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MAY 11, 2011 9:13PM

Back in the U.S.A. Part IV

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If you don't believe in falling in love again, you're hiding from your heart.


I didn't realize it until a few days later butt, that is exactly what was happening to me.

When I was in my teens, I met a girl who I thought was the love of my life.
Well, she was butt, now after all this time, she had company.


Nina had beautiful red hair and brown eyes that expressed a vulnerabitiy and "please accept me" that melted my hard heart.

When I would look at her, this is just how I felt and how I wanted to hold her~~



This isn't Nina butt, she had those eyes and that red hair and freckles.

I don't remember where I found that pic butt, I sure wish I had one of Nina.

With all the moving around I've done, I don't have much for memories I can hold in my hand.

When I saw her there on the bridge, I never expected this to happen as, I sure wasn't looking to be with someone butt, this song tells it about me after just a few days~~

Here I was, a guy who had been everywhere and did just about everything and anything and, I actually was falling in love.
A night or so later, she asked me why I didn't say anything about what she asked me at the Filmore.
I told her that it was so loud that I couldn't hear what she said.
I remember that we were standing in the little kitchen and I was leaning against the counter.
She hesitated for a couple of seconds and said, "I asked you if you've ever had sex".
I could see that she was a little embarrassed so, I didn't make a smart assed retort.
I told her that I was in my late 20's and had been to so many places and done a lot.
I wasn't ready for what she asked next.
She asked, "What was it like?"
How does a guy answer a question like that when you care about someone's feelings?
I managed to stumble my way through it and told her that it depends upon who you're with and how you feel about each other.
She asked me if I loved whoever it was and I told her mostly no.
I guess I sort of knew what was going on with her and I reached out and gently pulled her to me.
I kidded her about wanting to know all this and she looked up at me and said straight out, "I've never done it".
I think I knew that and said, "Neither have we".
We didn't talk for a time and just stood there in the kitchen with her in my arms wanting to be in them.
I so wish she could be here right now.
We took a walk around the neighborhood that night as it was nice out and a nice neighborhood.
I remember walking so slowly that we seemed to almost stop at times.
We were hand in hand.
Well, there we were, back at the house and words would have been clumzy things.
I think we both had some soda or something.
Things were way different then.
I had no TV and we didin't miss it.
I remember putting a couple of LPs on the changer and taking Nina in my arms to dance.
I sometimes kept a small light on in the kitchen or something to see without being too bright to sleep.
We never finished dancing to the song.
I picked her up and carried her to my bed.
I remember asking her things like if she was alright and she nodded and held on to me tighter.
I never forgot what I learned at 13 from that "cougar" of 18 who told me in explicit terms what she liked and didn't like.
She told me about things a woman would tell me without saying a word and to talk to her and ask her things while we were "together".
Be gentle. Be considerate and responsive. Never ever be vulgar as, when a man is that way, she won't feel good about herself when she's with me.
I held Nina on my lap and kissed her and spoke softly to her about how she made me feel and how beautiful she was.
I was truly feeling all these things.
I can close my eyes and my mind and heart goes right back to that night with her.
 I genlty placed her on the bad and, as I was kissing her and talking with her, I removed her top and kissed her breasts.
We were both extremely passionate by now and, because these memories are mine and, I hope still hers, I won't go into detail.
I don't care for that as, she was a wonderful part of my life and I prefer to keep it like that.
I know there are those with small, cold minds who will focus on my being around 28 and her 17.
Well, isn't that a shame for people like that that they are so tortured in not being able to see what was really there for us?
Nina and I spent some truly wonderful moments together, whether we were making love or just somewhere having a good time.
We spent a long time the next morning in bed,  talking and talking and we made love and talked some more.
I told her about where I was from and my not very good parents.
She told me more about her disfunctional homelife.
I asked her if she was feeling pretty happy now and she told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to her.
That's been said by many people to many others butt, I don't think what happened that day on the bridge happens so often.
I always liked to cook so, I made us some breakfast and coffee for myself.
We got cleaned up and I told her I wanted to take her someplace.
We got in the car and, I drove up 19th to Fulton and over to the Presidio.
I had thought that this would be a good thing to do to let her get rid of all that she was going through when we met and hopefully see that it was gone.
So, I went up to where you park so that you can walk up to the bridge.
She seemed to know what I had in mind and was alright with it.
When we got up to the place where we met, without a word, she put her arms around my neck and held me really really tight.
We knew each other about a week and she told me she loved me and meant it.
I looked right into her eyes and told her I loved her too.
I asked her if it was all gone and she said "All better" and smiled her beautiful smile.
I melted into a puddle.
Oh, Nina. Where are you tonight? Are you happy?
There will be more.

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This was a nice story.. I await the next edition.
Rated with hugs
Okay, this is going to be sad, you're going to end up with a very broken heart, the one you still have. I'm almost wishing you could make up a happy ending. Sigh, life can be so painful.

Pretty song, very romantic, I wish the images were better so I could have seen that style of tango.
Plaidrag stumbles over civility again.
Look, little man.
I am a butt man.
Are you trying to tell everyone that YOUR butt is tacky?
Is it from being unclean or is it left over KY jelly?
Oops rated. BTW, that looks just like my old HS friend E but she didn't have red hair and we were a few years behind you. Funny coincidence, life is strange.
l'H B, yeah, damnit. It does have a sad ending.
You can't lie to yourself when the feelings are all too real.
"You can't lie to yourself when the feelings are all too real."

Quote of the day, XJS.
"You can't lie to yourself when the feelings are all too real."

Quote of the day, XJS.
Plaidrag, it's for grownups.
That's why YOU were not allowed to see it.

Blue R, isn't that the truth?
Aren't you one of the monkeys the people feed on the streets there?
Imagine, going through life begging dressed in a plaidrag.

It is a waste of thought process to attempt to lower oneself to the level at which you might be able to communicate.
Listen up, plaidrag,
I am going to allow your petulant and immature angry comments to remain here so that the others might see what a total asshole you are.
It takes a real lowlife to come in to a post about something which is so close to one's heart and make simple minded nasty comments such as yours.
Of courrse, everyone here knows that that is you style.
If you do reply to this then I WILL delete your detritus of human waste.
I believe everyone is capable of opening their hearts and minds to lettting love in.

This was a sweet story, XJS. Love the sentiment expressed throughout.
Beautiful, XJS. Straight from the heart.
Very true, Matt.
How classy are you? I'm so glad you kept the details for yourself to remember and we just got the tenderness.