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JANUARY 30, 2012 10:32AM

Updates on SOPA/PIPA and Elizabeth Warren

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The following are updates to two previous blogs to read them from the beginning in their entirety see Stop SOPA and PIPA, Protect Free Speech and Democracy and How sincere is Elizabeth Warren? See these pages for existing comments as well additional comments will also be welcome on those pages where they will be preserved; comments will be closed on this one. Also another update has been added for the State of the Union speech to the Applause for Obama….and Stalin! to go directly to the update see Update 1/26/2012: Obama’s State of the Union speech

For additional follow up on Elizabeth Warren, including attempts by her campaign to prevent other people from even getting on the primary ballot or continuing the debate see a new post from February 21, Elizabeth Warren is NOT as sincere as she appears!! This also includes comments on her position on SOPA and PIPA which seems to be almost identical with the Obama administration which backed down only after it raised a big uproar.


Update: SOPA and PIPA 1/30/2012

SOPA and PIPA have been put on the back burner for now but only because there was a massive protest and the congress realized that there could be some backlash if the acted against such overwhelming opposition. They have made it clear that they would still like to provide some kind of legislation along the same lines instead of repealing the current laws which are already to extreme and were passed when the public wasn’t paying attention.

This overwhelmingly indicates that, contrary to their past claims, they’re overwhelming supporters of dramatically increased government regulation, at least when it protests the business interests that donate to their campaigns. Some of the strongest support of this legislation comes from the strongest support of many of the deregulations activities that have been going on in the past; these activities have mostly targeted the regulations that protect consumers, workers, the environment, and other interests except for business interests. When it comes to any regulations that protect democracy or the general public they’re much less concerned about keeping them but when it comes to regulation that enables the corporations that donate to their campaigns they support it overwhelmingly when they can get away with it. They’re also trying to increase regulation that protects secrecy of both the government and corporations at the expense of the public. This secrecy is routinely used to hide corruption which routinely comes out after it escalates to extremes so bad that they can’t hide it anymore. The laws about Proprietary information and classified information are clearly designed to avoid accountability for both businesses and governments as I explained in Proprietary information is, by definition, a conspiracy and Espionage isn't intelligent blogs. This secrecy is also a result of regulation which isn’t being targeted by the political establishment.

They’re clearly waiting for the public to become complacent so they can pass a watered down version of it and gradually build up to the same laws if they can get away with it. This assumption has been supported by a large pattern of behavior. The public needs to stay alert and continue to pay attention to what the political establishment is doing and we need to rely increasingly on non traditional sources for news; since the Mass Media has clearly been corrupted by the corporations which finance them with advertising dollars. The government has also allowed reregulation that enabled the Mass Media to consolidate into a small number of hands that have any say in what is presented to the public; and it is the non traditional media outlets that alerted the public to this enormous attempt to increase the power of corporations even more.

Clearly we need more direct public participation in the process that includes Election Reform that is controlled by the public and perhaps more extensive use of Ballot Questions. these would be big steps in the right direction but the public would continue to participate in the system once these are done. However if these important steps are taken then it will be much easier for the public to have a say in how the government is run and access the information they need to make important decisions.


Update 1/26/2012: Warren and Brown are still doing little, if anything, to address issues or implement real reform.

Neither Warren, Brown nor the Mass Media are doing much if anything to reform the system or address the important issues. Since I have first posted my comments about how sincere Elizabeth Warren is there have been dozens of articles about this race, focusing mainly on the contributions to the campaigns and whether they would reach an agreement to limit the spending from outside groups; they finally did reach an agreement, or so they claim, but there has been little or no discussion about many of the most important issues either before they reached that agreement or after; nor is there much reason to expect them to change that if they have a choice. Both candidates have come up with an enormous amount of rhetoric and done an enormous amount of posturing but none of this can do much to help the voters to see which one would be more qualified for the job.

One more candidate has dropped out of the primary race against Warren and once again he has said that he would think about it before deciding whether or not he would endorse Warren. Once again this may happen after a discussion behind closed doors that may or not involve undisclosed promises. If such a discussion happens it will not be revealed to the public as usual. The public had little or no say on whether or not this candidate would run or not. There may be many candidates that are much more interested in discussing the issues with the public in a much more constructive manner but the corporate media wouldn’t pay attention to them if they tried unless they were part of the existing political establishment or they managed to raise and enormous amount of money for their campaign. This would effectively discourage anyone from even trying to run. Anyone who decided to do so anyway would almost certainly be ignored by the corporate media.

Elizabeth Warren has released more financial information and it turns out that she is of course a millionaire and her husband is also well off and another Harvard professor. You would think that with all that education they would know how to do a better job trying to address important issues and run a web site that does much more to inform the public about their plans if they wanted to. Presumably that is the problem; they don’t want to! Either that or they know that if they do so they will almost certainly be blackballed by the corporate media.

Elizabeth Warren has been portrayed as the great defender of the working or middle class but if she truly was as interested in defending the middle class she could do much more to steer the discussion to important issues. She could also do much more to provide more information on her web page. Brown isn’t any better at this; in fact their two web sites are almost identical in their lack of material and focus on hype and appeals to emotion.

Neither Brown, Warren or the Mass Media can be trusted to make any attempt to reform this system; if they wanted to they would have already done so! Elizabeth Warren has already indicated that she can’t be trusted much if any more than Brown to do a good job unless someone puts her feet to the fire. She has put some distance between herself and the Occupy Wall Street movement; which is just as well because she hasn’t really done anything to provide real reform except to provide more rhetoric and additional promises that sound a lot like the promise from her former boss, Barack Obama, to put on some comfortable shoes.

This is supposed to be the campaign that provides the best candidate for reform but instead it has made it clear that if we want Real Election Reform it is going to have to happen at the grass roots level!

For a few of the articles that have been published in the Boston Gobe on the subject see the following:

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