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JANUARY 4, 2012 6:30PM

Wedding Nouveau Winter 2012 Giveaway

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Next week, the Wedding Nouveau Winter 2012: The Girlfriend Issue "hits stands" and features my article "Why Bridal Showers Are The Worst Place To Learn About Marriage."  Consider it my belated Christmas gift to all of you newly engaged readers (congratulations!) or to all you readers who have come to loathe this bridal rite of passage for one reason or another (I won't ask for a show of hands).

And what would a new Wedding Nouveau issue be without...that's right...a GIVEAWAY! This month you could win a "Here Comes the Bride" Luxury Beauty Box from Birchbox (I swear, there is so much wedding stuff that didn't exist when I got married!)

To learn more about the giveaway and how to enter visit: http://weddingnouveau.com/giveaways/

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