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JANUARY 9, 2010 8:01PM

Open Call: OS Auction Fund Raiser

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I hate auction fundraisers! What do I want with a week in your ski chalet in the Pocono's? Or a quilt depicting historic monuments in Fargo? Booooring.

Now on Open Salon... I can think of five things, I'd be willing to bid on..


A Night Out and a box of tampons from "Jocelyn Teste Harde"

Lunch with Mom from "Tequilla and Donuts"

10 Fabulous Dying Trolls from "Steve Blevins"

Dinner and a Mad Man show with "I am Surly"

5 Days in Egypt with "Cartouche" (or whoever she is at the moment)


 What would YOU want to bid on?


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Surfing lessons from Beth Mann

Dinner at squirrels

A tiara from W. Cat

Riding lessons from Sheldon

And yeah lunch with Betty would be cool but I would rather go to movie night.
A motorcycle ride with Michael Rodgers.

A comment from Art James.

Gluten-free eclairs from LuluandPhoebe.

Dinner at Squirrel's restaurant.

A therapy session with marytkelly.

Drinks with 1_Irritated_Mother.

A writer's workshop with Verbal Remedy, Sandra Stephens, and Steven Axelrod. (Throw in Greg Correll and Liz Emrich and I'll bid extra.)

A day with Jodi Kasten.

I have many, many more if those aren't enough!
A trip to the Flea Market with Lisa Kern!
A playdate for the Kid with pretty much anyone here who has children, but especially Liz Emrich, as her child sounds like a complete doll.

A cruise with Lea Lane.

A wine tasting with Stellaa

A meal at Jodi's house

A meal at squirrel's restaurant

A trip to the opera or the museum with Monsieur Chariot

A cup of coffee with Marytkelly

There are so many more! I can't think of them all.
A weekend at Sally Swift's house so she could tell me in person all the remarkable people she's known, show me pictures and hopefully, tell me again how great she thinks I am (she's really good at making me feel like a bona fide writer).

A yoga class from Joan.

A riding lesson from Mel (Torman's wife) -- no offense, Torman, but I bet Mel's a better teacher.

A writing class with Chuck Stetson.

A REAL roadtrip with Will Someone Feed The Cat, JK Brady -- well ALL the women on OS really

A swim at Blumenthal's -- with Steve Axelrod and Thoth (and all of the great writers out there in Cally-for-ni-ay.

Great idea -- makes us appreciate how many wonderful writers we have here and how each one offers something interesting.
baseball game with Con Chapman
an autographed cartoon from Bob Eckstein
a tiara from Will Someone Feed the Cat
home-cooked meal with Jodi Kasten (damn, someone wrote that!)
travel with Lea Lane (oh, another unoriginal one!)
tour of Chicago with Chicago Guy
tour of Hollywood with Jon Blumenthal
a chance to talk with Steve Blevins
more writing from Steve Axelrod (oh wait, I get it free on OS)
one painting in particular from Cartouche

too much more...
Lunch with Freaky AND Betty
A weekend with iamsurly's family, making Christmas goodies
Sightseeing tour of Berlin with Alan Nothnagle
A week in Maine making blueberry pies with liza Donnelly
Photography lessons from bbd, on a road trip
Evening of culture and merriment with Steve Blevins
Four-course dinner at The Squirrel's restaurant, with newspaper and autographed pictures of Pokey
A year's supply of LuluandPhoebe's brownies
Three-day rail trip across Canada with all the Canadians
Walk through the Appalachian countryside with Stephen McGuire
A year of Jodi Kasten cooking for me
Behind-the-scenes peek at the workings at Salon

Most of the time, I get those right here virtually, but the real thing would be great.
Cindy, I didn't see your addition of things we'd each donate. Here's what I would donate:

A week at my summer cottage in northern Wisconsin listening to the trees and boating on the lakes, looking for loons, complete with salmon on the grill, sightseeing excursions, and fires at night.
A week at my timeshare in Maui in March (trying to find someone to use one of my four weeks, so might as well donate), including a trip to my favorite Parisian hairdresser there and lunch at Mama's.
A weekend in Vegas, including a show, with after dinner drinks and dessert in the Eiffel Tower overlooking the Bellagio fountains, shopping, and laying around by the pool.
A trip to Ten Thousand Waves spa in Santa Fe, complete with one-hour WATSU, hot stone massage, lunch at The Shed, a trip over the High Road to Taos with margaritas and lunch at Rancho de Chimayo, and a visit to Taos Pueblo.
Fantasy trip over Labor Day to Seattle-Vancouver-Victoria, with accommodations at Inn at the Market, Seattle, Waterfront Centre, Vancouver, and The Empress, Victoria, including excursions to Pike Place Market in Seattle, Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium, shopping on Robson Street, dinner and sunset over English Bay, tea at The Empress, a day at Butchart Gardens, specially designed tea at Murchie's, and BC Ferries and Washington State Ferries throughout. I would throw in a camera for this last one, because the photos would be out of this world.
Cindy, that was me bidding anonymously. A paddle for the piddle.
I would donate a day with He Who Is Handsome. No refunds when realization sets in. ;)