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DECEMBER 22, 2009 10:41AM

It was my first Christmas ever and changed my life forever

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My story is about my first Christmas ever...


Eight years ago today, something happened to me that changed my life completely. It was a cold night. I was staying with friends in Chelsea because I had given up my room for roommate’s mother for a week. The guys I was staying with went to a birthday party and they didn’t even invite me. (Don’t ask why!)
I decided to go out instead of staying home and feeling sorry for myself. I was after fun. I wanted to have a great sex with no attachments, no names and phone numbers exchanged. You know!! It was one of those nights which were happening to me all the time at that year. I picked the sleaziest bar in East Village which was called Cock.

I got in the bar. I didn’t give my jacket to coat check. I wanted to see if there were cute people. I was walking to back of the bar and I saw an extremely handsome blond middle age guy. He looked at me. I smiled at him. He asked my name. I responded. He kept talking to me but I didn’t understand what he was saying. My English was so weak back then. I was attending to second language school to improve it. Only part I caught from our discussion was his name. His name was Brian. Our hands touched each other. Our bodies got closer and closer. He kissed me. I liked it. He asked me “Should we go to my place?” I asked “Where do you live?” He didn’t understand my accent. I repeated “Where do you live?” He said “OH! I live in Chelsea!”
In two seconds we were in a cab French kissing. After 10 minutes we were in bed naked.
I woke up 9ish next morning. He was still hugging me. I watched him wearing big smile. He made coffee. We talked and tried to understand each other. He was so patient with my English. He was gentle and loving. He went to bathroom and brought a new toothbrush in a package. He told me”Here is your toothbrush. You can use this next time”. I was so touched by his gesture.
After couple days he invited me a Christmas Eve party at his friend's apartment. I was excited because it was going to be my first Christmas. In my country we don't have Christmas but we do celebrate New Year. We do big parties on New Year's Eve.  I didn't know what to expect from that party. I met Brian at his apartment. I was very surprised that he had so many gifts for Christmas Eve party. I had nothing.

Dinner was fun. Everyone was eager to chat with me. I was little tense because I knew my English wasn't good enough to carry a decent conversation. When midnight arrived, they gathered around the glamorous Christmas tree. We were all sipping delicious eggnogs. The host started giving his gifts to guests. Guests were opening their gifts thrillingly.  Everyone was exchanging gifts. Of course I was not expecting anything. I was so moved by this Christmas scene. Everyone seemed to have great time. Still sometimes I remember that night and I smile.

Suddenly Brian called my name and said “I have a present for you too". I got happy and embarrassed at the same time because I didn't get him anything. I opened the gift box. There were a cute boxer and a music cd. I kissed him on his lips. Brian said sarcastically “So, where is my present?" I told I didn't get anything. I said with sad face”It is my first Christmas and I had no idea about gift exchange" They all laughed and couldn't believe I had never had a Christmas before. (I still kept that boxer. I wear every Christmas morning and walk around our apartment) I felt in love with Brian and Christmas that night.

After that night we started seeing each other. On every level we were so right for each other. After one week I told him “I love you”. He laughed and didn’t respond back. I didn’t mind. Second week I asked him for a drawer at his place. I told him “I need to leave my clothes here”. He said OK. Third week I asked for a key. He giggled and gave the key next day.
It was happening so quickly. We never dated and never asked each other “Will you be my boyfriend?” It just happened. It was so natural, so smooth. It was like the way it should be. After 8 months we moved in together. 

Today it is our eight years anniversary. BOY! Time flies! In eight years so many things changed. President, fashion, music... etc. We both grew older. Only one thing never changed is our LOVE. I guess our love changed too. It got better and stronger. Over eight years he has been nothing but a perfect partner. We had a lot of fun together. 

He & I became WE.


Of course it wasn't always sunshine and cocktails. We had our bad days too like every couple, but we always managed to respect each other and met at the middle way.  He became not only my life partner and he also became my best friend. Our relationship is always about giving each other. He is all my life and I'm all his life.

3 years ago for Christmas he gave me our commitment rings. He had his grandmother's diamond rings custom designed. From that day I never took my ring off. I wore it proudly.

Still up to day we go to sleep holding hands. Who ever wakes up first gives the other one little kisses. Sometimes middle of the night he hugs me and tells how much he loves me.  I tell him “I love you too! Honey! I’m so lucky to have you."

I always remember our first Christmas and feel guilty that I didn't get him a present. This year I want to give him his Christmas present little early. I want to ask him “WILL YOU MARRY ME?" I want to give him my commitment.

Hey my beautiful boyfriend!

You always give me happiness, cheers and so much love. You made me so happy in this world. I don't think I could live without you a day.
I just want to marry you.
Will you marry me?


I don't want a big wedding. I just want to marry you quietly. I want to commit the rest of my life to you. I want to take care of you when you get older.  I want to get older with you. We have a long life ahead of us. I promise to be next to you the rest of my life.

Who cares!! Same sex marriage is not legal. We know we love each other. That's all matters. They cannot stop that by voting. No way!

Yes my boyfriend! I ask you to marry me! Will you? _:):)



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I just posted the link on his facebook. I got jitters.
What if he says NO?!!

Christmas is magical. I sincerely hope that he says "Yes!"
I'd rate this 20 times if I could.

Get married in Iowa while it's legal.
Your story made me cry a little. You wrote it so well and it was so honest and from your heart. If he doesn't say yes I will come and knock some sense into him, but I don't think it will be necessary.

Was there really a bar called Cock? I'm just imagining answering the phone if you worked there, "hello, Cock, how may I help you?"
I so hope he says YES!!!

(But then, I think he'd be crazy to say no.)
Aw, I'm hoping to come back and see a YES! Much happiness to you both!
Aiiiiyee!!! Still no respond! He just called me and said he has been very busy at work. That means he didn't check his facebook. Meantime our friends started posting comments on the link.
He'd better read this before he comes home.
My jitters are increasing.

Yes Ablonde! There is a bar is called Cock.
They moved to new location couple years ago.
I guess that bar is very lucky.
We know three more couple met there and became boyfriends happily after.
Tears over here! What a joyous moment to share with you! Even though it's whip snap day on my blog, no whip snaps for you. Say yes, Z's boyfriend, say YES!!! xox
Holy Jingle balls!!! I mean bells!!!

This is the most touching, loving and romantic story every! What a perfect Christmas story and gift to your sweetie!!! You both sound very lucky to me and I hope you get the answer you want and soon!!
Happiness and a wonderful new year to you and Brian! xoxo
And Sam, my inner sober bartender is in for this one! The champagne is on ice....xox
Z! This is so exciting and such a lovely story. Please let us know what he says. I'm going to chew off all of my fingernails from the suspense!
He won't say no!!!! He can't say no!! Cause if he does, I'll marry ya!! ;)
Awww! Tinkerertink69!!
You know I have a big crush on you.
Tempting!!! Especially 69 Part!!

I will keep posted you guys.
Tomorrow there will be an answer!
AWWWWW This is such a beautiful love story. It is so cute and sweet. Why can't straight men by like this?
I enjoyed reading this very much..
Hope you two have many more years of happiness..
Bless you both..
Great story. Hope all is good.
I had to come back...to make such a public declaration of love...so old fashioned! xox
Who says underwear isnt a good christmas gift lol
Hey All! Finally my boyfriend read this last night after our anniversary dinner. He was crying! I'm getting married!!!
Congratulations, Z!!!! Woohoooooo!!! Update on post, update on post!!! xox
Oh Z, this is the best Christmas story ever. What a wonderful love story. And so fun to read all the comments and see that he said YES. You're getting married! I'm thrilled for you both. And now, when is the wedding? Details! Details! And congratulations to you both.
I just saw that you updated this!!!!!

I am so HAPPY FOR YOU (and your fiance).

The best xmas news, so glad...

Now, let's start making plans:

Location location location! A beach, a church?, a farm? The Empire State Building?

Wardrobe --- I am so fond of cream colored dinner
jackets, I think they're much more attractive than a tux.

Food ---- The food is soooo important.

Flowers --- Flowers are important too but there are so many options, it is really crazy.

Guest List --- oh boy a great challenge, sometimes you just have to draw the line or it will be too much.

Preacher/vow person ---- more decisions. Secular philosophical friend who is a notary, or a clergy person?

SO much to be done!
Wonderful news Z. I'm so happy that you and your boyfriend are so happy together.

We should have an OS wedding reception!