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December 31
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FEBRUARY 28, 2012 1:29PM

Cry to Action

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National news media is preoccupied with a farce:  Republican primaries.  We are constantly distracted by pundits talking about leaders, instead of talking about issues.  In all of the Republican debates we’ve currently had, there has been no substantial discussion of issues.  And by issues, I mean plans to create jobs.  Plans to aid infrastructure.  Plans to balance a budget in a way that makes government programs more efficient rather than nonexistent.  Plans to unalienate our country from itself and turn these dark days around.

In the meantime, anchors and networks are stymied by Occupy protests, when they’re occasionally mentioned.  The artists, the students, the unemployed, the unions, the citizens join together for a moment to actually say hello to one another and discuss what isn’t being discussed on the 24/7 channels that had originally been created to enlighten us.  These channels do nothing but sparkle with techno-savvy illustrations and well-spoken doormats, while repeating the same stories all the other 24/7 networks do.  Audiences become over-saturated with “larger pictures” that don’t make sense from on the spot reporting.  So we tune it out.  We have our own problems, and they don’t relate. 

I suggest a counter to this insanity of punditry:  give your frustration a voice!  Not conspiracy theories, not big abstract problems, but the local, little guys saying “I don’t know where to turn.  I’m either going to be homeless, starve, die, or cry from a broken spirit.  Is there anyone out there?  Help!” 

Get the led out about not just the Amber alerts, but alerts of Bert the unemployed guy down the street.  Amy your cousin on food stamps.  Fred the janitor dealing with health care costs.  Salvatore the part-timer working three jobs and still not making enough.  Cedric the starving artist who wasn’t a part of the Occupy protests while they were on the air. Or the students at University of Virginia going on hunger strike until student workers get a living wage.

We need to change the pundits’ focus.  They’re preoccupied with “leaders” that aren’t doing a damn to lead.  Republican presidential candidates are being paid to say things that distract us and don’t solve a thing.  Why do they even matter?  Campaigns and Super PACS waste money on these debates and advertising!  Money that could be used for infrastructure!  Money that would actually create jobs!  Money for social programs that could educate our workforce!  Money to invest in our country’s future!  Where is all of it going!?

            These people are not leaders!  Neither the politicians vying for Republican presidential candidacy nor the news anchors!  WE are the leaders!  WE are the people dealing with the day to day shit!  WE are the people who are helping out when our parents need to be driven to the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery.  WE are the people who are reviewing friends’ resumes when there are no job agencies who will respond to their plea for help.  WE are the people who are trying to figure out new industries to create jobs, even if it’s just for ourselves, when the politicians are out dining at $3,500 a plate fundraisers!        

We live in an age of endless communication, but we are alienated from our reality by leaving problems to the politicians.  Finding a place to start, a person to actually talk to becomes slim pickin’s, even with sleeves rolled and hours of staring at a computer screen take a toll on the eyes.  Blogs, hiring sites, social media need to become more localized to be utilized, to make up for the corporate obstruction of information. 

We are all dealing with shit, but until we start acting together, we are nothing more than the segregated, subsistence corporate beggars of service jobs. But we are not isolated in our problems! We need to support those who are fighting for action!  Who are fighting for real discussion!  Who are fighting to unite us!  Let us come unite together to get this country of the Right wing and on the right track!  WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! 

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