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JULY 31, 2012 9:53AM

Boycott Amazon and Bluehost

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And while you’re at it people some of you might want to consider abandoning Open Salon.


This isn’t what I would prefer but their latest scheme is so damn stupid it is practically like their daring us to abandon them. Many of you may have noticed that Open Salon has been adding links that appear to be chosen by the blogger. This is so obviously unethical that it should be clear to anyone that thinks about it for more than a moment. Furthermore it is down right stupid.


Does Amazon think that we’ll be more likely to buy from them if they plaster us with spam?


This is a galactically stupid business move and if they don’t reverse themselves fast they may as well announce that Open Salon and Amazon don’t give a damn about anyone and will do anything they can get away with.


If they weren’t so blatant and annoying I might recommend a more diplomatic approach but this is too damn stupid to bother with that.


For more information on what they’ve been doing see Cheshire Grins recent Blog posts on the subject.


I Got Hacked (Twice Now) On (By?) OS!

How To Defeat OS's Spam Links


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I just sent the following E mail to Amazon.


Your spaming activities are insulting and rude and if you don't stop many people including me will demand boycotts of your products and let each other know how little respect you have for your customers.

For more information see the following blog calling for a boycott of your company:

This is down right insulting and stupid.


It was signed from "Angry customer boycotting you"

I imagine that as soon as they get the word on this they will stop it is so damn stupid. the person that came up with this has to be an idiot or he was intentionally trying to create backlash which is idiotic as well.
Thanks for pointing this out. I hadn't noticed the hacking. I like Cheshire Grin's suggestion of editing the link to redirect people to be own website.
I sent an E-mail to Jacob and thought he might have gotten back to me by now. Any rational person would probably know how dumb this was I more or less expected that he would have acted on it and at least let us know that it would be ended and never should have started.

I haven't heard from him; my best guess is this decision was made by some bureaucrat higher up and this is the modern corporate bureaucracy that is going to get worse until we demand reform which will have to happen eventually one way or another.

So I won't be deleting this after all for now anyway.