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William Belle
January 01
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I make a list of 129 dead porn stars, actors and actresses who have at one time or another starred in an adult film and who are no longer with us. I add up their ages at time of death and divide by 129. I now state the average life expectancy/…

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I start with an objective then I back up to find out what I need to get there. I set out my conclusion then I collect "facts" and supposed supporting documentation which proves my point. This is not scientific; this is prejudiced. This is not objective; this is biased. This is/…

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FEBRUARY 18, 2011 7:23PM

Writing: Holly Lisle

In discovering National Novel Writing Month (see NaNoWriMo: Write a novel in 1 month?), I found out about many people who have given themselves an amazing goal and successfully carried through with what seems to be a daunting challenge. Yes, there are many like myself who write a few hundred words,/…

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FEBRUARY 17, 2011 9:18PM

Phil Ochs: Pleasures of the Harbor

YouTube: Pleasures of the Harbor by Phil Ochs

And the ship sets the sail
Theyve lived the tale
To carry to the shore
Straining at the oars
Or staring from the rail

And the sea bids farewell
She waves in swells
And sends them on their way
Time has been her pay
And time will have to tell

Soon your sailing will/…

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The collapse of the World Trade Centre was a controlled demolition. The United States government covered up the recovery of a spacecraft containing aliens at Roswell, New Mexico. Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A secret group of reptilian humanoids called/…

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Dubuque, Iowa, population 57,000 is located along the Mississippi River in the Tri-State area, the junction of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Located in the city is The Riverview Center, a non-profit advocacy group for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. The center provides both cr…

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FEBRUARY 14, 2011 6:17AM

Rally Race Car Crashes (videos)

I was idling clicking around the Internet and ran into some funny slash horrifying slash strange car crashes during some rally races. But what is rallying exactly? According to Wikipedia:

Rallying, also known as rally racing is a form of auto racing that takes place on public or private roads with mod… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 13, 2011 12:54PM

Macaroni & Cheese: 30 days, 30 ways

I run into the darnedest things surfing around the Internet. I look at the line "30 days and 30 ways with macaroni and cheese" and think to myself, "What!?!" Well, my curiosity piqued, I click on the link and discover a web site, a blog devoted to just that, providing a/…

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FEBRUARY 12, 2011 12:33PM

15 Signs You'll Be Rich

Anneli Rufus is an American journalist and author. She has written for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Boston Globe among others and authored 16 books such as Weird Europe: A Guide to Macabre, Bizarre and Just Plain Weird Sights (1999), Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto (2002), Stuck: Why We/…

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FEBRUARY 12, 2011 12:29AM

Theatre Review: Barrymore

John Sidney Blyth Barrymore (1882-1942) is a name all but forgotten for the general public. I am certain for the majority of people the only Barrymore they know would be his granddaughter Drew. However, in his day he managed to reach dizzying heights of professional success not just as a well/…

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All men are horny old toads. They can't keep it in their pants. Their wandering eye is without remorse. When the blood rushes from their head, their higher brain functions like morality, common sense and decency give way to unbridled lust, depravity and behaviour of the nefarious kind. Is it j…

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The first time I heard of this concept was in 1972 when I took my very first psyche course at university. I don't remember hearing this expression to describe the phenomenon but I certainly never forgot the idea. The story, as I recall it, went like this:

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FEBRUARY 8, 2011 6:36PM

Outlawing bodily functions

Credit where credit is due. Time Newsfeed recently published an article entitled "Governments Around the World Outlaw Basic Bodily Functions" which described how some authorities have been attempting to curb our behaviour in public. Of course, this got me thinking and investigating as the piece made/…

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Is Facebook our crack cocaine? Do we roll up Twitter and smoke it as our weed? Does YouTube keep us all mesmerized as if our mouth is glued to the bong?

I've run across the idea of Internet addiction when people talk about porn. However the term "Internet Addiction" or "Web Addiction"/…

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FEBRUARY 6, 2011 10:05PM

Jenny Peto and Baruch Goldstein

Readers may not know these two names. Both are Jews. One is an advocate for the Palestinians. One is a killer of Palestinians. Both, we could say represent a degree of extremism however I will leave it to others to determine where advocacy and murder lie on the spectrum.

Jenny Peto: Recap

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FEBRUARY 5, 2011 11:19PM

The Internet Is Full

The unthinkable has arrived. Or is it the unimaginable? The Internet has run out of IP addresses. Gosh, it seems so easy to zip through four billion, two hundred and ninety-four million, nine hundred and sixty-seven thousand, two hundred and ninety-six addresses.

To give a bit of information or if you/…

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How many times have I have spun a roll of toilet paper vainly trying to get a hold of the end of it only to discover that the roll has been mounted opposite to what I am used to. What frustration. "You damn corksoaker!" (Gawd, I hate it when my spellchecker…

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Kat Wilder, like myself, is a blogger. Unlike me, her rating on Alexa shows her to be fairly popular in cyberspace. Like me, she writes under a pseudonym. From her About:

Kat Wilder is the nom de plume of a middle-aged (yeah, so what?) divorced Northern California mom who blogs about parenting,… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 2, 2011 10:32PM

The Script: Live Like We're Dying


Sometimes we fall down, can't get back up
We're hiding behind skin that's too tough
How come we don't say I love you enough
Till it's to late, it's not too late

Our hearts are hungry for a food that won't come
And we could make a feast from these crumbs
And we're a/…

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FEBRUARY 1, 2011 8:23PM

Jefferson Starship: Sara

YouTube: Jefferson Starship

Go now don't look back we've drawn the line
Move on it's no good to go back in time

I'll never find another girl like you, for happy endings it takes two
We're fire and ice, the dream won't come true

Sara, Sara, storms are brewin' in your eyes
Sara, Sara, no time is/…

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JANUARY 31, 2011 7:39PM

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

In our fast-paced, multi-tasking digital world, 2 minutes can seem like an eternity. The clock slowly ticks by, one second at a time and counting out one potato, two potatoes, three potatoes turns into an onerous task which tests the outer limits of our patience. Have we forgotten what it's like/…

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JANUARY 30, 2011 1:47PM

Gorilla walks like a man

A 21 year-old silverback western lowland gorilla called Ambam at the Port Lympane Wild Animal Park in Kent, England has drawn a lot of attention to himself and the park due to his walking upright. While such a practice is not unknown for gorillas, Ambam is doing this with a degree/…

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JANUARY 29, 2011 8:40PM

Sex in the Digital Age

For the past three years, the magazines Shape and Men's Fitness have teamed up to do an annual sex survey. This year's effort has focused on love in the Internet age and asked some "digital questions" which reveal interesting information about how social media is affecting not just our lives, but/…

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73 seconds after launch, the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida. An O-ring in the right solid rocket booster (SRB) failed at liftoff allowing hot gas from within the booster to escape and subsequently damage the SRB attachment hardware and the ext/…

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Question: Why does a hippopotamus lick a crocodile?

Answer: Because it can.

Some of you may recognise this as a variation on the joke about a dog and why he licks his... okay, I'll let you fill in the rest. When I mindlessly surf around the Net late at night, overtired and a/…

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