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APRIL 11, 2011 12:35PM

The polibastards in Wisconsin are now after us veterans

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Of course, if you're not a veteran, you probably don't give a damn.

Well, I AM and I DO give a damn.

Read about this son of a bitch, ryan here~~


I tried several times to include some semtences from that site in quotes however, as usual OS's shitty site just sat there.

Well what it is is that this punk, ryan(does not deserve to be capitalized) wants to cut healthcare off for over a million of us veterans who don't have "service connected" health issues.

Now, just what the fuck does that mean?

Does it mean that this bastard wants it so that the VA can weasel out of healthcare just because some of us are getting old and suffer the consequences?

Maybe you don't give a shit about us or some of us butt, why is it ALWAYS ALWAYS the fucking republican slime that wants to do as many possible things they can to hurt America and those of us who went in hamr's way to make it possible for these corporately owned mofo's to keep it their way?

I am really really pissed of at this.
Maybe a few of you have sons, daughters, Dads, Moms or friends in the service.

Do you support what the gop wants to do to them?

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I assume these dick heads running the country just have a list they are working and ticking each one of as they go.
Rated with hugs
Of course not. How could I? seeing as how if it weren't for the VA I'd be little grey flakes of ash today. The GOP/teabaggers seem to think that it is social programs that have bankrupt the nation when the truth is that the tax structure has been raped by those corporate assholes. The wealthy pay less than a third of the taxes they paid in 1950 why is it so difficult for them to see that without money coming in the nation cannot meet its obligations. How exactly will taking ten grand in health care away from some veteran help more than bumping up Gate's or Trump's taxes back to say what they were in 1975? It can't. They can't see the forest for the trees, unless of course that they think that by killing off the poor there will be a greater savings. So much for that "right to life" huh? What they mean is a right to birth. After that you can just drop dead. Well, this veteran may not have been wounded in combat but I spent an awful lot of time breathing carcinogenic and toxic exhaust and chemicals so why is it that I am having so tough a time establishing a service connection?
we're with you!
Republican plan: cut taxes on the well-to-do for the 100th time on some deluded hope that this time, unlike the last times, they will actually create jobs;

cut everybody else on everything
we're with you!
Republican plan: cut taxes on the well-to-do for the 100th time on some deluded hope that this time, unlike the last times, they will actually create jobs;

cut everybody else on everything
we're with you!
Republican plan: cut taxes on the well-to-do for the 100th time on some deluded hope that this time, unlike the last times, they will actually create jobs;

cut everybody else on everything
Paul Ryan is a disgusting piece of human vermin who represents the selfish, ungrateful MINORITY of the people in the Unites States. If it were left up to me, combat veterans would get everything free for life!

The public is content to accept and using and disposing of lesser people when they're through with them. They've just worked their way through all the other groups because not enough people cared about any group but their own. Everyone now wants someone else to settle for less, as long as it's not them. The only huge chunks left are pensions and social security, they'll get those chunks too.

I was stationed at NAS Millington, then my husband and I transferred to MCAS El Toro whree I had a pregnancy and we lived there for a year and a half of my baby's life. Last year I discovered that at El Toro they were dumping toxins into the drains from the 50's to through the 70's and it leached into the water supply. A year after a pregnancy where I could only gain 9 pounds, I wound up in the hospital at 89 pounds, it took six weeks for me to hit 100 lbs. I was very sick for a few years and no one knew why. The child grew up to have endometriosis at 16 and lose an ovary at 26. It's pretty common for female children in utero exposed to those particular toxins.

I wrote a couple of posts about it and some people were very sad for me and my child, most got bored with my stupid whining. Thousands of the people who lived at LeJeune and El Toro have many of the common cancers linked to all those toxins. El Toro is now just another EPA superfund sight. I don't expect to see anything in the way of reparations for anyone or from anyone. After 30 years I'm out of energy to fight and out of hope of winning.

It wouldn't surprise me if the GOP wanted to start putting people from all walks of life who were very ill "to sleep". Having been one of many groups of "disposable types" I've come to understand you have to do the best you can alone to protect yourself and survive. There aren't many people left who aren't desperately struggling to survive to speak out.

I have no answers left, I want to finally start enjoying what little of life I have left. I think Martin Niemoller in Nazi Germany may have been one of the greatest prophets of our time:

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.
Ryan is a prick that is putting up a bunch of crap that will never be even voted on, and they all know it. He is a diversion, away from the others who are sneaking in other shit while we concentrate on this asshole.
What makes it even worse is their flat out lies---saying they do care.
Most of the time I just sit there and grind my teeth at the gopunks.
This time, I am ANGRY.

What Niemoller said is exactly what's happening in what used to be America.
ryan, walker and all the rest of them are nothing butt sleazy bought & paid for little koch suckers who need to go out with the bath water.

Most of the time my posts get ignored.
I guess I hit a common nerve this time.
Too bad emily doesn't care enough about us to give this a ep.
ryan's a Buttcanyon.
this is very important thank you. r.
on top of that - your own gov is cutting vet benies to the tune of 53% in your state...as far as I'm concerned, vets should be set up for life. life. I am sorry...and I'll continuing doing my part to make sure that this course is reversed.
I was going to send this koch sucker a copy of this in an email telling him who REAL Americans think of him and his filthy bullshit.
Unfortunately, his site won't accept an 'out of district" email.
Bobbot is right about money. If the Republicans were serious about budgetary issues instead of their own twisted version of social engineering, they'd solve the budgetary problem by getting money from where the money actually is, not from where it's not.

The Republican Party has a reputation for being pro-military but that means being in favor of using the military and preparing it for combat, not being in favor of the people who actually serve. They'll wave flags, pay lip service, and express all sorts of righteous indignation about crazies who gave returning soldiers a hard time over forty years ago, but when the chips are down, soldiers are just another group of labor who should get the shaft like every other group of labor.
they seem to be defining a "wealthy" veteran as one who makes 32K a year
Somebody needs to smash that guy. I am surprised we don't have more domestic terrorism directed against the GOP. The Left in the US is filled with total panzies.
I'm not a veteran, and I've been a trenchant antiwar activist for most of my life, and I DO give a damn. These people who have taken over both the major parties are unconscionable, upper-class freaks. They remind me of the directionless, inbred characters that used to be depicted in the Monty Pyton sketches about the "Upper Class Twit of the Year," where they'd hold contests to see who could do the most stupid things, and end by shooting themselves in the foot. I think the Republicans, and many of the Democrats, are going to be very surprised come next election season. Like a commentator over at Huffpost said the other day in response to the question, "Where has the tea party gone?" "It's not 2010 anymore." Things have turned, and Wisconsin is pretty dramatic proof of that.
Absolutely NOT. After all the "Support the troops!" rhetoric from GWB and Dick-head Cheney, I was absolutely appalled when the Walter Reed hospital scandal broke. Those who fight this country's wars deserve the best health care and should never have to bargain for what they were originally promised. Full stop.

No matter how angry I get with the Tea Party and the sheer, shameless greed of today's GOP, I swear it's impossible to keep up!
Tis the rich turning the warriors into the slaves. Then they will have more slaves to turn into warriors.
Tis their shell game of the classes, and they think they own all the clams.
Remember this poem by Pastor Martin Neimoller, circa 1892?

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

I am a vet and want Ryan to prove that he was born in America. Al Quaeeda (spelling) has done less damage than that creep is about to do.

And what a cowardly coward, not taking e-mail from all of the public!

His punk attitude is affecting all Americans, so he should be forced to hear from all of us.

Golden Zuma
It's worth noting that the plans to privatize education around the country will have the overall effect of shuttling poor kids directly into the military. If you give private vouchers to rich folks to send their kids to private schools, and they want to do this on an unlimited basis in Wisconsin and a number of other states now...then the end-result will be the collapse of public education, from the bottom up to secondary schools, in no time. Only the military academies will be able to take poor kids.
FUCK THEM ALL!!!!!!!! Both sides love sending them boys and girls into battle, but when it comes time to repay them for their service(hats off to you my friend and to my parents AND ALL WHO HAVE SERVED, GIVING THEIR ALL, SOME THEIR LIVES, SO WE, THE PEOPLE, MAY LIVE IN FREEDOM.......)

Well I am really pissed too, don't assume that if I didn't actually go to war I don't care. Having said that however what really gets to me is that with all the flailing and wailing about how everyone honors our fighting men and women and their families, how come nobody minds that our paid mercenaries (ie; Blackwater, Halliburton, Xse or whatever new names they hide under), get to earn mega-money with all kinds of benefits while our enlisted guys get the shaft i health care and everything else after their immediate usefulness is over.........I care a lot. rated
I've got two words for ryan and they're not "merry Christmas."
Ryan really believes he can cut the budget single-handedly.

I'm with Scanner - he's a diversion and Trump is running interference.

Thanks & rated
I rated for you XJS.
Erm - what Skinnydave says - you are privatizing your education? ! eeeps - that's not good - that cannot be very good ~
First of all, as shallow and empty as it sounds, thank you for your service to this country. Saying thank you simply doesn't cut it, but I am grateful to you and to the countless others who risked their lives for our freedom and safety. Secondly, you are in good company here on OpenSalon. Most OpenSalon readers and writers are Democrats or Progressive Liberals, like I am. I've grown to despise the Republican Party and its Conservative followers. Most of them, at least its leaders, seem like hypocritical fakey liars who really don't care about Americans including the unborn. They certainly don't care about the babies once they're born! They only care about the filthy rich and their damn corporations. Just thinking about them angers me....
I am a veteran of twenty years service in the Army (retired in 1992) and a Gulf War veteran. In 1996, letters were sent out to all of us who served in the Persian Gulf inviting us to sign up for what was known as the "Gulf War Registry". I went to the NAS hospital at Millington, TN and did so. I found out that there were taking this info to track any reports of illness from returning veterans. Since that time, the VA has consistently denied there is any such thing as "Gulf War Syndrome". This is the same tactic used to deny veterans of Viet Nam compensation for Agent Orange illnesses. It will take a bunch of us dying from some screwed up condition before the government will acknowledge that those who served in the Persian Gulf, including our guys there now, are ill or dying from a service connected illness. I am rated at 40% disabled for other service connected issues, but cannot work and cannot get full disability. The government will stop at nothing to screw us over.
To: Geogre White,
The new cancerous "agent orange" is Boneher, the speaker, er, liar of the house.
Of course I care about our vets and their families. I also worry about new enlistees and the military administrators don't do much to alleviate my concerns for health care coverage and educational opportunities military families are continuously denied.

When our military men and women place themselves in scenarios wherein they would die for nothing, the least we can do is give them everything.

I hate politicians and all of their lies.

Their main objectives are exactly what our country doesn't need: reduction of health care benefits to patients.
They are after everybody who has any sense. Keep at it. R