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OCTOBER 15, 2010 10:31AM


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Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm smiling, grinning and giggling! IT IS FRIDAY! 
I will have drinks tonite! One or two.... or FIVE!
Don't judge me! I soooo deserved those cocktails!!!
 I have no plans!! Can you believe it!!?
No birthday parties, No fall parties! Not EVEN a boozy brunch!!!
Just being spontaneous!!
Definitely couple museums and art galleries!
I might get facial. I don't know, something is sure. Wine, champagne and good vodka will be involved every aspect of my weekend.
How about you? Tell me your plans?

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TGIF indeed! However, just returned late last night from Puerto Vallarta, dragging my heels (flip flops)! Could have stayed another week easily.
Leaving for Tahoe late AM to take care of the grand kids overnight and take them to meet up with their mom and dad at a Renaissance Festival in Folsom, where their daddy will be jousting with his troupe, "The Knights of Avalon."
Quite something to see the looks on their little faces when their daddy is in full armor on a huge horse, carrying an enormous lance pointed at another jouster as they charge towards one another in medieval combat. A lot of explaining and reassuring, for sure!
Ummm...my plans? Take a walk in the rain in the woods...continue editing the manuscript I'm working on...and cuddle up...xox
Moving to a new house . . . that's the plan . . . and possibly drinks to celebrate!
Ummmm....finish the glass project, maybe. Go to the glass dumping spot with a box and a rake, maybe. Visit my brother, maybe.

Yeah, I never really know what's going to happen.