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OS Writers - WI needs your catchy slogans!

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The election date has been set.  July 12, 2011 will be a historic day in this country.  Never before have 9 recall elections been conducted on one single day (6 against GOP leaders who support Gov. Walker and 3 against Dem leaders who fled the state in an attempt to stall Walker’s bill).   Many of you have expressed interest  in helping.  Now is your chance.  Use your dual gifts of words and wit and help us make history in Wisconsin.  

 Let me give you a brief summary.  Our senate district (10) is going to be one of the most difficult areas to re-claim.  Republican Sen. Sheila Harsdorf has spoken for this large district in the state for decades.  Her campaign pamplets showed her in camo, a gun, and a dead turkey.  She grew up on a farm.  Basically, she’s beloved in NW Wisconsin.  She is also a smarter, sweeter version of Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.  She toes the GOP line effectively without ever getting angry.  She doens't have those "foot-in-mouth" moments like Palin.  In my estimation, her big downfall is her lack of originality.  She seems very uncertain of herself when the argument is reframed.  That, my friends, is where you all come into play.  

This is what we need - a common slogan displayed everywhere:

 1) People standing on the corners with signs

2) Pamplets on cars

3) Pamplets to hand out door-to-door

We want the same, simple message on all of these.   We won't attack her personally - just the Walker/Harsdorf message.  It needs to be simple.  That will be the challenge for most of you.  You are wordsmiths…and I’m asking for a message that will speak to the commoner in WI district 10.  It needs to unite the people while indicting the corporate interests attempting a takeover.


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thanks Ron for the car idea!

thanks neilpaul for starting some slogans!

thanks Satori for the t-shirt idea!

thanks Lefty for concert ideas!

and I missed so many others who've helped...you are all here...
tax breaks bought here
Scott Walker for Sheriff of Nottingham. Say Yes! (faux election sign)

Nobility is Un-American

Stop Corporate Subversion! Support Unions and Small Business!

Help Mom & Pop stand up to Scott Walker!

Wisconsin's Shame: Joe McCarthy and Scott Walker (show them next to eachother)

First Joe McCarthy, now Scott Walker. Wisconsin--WAKE UP!

Robert Lafollette---Joseph McCarthy----Scott Walker (show the evolution sign in reverse)






Also, use that quote from that German Pastor, Niemoller regarding the Nazis

First They came... - Pastor Martin Niemoller

"First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me."
Of course, you can use these slogans for those folks above, too
I personally like:

VOTE for Mr/Mrs_______for Sheriff of Nottingham
You can have my MIDDLE CLASS when you can rip it from my WARM, VOTING HANDS!
King Lear by William Shakespeare (c. 1606), Act III, Scene IV, l. 140:

Edgar: The prince of darkness is a gentleman.
What will be on the ballot? Are there challengers, or is it just a yea or nay vote? If the latter, then I suggest sticking to the old KISS rule (keep it simple, stupid). For the GOPers then the slogan would be JUST SAY NO!! I would include the face of the offending candidate, but don't include their name. Remember the old politician's instructions to the reporter: I don't care what you say about me so long as you spell my name right. I'd wait to see what the opposition comes up with for the good guys and then choose a counter tactic. You don't want to confuse the two groups in the voters' minds.
We need a Middle Class WORKHORSE, not an UPPER CLASS SHOW-HORSE.
I would RE-DO that Photo in a mock-cartoon.

Turn the dead turkey into the body of a Middle Class person. Or a starving child. or an Unemployed Veteran. Something really over the top.

OR, Just have a black and white etching of the photo, and print, MIDDLE CLASS on the dead Turkey
I'm no good at slogans BUT if you find yourself in need of honest election officials who cannot be bought, threatened, intimidated or cowed... I can round some up for you.
One other thought after reading Che's suggestions. Don't assume the electorate is as knowledgeable about the issues here as you are, or about history or subtleties. You don't want to come off as what Spiro Agnew once called "pointy headed intellectuals." Remember KISS. I do like Che's suggestion to link Walker and McCarthy. Their faces together on a poster with something like "Once is enough." Leave their names off the poster.
killing the unions one pension at a time

starving the poor to feed the rich (and old one, but still remarkably viable today)
End the Tyranny. Rid Us of Walker's Minions.
Union Busting Today. What's Next On Their Agenda?
Harsdorf for Former Senator
Goodbye Harsdorf. Hello Democracy
$$$ For Harsdorf = Poverty for WI
The Rich Get Harsdorf. The Poor Get Poorer
WI: Tell Harsdorf to Take a Walk (er)
Harsdorf Today. Walker Tomorrow
Bye Sheila. Don't Slam the Door on Your Way Out
"Take Sheila Out On A Walk."

"Scott Walker, We Don't Like Your 'Business'." (With a photo of the Kochs.)

"Union Members Are Taxpayers, Too--AND we vote!"

I'm A Union Member,
A Taxpayer,
AND a Wisconsin Voter."

put a photo of a metal walker next to a photo of Scott Walker. Under the metal walker write the words "This walker might help you some day." Under the picture of Scott Walker write. "This one never will."

"Senator Harsdorfer, If You Speak for Me, Why Do I Hate What You're Saying?"

You Can't Run a 21st Century State On a Wisonsin Territory Budget.

"Bad News Wisconsin--Our Capital is Infested with Koch-Roaches."
Oops, that should have been Harsdorf and Wisconsin.
Hadanuffa Harsdorf?

Sorry it's the best I had in a clutch.

Is there a way to bring Paul Bunyon into this?
We love our Packers because they're not corporate owned. Why would we want our state to be?

The Packers got three coaches fired this year by beating their teams so badly. That's more jobs than Walker has created.

UNIONS: What's good for the Packers is good for us.

Goodbye Harsdorf = Goodbye Washington Politics

BTW, I love:
"Vote Harsdorf for Sheriff of Nottingham"
"You can have my Middle Class when you rip it from my warm, voting hand"
hyblaen's idea but I might make one change "Killing Wisconsin, one worker at a time" or "Killing Wisconsin, one freedom at a time."
"Goodbye Harsdorf/Walker = Hello Democracy"
What do Sheila and Paul Bunyan have in common? Tall tales.
Not knowing any more than you offer, or who the Dem candidate is, I'd use a generic message. If she's that beloved, then you shouldn't go directly at her strength. You have to exploit weakness. The idea is to excite your potential voters, not hers. At best, you lump her in with those worst aspects of Walkerism and make that the referendum. The anti-union part might not be the most appealing message, but you hopefully have some access to the numbers on that in her district. Either way, it's connected to the overarching issue, so it's a question of emphasis, I think.
If the level of awareness/anger is high enough on the issue of selling off public services, utilities, etc, and privatized control of local governments, like Snyder's Michigan...then that would be the focus of the slogan, and the albatross you hang around her neck. I wouldn't hesitate to tie a WalkerHarsdorfSnyder package together if you thought it would work. Even if you have to raise awareness on that issue, it might work better than attacking her on her own turf.

It's Our Wisconsin -- We Aren't Selling

No need to shout Sheila's name, nobody will be confused about what you represent. Soon, We Aren't Selling becomes the message, not needing the first part. It covers both issues -- anti-union and anti-consumer/citizen. People might not love government, but they love soulless corps less. Empower people on the point of what they own that WalkerHarsdorf want to take away.
If those conditions of public sentiment exist...and I don't know that from where I sit...that would work better than attacking-negative messaging. Make her look like a big money lickspittle without attacking, and place the empowering message with your candidate's name.
If that sentiment I hope exists does, she'll have a hard time countering an opponent that isn't attacking her as much as he's empowering voters. To do so, she has to address her weakness, and can become your candidate's best ad.

Hope that helps, if not directly, by stimulating some thinking. But anyway you go, you have to slyly use her chi against her. That much I'm sure about.
Oops. Change that "he" to they...as a candidate. Generally speaking, a woman would probably make the better opponent, but I meant to be generic.
WOW, You guys are my secret weapon...this is amazingly funny and productive...how do I even pick something…I’m laughing my ass off over here…I knew you guys would have some good stuff…just hilarious stuff that I’m totally going to rip off or pass along to people…


There will be at least two people on the ballot – the incumbent is automatically on. Dems haven’t announced their candidate yet, and of course even 3rd parties could run too – it is totally open to anyone now that the recall is complete. My hubby and I were invited to a closed door “meet the wannabe candidates” meeting and we were able to vote on our favorite person out of the 6 potential…we are still waiting to see if she won the nomination.


keep ‘em coming, this is too fun…
We Need a Senator Who's for All of Wisconsin, Not Just the Rich!

All of Wisconsin Needs to be Heard, Not Just Ryan's Raider's!

Let's Send a Senator to Washington We All Can Trust!

Let Wisconsin's True Voice be Heard in Washington!

Let's Send Someone to Washington that "ALL" of Wisconsin is Proud Of!

Fight for the Unions, Send a New Voice to Washington!

Scanner for President in 2012~A True Leader (just a thought)
Paul Bunyan sez "give Harsdorf the axe".

Any Paul Bunyon cutouts lying around the house?
Harsdorf - the ruling class doesn't need your help.

Not sure that this is better than several others.
Scanner for Pres!! we also need a candidate in district 10 if you are willing to relocate to cheeseland ice box....


"hadanuffa harsdorf?" I can't quit thinking of that one Steve....for some reason it reminds me of the "got milk?" campaign and I just crack up…
I'll repeat my previous:

"Wisconsin: Open for Bribes"

and add some more:

"From LaFollette to LaFolly"

"How are unions like onions?
They make Republicans weep"

"Recall the Republicons"

"Republicans Are Un-Conscience"

"Madmen: The Other Madison"

"Liar's Club -- Republican Chapter"

"Scott the Snot"

"Walker Wets Himself
(When Koch calls)"

"Scott Walker -- Diet Koch"

"Walker Buffaloed"

"Ian Murphy for Governor"

"Walker Trampled by Buffalo Beast"

"Things Go Badder With Koch"

"Walker the Weasel"

"Sheila "Party Line" Harsdorf"

"Simple Sheila -- In Search of a Mind of her Own"

"Harsdorf -- That Dog Won't Hunt, That Turkey Won't Fly"

"Hamstring Harsdorf"

"Thin the Harsdorf Herd"

"Sheila's Gone to Seed"

"Sheila -- Way Past Her Sell-Date"

"Sheila Harsdorf's Camo Campaign
The First Casualty was the Truth"

"Sheila "Spilled Milk" Harsdorf"

"Sheila "Sour Milk" Harsdorf"
Holicrap we just had an awesome idea...this state, and I mean EVERYONE, love the Packers. They are the SuperBowl champs and have repeatedly supported union rights...they are, afterall unionized themselves and the only communally owned team in the U.S.


what about: "Good enough for the Packers, good enough for WI" ...that's not it....come on, this is a gold mine here, I can feel it....NO ONE will refute The Pack...they are GODS here...better than any super star we could garner...
oh my gosh Tom...I just read all of yours and I'm falling over...geeeeez.... ok bed time...
"The camouflage isn't working Sheila. We see you for what you are."

Unions fight FOR the right TO your rights!

NOW who's the dead turkey?

(Show figure with target on back..Word "UNIONS" across target...big red X across that....
Sheila in her camo with her gun..and slogan "Sorry Sheila..
not in season" Or "Sorry Sheila, Unions are off limits".
A house divided against itself can't stand. If it worked in 1861, it can work today. VOTE UNION.
Ideas for cartoons/shirts/signs:
A large map of the US with protective arms around a map of Wisconsin.
A map of Wisconsin dressed in camouflage with a rifle next to it..and the caption, "You took AIM at the wrong Game this time!"

And the big fantasy--on that date everyone plays one tune..on radios, in cars, on cd's..ON Wisconsin..and big signs with the words ON Wisconsin
ON Wisconsin Gone with Harsdorf

For later down the toad..when you recall Walker:
A cartoon map of Wisconsin wearing huge cowboy (or workboots) boots with one boot planted firmly on Scott's backside sending him tumbling--caption: These boots are made for Walker

OK, I'm done now. Maybe.
Uh..that was supposed to say down the ROAD, not toad. But either works, I guess. LOL
My brain is just starting to wake up so my first pass would be:

"Harsdoff--she put the 'con' in Wisconsin"

And for Democrats: "vote to save your ass"

"Recall Harsdoff--take back our state!"

NW WI under new management! Recall Harsdoff

Recall Harsdoff. Because YOU count!

A bit boring perhaps, but then again I'm an old-fashioned "political operative" (did a lot of campaign work in Door County in the 80's)
Satori Wrote: Uh..that was supposed to say down the ROAD, not toad.

Oh well, thanks for a good laugh. =o)

"Down the Road with the Koch Toady"?

"Let Republicans Eat Koch."

"You can't B.S. The Badger State."
I've been off the grid today - you guys are so good...I knew you'd come up with some funny and usable stuff...there is a grassroots meeting of minds tomorrow - folks from 3 different counties meeting...I'm going to bring this along as a funny ice-breaker.

Thanks so much...laughing all the way....
Ok. Here’s a bunch of ideas:


Here's how you can refer to the Rs you're recalling;
"WALKER AND THE STALKERS" like they were a music group (like “Derick and the Dominoes from the 1960s).
Or some other variation on this rhyme.

(The image of a stalker is somebody who's a sneak, and preys on unsuspecting people, which they did with their lies to get elected and then hide behind more lies about the budget and what needs to be done, waiting to do more harm to the people etc.)

Also, since the Koch Brothers name is pronounced like coke as in cocaine, somebody could illustrate the following image: Walker and Rs referred to as "KOCH FIENDS" and using $100 bills to snort up dollar signs falling out the Koch brothers’ wallets.

Walker's BIG LIE MACHINE (and show the picture of the recalled Rs AS the machine) or BIG LIE EXPRESS with that slogan on the picture of a bus along with Walker’s pic and the Rs.
Could also tie Walker and the Rs to the Tea Party Express by calling it the TEA PARTY “BIG LIE EXPRESS” With a photo of Walker and Rs by the bus with caption saying: ALL ABOARD.

“Scott Walker – The Donald Trump of the Midwest”

"Gov. Walker, Stop handing your lies to our children."
"Gov. Walker, Stop molesting our children with your lies!"
Message to Walker's Stalkers: "Keep your hands off our children with your lies!"
or: Keep your lies away from our children!"
or: Keep your lies off of our children!"
(would be a good one to have cops in the photo with a caption saying these things


The Scott Walker Secret to Success: "The most important things in life are honesty and sincerity. And once you learn how to fake them, the rest's a piece of cake."

or "The most important thing in life is sincerity. And once you learn how to fake that, the rest's a piece of cake."
(This could be a Tee shirt with a photo of Walker looking like a boy scout and the caption above)

"Scott's no Scout. They don't lie."
Ron - your ideas are stellar:

"The Scott Walker Secret to Success: "The most important things in life are honesty and sincerity. And once you learn how to fake them, the rest's a piece of cake."

I read that one several times - goes straight to the heart of the problem.

Stalkers for Walker is really great...exactly the point
them came for the manufacturing workers and I did nothing, they came for the construction workers and I did nothing, they came for the teachers and firefighters....