

"Well, you may be good, but it may take a while to get out of here, then, hotel security is pretty sturdy, you know. God, I know I´m going to end up like Paris Hilton, I just know it, naked on the internet, and it bugs me, it bugs me because she did it at twenty, and I´m twenty one. I knew this take over idea in the Middle East to grow new food markets wasn´t good."

Clarity looked at the perfect breasts of Montana while one of the women gave her an Intimissimi dentelle bra fitting her thirty six, apple shaped breast size. Montana turned her back on Clarity and placed the bra on her breasts.

"Where´s your father?" asked Clarity.

"Not sure, my father could be anywhere, it´s Kelly Heather´s turn this week, I think," said Montana.

"This is not happening," said Clarity, "we´re in the Hyatt, a nice western hotel, but there are no phone lines, no internet, no wireless connection other than with the hotel, and we have no badge to move around here or get out."

Clarity looked outside the terrace of the penthouse. Several cars were blocking access to the entrance of the hotel, delivering cases of champagne from Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. No one was leaving or entering the hotel without a champagne bottle, or more importantly, without Hamir Bakal´s authorization, the authorization of the official power broker of the Emir, the only man in the Emirate who drank Thai champagne instead of the traditional, luxury brands of Dom Perignon or Moët et Chandon. She heard the noise of several tumblers near the entrance door lock.

"The domotic system´s working again, all doors are locked, we can´t get out of here," said Optesia, "this is not perfect, it´s not perfection at all, it´s very imperfect, close to flawed. It´s the woman with the silver butterfly." 







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