NOVEMBER 7, 2012 4:22PM

Election in WI Delivers Nationally, Loses State...again

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 (all views are mine)

While Wisconsin progressives cheered and embraced each other for a lot of hard ground work in this election cycle re-electing the president, nothing is ever definitive in a swing state.  We woke up this morning to a state government completely controlled by the Republican Party once again.  Republicans prevailed up and down the state ticket with one race still too close to call between democratic underdog Stephen Smith and (R) Roger Rivard who shockingly commented “some women rape easy”.


Why the schizophrenia? 


Simple : partisan redistricting.


 After 15 recall elections in 2 years, the democrats were able to win back the control of the WI state senate by the margin of (1) vote and halt the extreme Tea Party agenda spearheaded by Gov. Walker.  Yet just prior to that, the republican controlled and newly elected 2010 state government was able to implement “the most radical redistricting in the history of the state” which is now attracting lawsuits for its lack of transparency.  The new voting districts will benefit the Republican Party for the next 10 years.

That became apparent last night -

The Badger state not only handily delivered the state to President Obama by a 6 point margin, even with a Wisconsin VP on the opposing ticket, but also elected the first openly gay member of the US senate – Tammy Baldwin.  We are clearly not a state best represented by a conservative trifecta in the WI state house, senate, and gubernatorial ranks. 


So while progressives across the country celebrate today at the defeat of Tea Party leaders nationwide, remember that yah’ll just sent their leader - Paul Ryan - back to us.


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Frankly I am seething. But greatful!

My apartment complex which is "state of the art" low income is predominantly black men and white women.
And of course predominantly Democratic.

I had arranged for a bus to pick us up to take us to the voting booths.

The management, a 30ish nazish republican female decided that Tuesday the 6th would be "inspection" day.
We here at New Hope have high standards and I am more than in favor of it. Every few months they do internal inspections to eliminate hoarding and filth.
But many of these people are territorial, and she knew this. Meaning that rather than allow someone to enter their apartment without them being here, they cancelled their voting trip!

I begged, cajoled, and even tried to humiliate them into going, but they wouldn't. It was only 140 people, but I was angry.
This morningof course everyone was celebrating, I refused to attend, only saying O'Bama is there no thanks to them.

I tried to contact the Democratic voting contention, but it was too late in the day and they had their hands tied. I know I should write something, but I am afraid of getting kicked out.
You just can't catch a break at the state level, can you? It's hard, sorry to hear it!
Hey, Heidi - come on across the St. Croix! Though Bachmann held on by her (beautifully manicured) fingernails (though you can't complain since she singlehandedly, she says, got that Rolls Royce bridge build, the one that everyone else says was built for the almost exclusive use of WIs at absolutely no expense to you,) we returned both houses of the state legislature to the Ds, dumped the other tea party Rep. and, of course, our governor's still D.
4 minutes after I posted this, Amanda Terkel @ the Huffington Post reported that Rivard (rape commenter) lost his bid for WI assembly ~
Diane - you need to report that

Steve - I am overwhelmingly thrilled, just had to vent :) Love the summary you just posted

nerd cred - and voting "NO" on both Voter ID and Marriage ammendment?! You guys inspire....(except for the Vikes of course, we still have you beat on that front) :)
Maddening! Seems that every election is not a complete sweep of the awful people in favor of the good. Sorry you're still stuck with Ryan at the state level. But Congratulations on Senator-Elect Baldwin! And sorry about the Repub dominated government at the state level, Heidi. Sounds like Wisconsin Progressives next big push should be for Re-Redrawing state districts. Walker should be nervous--he knows it took a hell of a lot of money to keep him in his job, and when Badgers get mad, they should be taken VERY seriously!

I know! And I really understand your frustration. I have been to Wisconsin and for the life of me I don't understand the Republican tendency. I am out of reasons. Could it be the Harley Davidson crowd? I hope not. Hang in there, Heidi, and remember that heroes like you saved this country this election. Always good to see you. R
You did choose Tammy over Tommy so that's good! (And football isn't on my radar ...)
I view President Obama as potentially the least harmful of the two candidates. Perhaps that's part of the problem for Wisconsin and the rest of the country. The democratic party has not clearly differentiated itself enough, and has not communicated key differences effectively.
Heidi, I thought of you this morning when I heard what Gov. Walker said recently, saying if he could take on 100,000 protestors than he was ready to fight the Taliban.
So stunning how horrible that man is - and I apologize that anyone would run the good fight made by the people of Wisconsin into such disgusting muck as he has done with his words.

I do hope you and yours are doing well these days!