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FEBRUARY 28, 2011 1:01PM

My continuing wet dream

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For starters:
Some good music to slither your booty to~~

THIS IS INCREDIBLE... Read all the Numbers....
Slowly and in Order!! 
Be Careful not to MISS  ANY 
1    2   3    4   5    6   7  8  9  10   
11  12  13  14  15  16  17    18   19   
20  21  22   23   24   25   26   27   
28   29  30 
The last part of this will be found at
 the bottom of this post.
No peeking.
This was dedicated to the invader of the oval oprifice however, it would fit perfectly if dedicated to the punk in Madison who is obviously bought and paid for by the koch bros~~~
Some good news that was deserved~~

Bastard ought to be dragged by his puppet strings all the way to the koch's moat.

About my "wet dream";
I have all of these "things": house, car, truck, boat, collectibles and other dust gathering junk, etc.
I get free health care at the VA~I earned it by being in the service.
I've paid down my mortgage for 20 years so, not a lot is owed.

While I very much care about the state of WI's and the USA's issues, I also have a life to live so, I've learned to compartmentalize when I need to.


For a bit over a year now, I've been working toward selling the house and a lot of other "stuff" to move to living here~~


Here are a few more that I've checked out since I made this decision~~



This one was in St Paul MN which is right down the road from here and, once you're on the Miss river, you can go through the Great Lks or the Gulf of Mex, etc.~~

Check out the pics of this great boat~~

There are more pics in the listing.

When you rent a slip, you rent it with power and water, etc.
To rent a slip would be similar or a bit less than my mortgage payment.You don't have to be a rich person to do this.
I don't run around and blow my money and, my only debt other than utilities and ins in my mtge.
So, this is my "wet dream" and, since I'm already 72, what the hell. Might as well go for it.

And, I'd probably never get Linda on the damn boat since she's so afraid of water she wears a life preserver in the bathtub.lol

So, have you ever thought you befriended someone online and, after exchanging a couple of emails, you get one like this:

"I had hoped that we might have some interesting conversations. I don't need another bunch of "on-line" videos or other stuff that I could easily find for myself, clogging up my e-mail. I'd love the odd one here and there, when you come across something extraordinary, but not every little thing that comes your way.

I've had other things to take care of so I apportioned my time according to importance. You got left out as did one other person who also fills my in-box with trivia of no special note."

Don't even need to reply to an imperious hemorrhoid like that and, I'm sure some of you have had this pleasure.lol

As for the rest of what I posted at the top~~


It's so easy to amuse some people.


That monkey reminds me of something.
If I did take a boat on the Ohio, I could take Tink for a cruise.
Hmmm, straps on his coin changer.
50c a ride. Ride again for 25c.


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How do you keep an OSer occupied for hours? See last post.
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ks, it's "see last comment posted.

And, to keep you even busier,

Great 'take' on sanity - I guess y'all from Northern England in a previ'aRse life.....

"Press send please FRed(tm) and then we'll send some pork luncheon meat _ like spam but tastes even worse - to our OS FavoUrites."
Well it took me 7 minutes to get on here but you are right.. no boats for me.
rated with hugs
Hope the climax is as fulfilling as you'd imagined! :)
Razz, I've said that to women.
What is it with all you guys and moving vehicles...boats and/or otherwise? Looks like a well-thought out strategy at any rate.....bon voyage and anchors away:)
Aren't you going to tell us what comes after 30????

I like the boat idea. More power to ya. In fact, I envy you.
If you need someone to swab the floors Mattie, let me know, Beautiful boats!
i love the yacht idea. if you can do it - why not? just like you said.

plus, have you noticed that movies like to portray men of questionable character as living on their boat? you could meet or even be one of those questionable characters. i think you're on to something.
Linda is afraid of the water in a sponge.lol

Suzi, it has everything to do with entrapment.lol

Matt, I'm not sure what comes next.lol

scanner, you ain't a hot babe who's good with a wrench and screwdriver. You're SOL

jack pac, I try to be as questionable as I can
Thank god I have a rare, genetic motion sickness problem. No expensive boats, cars, or private planes to dream about for me. But I do like purses. Maybe I'll post some for you.
I check your posts and even read some of them but I keep watching the animation of the bloody typing fool and it makes me laugh like that monkey EVERY time. I want one of those! (The animation, I mean.)
Lily, better not dance then.

mhold, Did you say you wanted to monkey around?
Oh. OH!! The typer.
Just right click on it to save it. Do it quickly or it'll bleed all over your monitor.lol
I don't know you well enought to get all the inside jokes here...but I was amused anyway :)
Ahh, Tink.
That sounds like my coin changer.lol

Y, you don't need to know anyone well to have a laugh.
Ahoy, matey! May fair winds fuel your vessel.
Right on Curtis Stiger. Go with a Hatteras or Bertram, Chris Crafts are cheap pieces of shit. Since I am the son of a charter boat captain I have known a lot of people who live on their boats. I have never met one who regretted it.
Great pay off here. Monkey see monkey do, I am laughing too.
I hope you wait until there isn't ice on the river ;-). It is still snowing here. Take care. R
Sometimes I think being brutally and rudely "honest" like the imperious 'roid above is just appalling. Assertiveness is one thing. Outright rudeness is another. You just do what you do, and F 'em all.