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Writer to the Stars

Writer to the Stars
Dallas, Texas, USA
August 15
Writer to the Stars
A long-time freelance writer who was fated to live in Dallas, Texas and marry a tall photographer. And who did. 31 years into it now. It seemed to be working. And then the whole damned roof fell in. But we've both been to the rodeo before, even this one, and we know what to do. You cowboy up.


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OCTOBER 1, 2012 12:52AM


If you come cruising past my raunch-tinged Dallas neighborhood at, say, two or three in the morning, you’ll catch me watering the yard. I’ll be dragging out the soaker hose to give the jasmine a drink, then hauling the sprayer to hit that patch in the yard. It's a crispy distantRead full post »

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SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 6:17AM


It's been nearly three years since my husband's flesh suddenly rippled like bad water, since his skin turned an odd dirty gray,since he said  I'm paralysed, chuckling all the while like it was the best joke in the world. It's been about three years since I called 911 and a bunch o… Read full post »

My husband and I were motoring along Peavy Road at sunset, on the way to a dear friend in the midst and madness of moving. We were delivering some packing boxes and I'd told my friend not to screw with dinner, as she was likely to do. I'd get us a thin… Read full post »

DECEMBER 10, 2011 7:52AM

Holy hell...

This morning I thought I might have a good shot at the day. Haven't had a clear sight on any target since before Thanksgiving. Maybe longer than that.

"If I ever tell you I didn't get a 'flu shot, would you just kick me in the ass?" I asked my husband… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 11:32PM


 Hadn't seen my neighbor Huey in a bunch of weeks and I'd started wondering what to do, since I'm not Ms. Appropriate Behavior during the best of times, but then this neighborhood isn't Appropriate Acres either. If a man needs to hole up in his house or his car, depending on… Read full post »

JULY 27, 2011 6:00AM


Ran into a girlfriend of mine at Albertson's. I'd been staring wrathfully at overpriced leaky-looking watermelon chunks when she hollered a cheery Hey! She and I go back aways and I've always been fond of her for lots of reasons, one being that she speaks fluent Girl, a language I deeply… Read full post »

APRIL 28, 2011 8:53AM


 Mama Tomato, Daddy Tomato, and Baby Tomato were out for a walk, but the Baby Tomato was a straggler. Finally Daddy Tomato walked back, grabbed the BabyTomato, stomped her flat and roared, Ketchup! (Courtesy of Quentin Tarentino).

And in much the same spirit, I'm here to report on our doin's… Read full post »

APRIL 7, 2011 2:19PM

Where I am for now...

To my dear and faithful readers...

I've just had eleven teeth extracted, plus a bunch of diseased tissue, plus 5 abcesses, plus three impacted roots, plus five posts from root canals, plus bone outcroppings, plus diseased bone. George Washington can go suck it as far as I'm concerned.Read full post »

MARCH 29, 2011 11:44PM

When they come for you...

Note: Tomorrow I'll be having massive dental stuff done and so, I guess, in honor of all that nitrous, I'm reposting two of my alien/UFO blogs from the simmering dark past. I'm actually not into this stuff, but for a while, the only guys I dated were cropRead full post »

MARCH 29, 2011 11:21PM

Onward through the fog...

reposted from: Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Combining The Cute And The Topical

Yesterday I shlepped downtown forRead full post »

MARCH 5, 2011 8:02PM

Living with the weird.....


Reposted: September 24, 2009
Not what you think...

Contrary to what you might believe, when you start working the Google on "alien abductees" or just "extraterrestrials", you don't fall into a big roomy universe. Instead, you find yourself hunched over in a small
Read full post »

Repost: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've been blogging more since making
Read full post »
MARCH 4, 2011 1:32AM

Dinners and nightmares...

reposted from October 6, 2008.
You might come here Sunday on a whim.
Say your life broke down. The last good kiss
you had was years ago. You walk these streets
laid out by the insane, past hotels
that didn't last, bars that did, the tortured try
of local drivers to accelerate their

Read full post »
MARCH 4, 2011 1:22AM

Back a bit...

Before. Before the whole damned roof fell on both of us, before we lost money, business, and health, before we both got horribly sick, before my guy Nearly Fucking Died, before All That, I had a blog called Write and Wrong. Hacking at the tough soil of Blogger, I eventually acquired… Read full post »

JANUARY 18, 2011 10:56AM

Where I go when I'm not here...

  • Where ARE you? my ex-brother-in-law writes with politely disguised irritation. Are you depressed? And I email him back, Whenever you don't hear from me, always assume I am depressed. Don't even think about it. Just know I'm depressed.
  • But, later, I decided that it's hardly ever true, my
  • Read full post »
NOVEMBER 16, 2010 6:20AM

I see the bad moon arising...

Just read the fucking tea leaves, guys, I'm thinking as I drive past my clueless guy-neighbors hunkered together over on San Juan, like cave dwellers gaga over mankind's first fire, every one of them marveling over some lucky sumbitch's cherry-new leviathan RAM 2500 pickemup truck, with 5.7-liter HEM… Read full post »

AUGUST 23, 2010 4:46AM

Love oh love, oh careless love...

In my Doris Day saturated adolescence, further soaked through with oily drenchings from Seventeen magazine, I gathered there would be nothing more important in my developing girl-life than Real Love. Although it was never spelled out, I dimly understood that Real Love was a vast, thudding uber-emotio… Read full post »

AUGUST 4, 2010 4:43AM


Nature isn't playing games. The heat is unvarying, and brutal and we're only three days into August. August is always the worst month in Dallas. Sometimes we have an awful crappy winter and you don't know which is worse: January or August. At its very best, January will always be bleak… Read full post »

JULY 23, 2010 4:03AM

Wearily she nodded...

The boy and I were camped out in the dermatologist's office. It was free clinic night so the room was jam-packed with the skin-diseased, the maybe-diseased like the two of us. Bored and sugared-up kids, boinged around the room and whined at their parents, When we gonna goooooooooooooo? WhennnnnnnnnnnRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 17, 2010 2:25AM

How to be old...

Now that the snapshots have cooked inside my various albums for a while, they've acquired a certain historical sheen, although I'm talking history with a very small h. I've even tripped across several photos I didn't know I had. This one of my maternal grandmother is a complete surprise.

In this… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 8, 2010 3:01AM

Casa 'nam rising...

What a fucking shame. And things had been going so well, too.

 Actually, "well" isn't the word I want and maybe a single word won't do it. Just that the Universe had recently burped out two tiny events nicely showcasing my neighborhood's fine weirdness. But in true duelistic Buddhist fashion,… Read full post »

JULY 3, 2010 5:24AM

What remains...

At times in my life, I've been utterly boxed in by events, people, the cosmos, God, destiny, historical moments, and my own particular incarnation. Not a thing I could do about whatever bear trap gripped me in the darkening woods. Circumstances were such that whatever I did to escape would only… Read full post »

I was in our pitch dark alley, stuffing a maloderous bag in the garbage  when a nearby voice said, "So uz 'at your old man I seen you with t'other day? Inna car an' all?" Coming out of the dark like that,
Read full post »
JUNE 9, 2010 5:20AM

Casa 'nam, mon amour...

Everyone used the snarky nickname Casa 'nam for the ratty little shopping center at the end of my street. Its actual name was Casa View in accord with a patchy Mexican theme applied without logic throughout our 1950's neighborhood.

Twenty-eight years ago, when the boy and I first moved here,… Read full post »

MAY 25, 2010 3:37AM

The one-eyed girl is queen...

"You takin care of a big ole pet?" asked the eternally befuddled clerk at my usual Walgreens.

I could see why she'd ask. I'd handed her two packages that said Adult Diapers in billboard-sized lettering, two packages of Adult Wipes in all their flag-sized glory, a thick packet of bed… Read full post »