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Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker
New York, New York,
April 01
By day I run a small organization working on big issues - like international human rights and women's health care. By night I teach mid-career professionals at Columbia University. And in all the spaces in between - the most valuable of them all - I'm a mom to two amazing, if rambunctious, boys, and a partner to one pretty fantastic guy. Twitter:

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OCTOBER 30, 2010 6:12PM

The (Real) Skeleton in our Closet

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Felix 2

One of the things that makes Halloween and the Day of the Dead interesting in my family is the skeleton we’ve had in the closet for 3 generations running.

While this may sound sinister or downright peculiar, let me assure you that Felix, as he’s known, holds a cherished position in our household.  For starters, he’s a silent but reliable teacher and a master at imparting lessons of impermanence.

Here’s a short essay I wrote about this, which was published on today.

Some of the readers suggest we should give him a proper burial.  Others think that as long as he fulfills the role of a teacher, it’s OK to keep him above ground.  I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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Are you kidding me?
No burials please.. he is a keeper.
rated with hugs
I'm going to say give Felix a green burial. No headstone, just let go back to the earth. (Your work sounds fascinating, and I enjoyed reading this). (r)
That is an awesome story. I really enjoyed Felix and hope many more generations to come can enjoy 'dem bones, 'dem bones, ' dem dry bones!
Maybe a little shellac. ... It will preserve anything for like agazillion yrs. Happy Halloween. Can't wait to share this with my kids tomorrow!
Congrats on the Salon pick - I say keep him around! Go Felix