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January 01
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Published on Aug 7, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women
“I’m uncomfortable talking to women like actual people.”

Yes, this is funny, but it is also sad because it's true. What happens when a guy has never learned how to act around the other

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AUGUST 6, 2014 7:32AM

The Beatles: I'm Only Sleeping

When I wake up early in the morning
Lift my head, I'm still yawning
When I'm in the middle of a dream
Stay in bed, float up stream (Float up stream)

Please, don't wake me, no, don't shake me
Leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy
I don't mind, I

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AUGUST 5, 2014 7:51AM

Apple Announces a New Product

Sorry. I just couldn't resist.


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AUGUST 4, 2014 9:55AM

Ingrid Michaelson: Wonderful Unknown

Oh, let me wear your overcoat, my bones are super chill and all the ponies have gone home
Oh, walking through Manhattan with the ache from last night’s smile still smarting up from my toes

Here we go, dancing on our own, inside this house that we have never known,
Here we go,

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Published on Jul 18, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
11 Sizzling Sex Toy Facts

The above video is apparently based on the following article. And much to my delight, the author has provided links to all of the source materials. Good research!

BuzzFeed - Jul 10/2014
33 Facts You Never Knew About Sex Toys… Read full post »

Published on Mar 18, 2014 by 3PercentConference
Louis CK "White Male Privilege"

"White people: we're going to pay hard for this shit. We're not going to just fall from number one to two; they're going to hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever. And we totally deserve it. But

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Published on Jun 24, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
13 Remarkable Sex Stats
Thanks to: Christian Rudder & OkTrends @christianrudder http://oktrends.okcupid.com

OkCupid Trends - Apr 19/2011
10 Charts About Sex by Christian Rudder
This seems to be some of the original source information for the above v

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I was prompted to write after seeing this posted. I had seen it before and investigated the accuracy of the attribution, but thought now to talk about the bigger picture of how we collectively disseminate misinformation much in the same way our ancestors said the Earth was flat. It isn't, just/…

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JULY 27, 2014 11:38AM

Monty Python: The Cheese Shop

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2007 by sambomcl
The Cheese Shop sketch, Monty Python

There are forty-three cheeses mentioned in the sketch: Red Leicester, Tilsit, Caerphilly, Bel Paese, Red Windsor, Stilton, Emmenthal, Gruyère, Norwegian Jarlsburg, Liptauer, Lancashire, White Stilton, Danish Blue

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This all started back on April 2, 2014 when I posted "Phallic Symbolism: intentional or not". Being an equal opportunity type of guy, I couldn't leave the ladies out of the fun. But first, I had to find out the female equivalent of phallic.

Wikipedia: Yoni
Yoni (Sanskrit: यàRead full post »

JULY 18, 2014 9:50PM

BuzzFeed: Facts About Masturbation

Published on Jun 20, 2014 by BuzzFeedBlue
Arousing Facts About Female Masturbation

Published on Jun 20, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
Handy Facts About Male Masturbation

Postscript: Some serious s**t
In my posting "May is National Masturbation Month", I talk about how this p

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JULY 5, 2014 6:30PM

Hobby Lobby Schmobby Lobby

It’s a V for Victory for Vasectomies and Viagra and a Vote against Vaginas. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg points out, based on one's religious convictions, somebody can opt out because they don’t want to support “blood transfusions (Jehovah’s Witnesses); antidepressant/…

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JULY 4, 2014 8:38AM

Whirlpool Jet Boat

In my on-going series of crazy ass death-defying thrill seeking, I took a jet boat ride through the Niagara Gorge rapids. Okay, that sounds more dangerous than it really is but what the heck, doesn't a little hyperbole go along with telling the story?

This bucket list item has been sitting arou/…

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Target. Chipotle. You have enough firepower to stop a charging bull elephant at a thousand yards. What exactly are you expecting? Will an argument erupt over the last remaining pair of men's black socks in size 8-13? Will somebody jump the line-up for the next available table for four by the/…

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JUNE 15, 2014 10:16AM

I still have a chance


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I ran across the following two articles. Okay, I’m a man and yes, I have a certain male-centric perspective on things, but I couldn’t help thinking there was an underlying oddity about them. Can you spot it?

DivorcedMoms - May 13/2013
11 Common Questions About Infidelity By Ju…

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"The vast majority of those who sell sexual services do not do so by choice. We view the vast majority of those involved in selling sexual services as victims."
- Justice Minister Peter MacKay discussing Bill C-36 dubbed the protection of communities and exploited persons act; (CBC - June 5, 2/…

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I’ve read the news reports. I’ve seen the video. I’ve gone over the details of what happened and I’ve found further articles describing the life and times of this young man. I’ve perused the so-called manifesto. I am disturbed. I am frightened. I am perplexed. The/…

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When I tweeted a previous post, “If Rob Ford was an employee, he would be fired” (May 11/2014), somebody wrote back,

Firing someone for substance abuse would be violating human rights. It would depend on the company policy and employment contract.

You wrote he would be terminated wit… Read full post »
Much ado about nothing? The world is once again in a panic because our culture is crumbling and anarchy is just around the corner. And the issue which sparked this horror? Leggings. Yes, you heard me. Parents, pundits, school principals, and I’m guessing perverts are all staring wide-eye/…

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Michael Sam is the first openly gay to be drafted by an NFL team and the world demonstrates it has a long way to go to become tolerant. For some bizarre reason, sexual orientation is the end of civilisation but those doing the criticising completely forget the transgressions of supposed normal… Read full post »

MAY 13, 2014 10:12AM

Buzzfeed: Penis vs Vagina

Published on May 5, 2014 by BuzzFeedVideo
Penis vs Vagina
Let the battle begin.


Wikipedia: BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed is a website that combines a technology platform for detecting viral content with an editorial selection process to provide a snapshot of "the viral web in realtime"… Read full post »
MAY 12, 2014 10:22AM

Rob Ford: more late night chuckles

Published on May 2, 2014 by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Rob Ford Heading to Rehab -- Monologue (4:44)
Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, May 1. Part 1 of 3.

Published on May 2, 2014 by Late Show with David Letterman
David Letterman - Top Ten Reasons Rob Ford Is Taking… Read full post »
Drunk on the job. Stoned at work. Sociably unacceptable behaviour videotaped and delivered to media. Where does it end? When does it end? If the city of Toronto was a company and Rob Ford was an employee, he would be terminated for cause.

About.Com Terminated for Cause by Alison Doyle
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MAY 10, 2014 2:35PM

I don't know why I bother


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