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FEBRUARY 12, 2013 11:39AM

Jill Stein for Senate!!!

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Jill Stein could and has done a much better job addressing many of the most important issues than either the corporate media or the political establishment in the past. With the increased strength of the alternative media steadily growing we could have an opportunity to gain more influence at local elections thanks to the momentum brought about by her presidential campaign, despite the refusal of the corporate media to cover her properly. She hasn’t made this decision yet but if she does she will need all the support she can get to overcome the propaganda from the establishment.

(This was first posted on blogspot December 24; it has been updated based on a few new events since then.)

With John Kerry as a shoe-in for Secretary of State according to most sources the mainstream media is beginning to line up candidates that they consider acceptable; as usual this is being limited to those with reputations that the political establishment and owners of the corporate media approve of and they can be counted on to limit the discussion on many issues. This currently includes Ben Affleck, Ted Kennedy Jr. and Scott Brown. They can be counted on to repeat these names over and over again to convince the majority of the public that they are the only “viable” candidates.

They can be counted on to present anyone that challenges the views of the two parties that continue to ignore the best interest of the vast majority of the public in favor of the best interest of the campaign contributors.

There may be another option this time if enough people put an effort into it at the grass roots level and we take advantage of the support that Jill Stein gained during the presidential election.

It may not seem like much but she is much better known in her home state after running against Mitt Romney twice, for governor and president and the latter election has given her national recognition which could be helpful even in local elections.

We keep telling ourselves that this is a democracy; or at least that’s what the commercial media tells us; but the vast majority of the public has little or no say in who is nominated for any given office. Instead the commercial media which has been consolidated into six corporations that dominate the vast majority of the media that is able to reach the entire nation repeats the same old trick over and over again.

And most people fall for it over and over again.

And the most important issues continue to be ignored or they’re only presented in a manner which doesn’t challenge the elites too much. We now have a routine where one party seems so extreme that we have to do every thing we can to stop them but the other “viable” party is constantly becoming more like them and the commercial media isn’t trying to report the news at all instead they’ve replaced it with an enormous amount of hype about how all the people involved are ready to run us over the “cliff.”

With the recent storm in New Jersey and more before and since then that the traditional media hasn’t been covering adequately it should be increasingly clear to many people that we can’t simply rely on the traditional establishment to make these decisions for us.

Whether the issue is the environment, Single Payer Health care, sincere opposition to war based on lies, or fair treatment for the majority of the public economically the vast majority of the candidates that the corporate press presents to us don’t do more than give us a token amount of support while alternative candidates like Jill Stein that have been ignored by the corporate media have done a much better job addressing the issues.

Her Web site still provides plenty of information about her campaign and she is still active in trying to inform people about the issues; so if she decides to run she’ll have a good start assuming that people don’t accept the corporate propaganda again and rule her out simply because the establishment hasn’t authorized her as a “viable” candidate.

If we wait for them to authorize a candidate that actually represents the majority and stands up to the oil companies then we will have to wait until there is much more damage done to the environment; and perhaps it is too late to repair it in a fashion that would sustain or society as we know it.

I have also compiled a list of the debates that Jill Stein attended in Could alternative debates be a game changer? clearly they didn’t turn out to do so in the presidential election but they could give her campaign a good start if she decides to run. It will also be necessary for as much grass roots support for her campaign as possible starting as early as possible. I have also provided more information about her in A closer look at Jill Stein and Jill Stein supports Constitution unlike Romney and Obama if anyone is interested.

Also she could potentially get a lot of support from organizations like 350.Org that recognize how important it is that we act now and media outlets like Democracy Now and many other outlets.

If we want a real democracy then the people have to decide on the candidates that we choose and we have to have our say in the issues that are discussed.

Edit February 12 2013: Since I first posted this Scott Brown has bowed out and most of the best known Republicans have bowed out. Keith Ablow has announced that he would run for it if he could win unopposed and this became a big joke. He bowed out when it became clear that at least two poorly known Republicans would run. This looks like a given seat that is virtually uncontested by the Republican Party. They seem to be putting up a token candidate and avoiding having a fanatic like Keith Ablow run by putting up token candidates that have little or no chance of winning.

This shouldn’t be the way a democracy works; the public should be entitled to choose between a variety of candidates and the political establishment shouldn’t be able to screen the candidates that we can consider.

Jill Stein hasn’t commented on running but she would present a much better choice than the ones that are routinely presented to the public by the political parties who don’t address most of the issues that their financial supporters don’t want to address. Whether Jill Stein runs or not we should give serious consideration to running candidates from the grass roots level and how to get them the attention they need to become viable. Part of this should involve exposing the incompetent coverage being presented by the commercial media and encouraging people to seek alternative sources.

If Jill Stein runs she could bring attention to this cause; if she doesn’t other methods need to be made to do this.

In the long run we need much more reform including Election reform that enables the majority to control the election process and hear from all the candidates not just the ones that collect the required amount of bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions; but in the short term it would help an enormous amount to have a candidates in a major office that truly addresses many of the most important issues.!!

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And most people fall for it over and over again.

I cannot help but wonder if you see the cosmic-sized irony in this, Zachery.

Anyway...since she did so great in the presidential election...maybe this would be a good next step! And after this she could run for mayor of a small city...and then for councilperson of an even smaller one.
Frank you demean and insult anyone and everyone who is NOT a dinocrat.

Will you at least admit that Jill Stein speaks for the Green party and that the Green party is growing much quicker than any other one? (for a REASON, BTW!)
Frank you demean and insult anyone and everyone who is NOT a dinocrat.

Not sure why you think that, Amy. I am not a Dinocrat…or a Democrat. I am a registered Independent. But I am also reasonable…which means I often choose between the Democrat and the Republican. I did vote for Ronald Reagan first time he ran…one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever made…and probably one of the moves I most regret in my life.

Will you at least admit that Jill Stein speaks for the Green party…

I don’t know that I would use the word “admit”…but I will certainly acknowledge that she speaks for “the Green Party.”

… and that the Green party is growing much quicker than any other one?

Really? I didn’t realize that. Very impressive.

But Jill Stein didn’t even come close in the presidential election…and I seriously doubt she could win a senatorial race. So my comments stand.

(for a REASON, BTW!)

Care to share them? And while you are at it, care to share an independent verification that the Green Party is growing much quicker than any other one?
I think it would be great if she ran for this seat. Thanks for posting!
I agree with everything you say about Stein, Zachery, but I think you are overestimating the MSM's influence. Everybody under 70 has their number by now. If they hadn't stolen five of his initial primary victory's and shut him and his delegates out of their convention we would be looking at president Ron Paul right now. Something needs to be done about the whole electoral process, even McCain was saying that before they gave him a lobotomy.
Senate great goal - but the party sucks. (they all do) it is just to bad the best for the most is run as bad as the rest
[r] Zachd, how exciting to see Jill's name and this blog!!!!

I love especially this paragraph in its sensibility:

"And the most important issues continue to be ignored or they’re only presented in a manner which doesn’t challenge the elites too much. We now have a routine where one party seems so extreme that we have to do every thing we can to stop them but the other “viable” party is constantly becoming more like them and the commercial media isn’t trying to report the news at all instead they’ve replaced it with an enormous amount of hype about how all the people involved are ready to run us over the “cliff.”"

I feel with Obama's assumption of the right to murder Americans we are over the cliff. Or no more slippery slope as we used to say to fascism. We have arrived.

Jill Stein would kick ass in the Senate if anyone could, though the gamesmanship there is corrupt and cronied up. I go to her site and fewer blogs from her but I want her to keep up her momentum with the people and the message of Green New Deal populism.

There is so much evidence of so much wrong and yet still so much clinging to status quo and Obama denial and turning to "mainstream media" for hypnosis sessions on what to ignore and deny on part of people.

Will stay tuned!!! Thanks!!

best, libby
I still get regular email updates from Jill Stein (as well as the Green Party in Washington State, where I cast my absentee ballot). I'm really impressed by all the democracy schools Stein and other Green Party leaders have started all over the US to begin mobilizing grassroots support for an alternative vision of America.
Jill Stein live stream tonight, Tuesday, during state of union speech:

best, libby
Frank. SFB, Jack, I don’t know how fast the Green Party is growing nor how much influence the MSM has right now. It is hard to tell when it is difficult to get comprehensive information. I wouldn’t be surprised if they reached a point where it became much more difficult to ignore their growth and they grow much faster especially if more people recognize the irrelevance an incompetence of the MSM and they find their way to more reliable sources.

Clay Ball, Snowden, I agree that it is a great goal and worth running. As I just say without adequate information it is difficult if not impossible to judge her chances. I have heard some complaints about the Green Party but they’re negligible compared to the corporate parties and the Green Party is the biggest rational party that I know of, for now. I would love to see other parties like the Justice Party, various Progressive Parties etc. gain steam and the implementation of Instant Run-Off combined with a growing alternative media. I suspect this will come sooner or later unless this country collapses.

Those that claim we should accept the rigged rules that they set out for us should be ignored since they’re heading down a dead end over and over again. Eventually the democratic road will open up; I mean the real Democr4atic road not what the pseudo Democratic party pretends is democracy.

Libby, for the victims of those drone strikes and their neighbors they already are over the cliff and for many others as well many more of us are heading there but for now those with political power don’t have to worry or acknowledge inconvenient facts. If those that accept the status quo they won’t have to worry until they destroy everything but if enough people wake up they’ll get a wake up call.

Dr Bramhall, I get those as well as more from and a couple of others although they aren’t quite as often as during the presidential campaign. Can’t keep up with all of them but combined with alternative blogs many that I can’t keep up with either it is enough to know that there is much more going on than the commercial media wants us to believe.
h@ ZT: Have you heard anything about the PtB not letting Jill Stein run for Senate in MA? I saw that they were only allowing Democratic and Republican candidates on the ballot. Do you know any more about that?
SFB I saw someone ask about it and assumed that it was falses since it certainly should be false and I hadn't heard otherwise until now. If this wwere true they would be blatantly saying that they're outlawing grass roots candidates and only allowing the duopoly to even try wich should be unacceptable in any sincere democracy.

Of course this isn't a sincere democracy at all.

If you ahve a source for this let me know; If I have time I'll look around but I'm not quite sure where to look.
@ zt: I'm assuming your last comment was aimed at me? (SFB? Need some more coffee, dude? :D)

My question was based on this comment on the Green Party Discussion Forum:

RE: From John Kerry to Jill Stein? - MilburnCreek - 02-05-2013 12:24 PM

(02-03-2013 08:31 AM)KrisSmootKY Wrote: The GRP just posted the ballot access rules for the special election on their Facebook. I saw this before I saw the latest response to this thread.

"For purposes of this booklet, the following definitions apply:
“Party candidate” refers to a candidate who represents any political party recognized in
Massachusetts; there are currently only two political parties in Massachusetts: Democratic and

“Non-party” refers to any candidate who is not a member of a political party and who is
running only in the state general election, not in the primary. "
SBA, excuse me; I'll take that coffee. I spotted that string previously and thought about citing it. In fact that is where I heard the question asked. The PDF cited in the string says that "A non-party candidate runs in the final special election only" which seems to imply that she can run as "A non-party candidate." I suppose the Green party could still run a primary to avoid running two candidates but the winner would run as an independent not a Green Party candidate. Furthermore if there were a disagreement like the one with Roseanne the loser could run any way, assuming he/she got enough ballot signatures, I assume.

FWIW the subject was also brought up on at least two other forums, OWS by me and a Ron Paul forum by someone that participated in the string you cited and they both received a mixture of support and criticism. Some of the criticism almost certainly looks like the type a paid party hack roaming the chat rooms might behave. These do exist just like paid bloggers and I could cite evidence if necessary but those that don’t want to believe it probably won’t.