Alexandria, Virginia, USA
August 20
Disgruntled member of our country's Armed Forces. Display a contempt for arbitrary exercise of authority quite at odds with my chosen profession.


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The United States’ seeming obsession with terrorism is as unproductive as it is unnecessary.       Like the 1960’s “war” on poverty and the endless, unwinnable “war” on drugs, by painting ourselves into a rhetorical corner we have set/… Read full post »

AUGUST 12, 2008 1:37PM

A Letter Home From Iraq

Sent to my neice from near Nasyriah, Iraq April 2003....


As I sit here, covered in sand flea bites on two hours sleep sitting in 100 degree heat at 10:00 in the AM, I have to say home is still very far away. Last night was one for the books.… Read full post »

AUGUST 11, 2008 11:30AM

An Army of Yore

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom…
- William Blake

Summer, 1996.  Big Ed Davis and myself arrive in Korea at Osan AFB after a vicious flight across most of the Pacific.  After a six-hour stop in Japan, another two hours sweltering on the runway at Pusan, we were… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 11, 2008 11:18AM

The Worst Summer Job In the World

Shit.  The word is in use worldwide, and depending on context and intonation, can have many different meanings.  The meaning of shit became much more than semantic for me one day in the summer of ’92.  That day shit ceased to be a word, and became my entire world, my existence.&n… Read full post »