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September 21
I'm a native Texas writer and artist in wonder of nature, spirit and the never-ending Texas sky.


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MARCH 9, 2011 10:07PM

Cotton Mind (poem)

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My neck thickens

as the days grow.

My head needs more strength

to bolster all it holds -

nooks and crannies

stuffed to overflowing.

Mostly, it’s useless

like numb limbs

after a deep and heavy sleep.

I awake and realize

so much is bane,

filler, cotton – soft and


but easily pulled apart.

With a non-existent density,

I cannot defend or define

the spaces in between.

I pull at the fibers

flicking each strand from

soft and weakened fingertips.

Calluses hide the darkness,

hemming it in with thick skin,

moments not supple.

The cotton rubs against the rigid fray

distinct, stupid, seductive.

It lifts away on a mere breath

while the calluses are heavily cut,

wrest open by will,

lighted consciousness.

The cotton soaks in the blood

then falls with wet spats into the trash.

Thank you for softening the stroke

that, swift, brought me back to life.

But my neck is sore

having waited so long for the clearing,

only the marrow of true nourishment

can the nape bear and

the spirit abide.

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I've read it twice, ..and found two meanings...well..assigned two meanings whether intended or not.
I like the imagery and flow and cadence.
Very interesting piece. I too found several meanings within. I so enjoyed your analogies.