September 05
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On New Years Day Pittsburgh's new police chief, Cameron McLay, held a sign that says: "I resolve to challenge racism @ work;" and this was met with mixed reactions. (Police Chief's Anti-Racism Sign Lauded, Criticized 01/05/2015) Mayor Bill "Peduto said he believes the chief was simply/…

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For those of you who don't already know, there were several candidates that did a good job, if not an excellent job addressing many issues in 2012; however they received little or no attention from the commercial media. The ones that were presented as "viable" were ones/…

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Who’s the “Low Life Scum:” Kissinger, CODEPINK, Harold Pinter or Hitler?

It's been two weeks now since John McCain refereed to CODEPINK; most of the stories except for those from the traditional news media, which isn't even trying to do a good job, are strongly against his…

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Scientific study documents that the economic crisis has catapulted suicides in Greece (The impact of economic austerity and prosperity events on suicide in Greece)

Author: dikaiopolis, day Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Increase in suicides in Greece "after events associated with austerity/
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FEBRUARY 3, 2015 11:19AM

Wal-Mart Crime report January 2015

Some one posted signs in a North Carolina Walmart saying, “Truck drivers you are not welcome at Walmart Manager.”

Management says it wasn't them.

My best guess is that I'm not the only one not overly concerned about the incredible injustice being done to/…

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When I was first taught about the Olympics in school we were told that this was an alternative to war from ancient times where different city-states could compete against each other on a peaceful basis and develop good relations without fighting.

At that time we were/…

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It might sound good to many to say "All is forgiven;" however little or nothing is being done to address many of the most important issues that impact society, including the conflict with Islam and many other issues like social inequality and epidemic levels of white collar/…

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There was a protest about Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin’s decision to back down on his promise to implement a Single Payer Health care system during his Inauguration.

He seems to have announced this decision after getting reelected but before being sworn in.

He didn't say,/…

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The attack in Paris against a satirist is contemptible and a threat to free speech that should be condemned.

I’m sure many good Muslims will agree even if they don’t like the satires against Mohamed that doesn’t mean they think that support this kind of action/…

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It has been another active month for Walmart holiday shopping. This includes at least a couple of incidents where desperate people have been charged for either stealing necessities or just trying to find a place to stay, including one homeless 89 year old man, although as usual/…

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Sony made mistake pulling film, Obama says 12/19/2014

WASHINGTON D.C. - Sony Pictures made a mistake in keeping "The Interview" out of theaters following terror threats, President Barack Obama said in a year-end news conference at the White House Friday.

Obama said "the hackers/
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Recently while searching for something else I stumbled across an article by Lt. Frank Borelli (ret) who seems to do a very good job expressing his views although I don't agree with them all; and I think he is missing some very important points. I initially thought/…

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Greenpeace seems to have stuck their foot in their mouth, while trying to make a legitimate point.

Oil company executives just might be having a good laugh.

Greenpeace activists just might be charged with major crimes for, well, leaving footprints.

There is little if/…

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Just before thanksgiving ABC did a few consumer protection stories warning the public that products at factory outlet stores are often inferior quality compared to brand names that are supposedly better quality and much higher prices. There is almost certainly a significant amount of truth/…

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Black Friday riots have become an annual tradition; however so have Black Friday protests and during the holiday shopping weekend they seem to have drowned out the stories about fighting shoppers. You might think the police might be thankful, since they seem to be far more rational and/…

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Several stories have been coming out recently about a social experiment which was done to study how people reacted when domestic violence happened in their presence. The results supposedly indicate that most people probably wouldn't react to it. Whether or not that is the case there should/…

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According to a USA Today article cited by Think Progress there were 461 "justifiable homicides" by police in 2013 against "felony suspects;" and this was the highest in two decades; however according to a count by Jim Fisher there were 607 fatal police shootings in 2011, which/…

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A study that came out last year indicates that that conspiracy theorists are the sane ones and the government is the one that is untrustworthy or hostile and irrational; or at least that is the way some people that support conspiracy theories have interpreted it.


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NOVEMBER 3, 2014 9:52AM

Wal-Mart Crime report October 2014

Walmart has had their share of shootings this month as well as at least one hit and run which led to a SWAT stand off at the home of the person that left Walmart afterward. There were the usual number of bomb threats, which will inevitably rise/…

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I don't recall anyone ever suggesting that we should have the right to dump enormous amounts of toxic waste on the front lawn of one of the Koch Brothers or any other wealthy energy or chemical executive.

Or at least not in a manner that was/…

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I don't know about you but I don't remember Alex Trebek ever saying the following in one of his commercials for Colonial Penn Life Insurance:

Hi I'm Alex Trebek and I want to recommend Colonial Penn Life Insurance because the payout when you die
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Slovenian criminologists made it clear that they understand a simple concept that many Americans might agree with, assuming they consider it, "Politicians have learnt that crime and especially fear of crime is also helpful to follow their own interests: to be elected again." (On Crime Poli… Read full post »
OCTOBER 6, 2014 9:41AM

Wal-Mart Crime report September 2014

As usual there were about a dozen bomb threats this month, and, as far as I know, no actual bombs, especially competent ones. However, at the end of last month, there was a plea bargain for a past bomb threat and there was apparently a large crown and/…

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A comparison of Democrats and Republicans based on the crime rates of the states that they govern indicates that the five states with the highest murder rates all have Republican governors and Republican control of both houses of the state Legislatures. The Democrats have a more moderate/…

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According to a Gallup poll released just last week Trust in Mass Media Returns to All-Time Low.

If I was relying primarily on the mainstream media I probably wouldn't have even heard about this poll at all. They probably did mention it briefly but quickly forgot/…

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