September 05
Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. ------------------------------------------------- This blog is anonymous and it is mainly about important issues that I think we need to address as a society; to read a summation of the subjects that I have attempted to cover and some of my best blogs see the links listed below. ------------------------------------------------- This blog is also cross posted at Blogspot for those of you who don't have an open Salon account to post replies.

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Meanwhile the Mainstream Media Completely Ignores the March Against Monsanto Event,

Corporate America is dominating the airwaves, while the majority can't afford to pay the big money to even try to get ad time, assuming they would be accepted; and they're increasingly trying to suppress/…

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Holder and Obama

Eric Holder's speech about crime and sentencing disparities comes way to late and does way to little; and it continues to ignore many of the most important issues including lack of opportunities, largely due to outsourcing or other economic problems for many of the poorest people including/…

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Living better?

Previously I did a blog about Wal-Mart shoplifting vigilantism gone wild? where I focused primarily on the unusually large problems they have with shoplifting and how they often overreact and that a lot of this was almost certainly partially a result of policies made/…

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Oil Tidal Wave

Thanks, in part, to trade secrecy laws and the absence of disclosure laws many energy and chemical companies have been dumping toxic waste, mainly in areas where people without much if any political power, for decades. There have been dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of cases/…

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Locked up secrets

What justification is there for the enormous amount of corporate secrecy? Should this also apply when it comes to enormous volumes of consumer fraud or any other kind of fraud? environmental destruction? physiological manipulation, especially of children? political manipulation and activiti/…

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Solar Panels

It would sound absurd to say that we should subsidize the destruction of our environment and we would be much less likely to do that if we phrased it that way; but that is essentially what we have been doing for decades. A closer look at the long/…

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JULY 18, 2013 10:48AM

Compost instructions Duuhhh

Composting leaves

Step one: Do nothing.

Step two: Repeat step one.

Step three (optional): Scratch your head and say, "Why the hell are so many people making such a big deal out of this; nature has been handling this fine on it's own for millions of years?"/…

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Jenna Jameson

According to a reliable anonymous source without credibility CNN is now planning to hire Jenna Jameson as a news anchor to become more competitive in the news industry!

According to the anonymous source CNN has finally recognized that they no longer have any credibility as a/…

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The accusations about who is working for the CIA or the NSA have begun; and anyone who was familiar with these two organization might know that this would be inevitable; and that it has actually been going on for quite a while; only now it is becoming higher profile./…

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With all the discussion about various news stories that have been going on many people may not have noticed what is going on in China.

A factory owner is complaining about inhumanity. It's not because the factory workers are being abused though; it's because they're holding him hostage./…

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Late last year Wal-Mart was involved in a growing number of scandals that included the fact that they were implicated in the fire in a garment factory in Bangladesh and that their workers were striking in unprecedented numbers and there were many other problems including additional Black Fri… Read full post »

Archeologists have made a new discovery in Angkor; although I;m not convinced it is being put in the proper perspective by the commercial media.

Laser technology reveals lost city around Angkor Wat
Researchers find vast cityscape hidden under deep vegetation linking the Cambodian/
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By now most people have heard the "new" disclosure of "Prism;" but for the most part there is little or no mention of the possibility that this program is virtually identical to ECHELON which was reported years ago; in fact it was exposed before the attacks/…

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Ben Jealous recently made a call for a "Truth and reconciliation commission" on democracy Now! I have also thought that we should consider what I refereed to as a possible "Truth and education commission;" however I thought it should be considered carefully and that/…

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Read for your lives

Anyone that relies on the traditional commercial media outlets for their information might be aware of the fact that there have been a fair amount of protest movements making the news but they almost certainly won't be familiar with the majority of the details that people are protecting/…

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JUNE 3, 2013 12:14PM

The 2000 election revisited

Robert McChesney and John Nichols did a review of the War on Iraq and the 2004 election that may shed some light on how we elect our presidents and start wars with the help of the Mass media in their book “Tragedy and Farce”. This type of review… Read full post »

private prison conflict of interest

By using the GDP as the leading indicator of economic strength we have created a system where it is more profitable for many of the most powerful corporations not to minimize crime or war, intentionally or not. This does little or nothing to consider whether or not/…

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The following are two guest posts from Earth First Newswire who is currently reporting on a surprising number of protests that aren't being covered by the commercial press. They're not the only ones reporting on many more protests and activities to educate the public but very little of it… Read full post »

60 Minutes just reran "North Korean prisoner escaped after 23 brutal years," a story about Shin Dong-hyuk who was allegedly born in a North Korean prison camp. The evidence to support this seems to be limited but they have someone who was a so-called expert who/…

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Carolyn McCarthy

In the past on at least one occasion I have cited Carolyn McCarthy as one of the few people in congress that may have sponsored legislation that is good for the majority of the public on a variety of issues. In Continued withholding of solutions in Clackamas… Read full post »
Two year old victim

Two year old Caroline Starks was recently shot by her own five year brother with his own gun that he received for his birthday. The commercial media often reports on these incidence with an enormous amount of shock and acts as if they're completely isolated; this is misleading/…

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Living better?

It appears as if there might be an unusually large amount of shootings and assaults at Wal-Mart and many of them seem to involve shoplifting. It is hard to tell why but it is worth considering the possibility that many of them might be the result of/…

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Stop asking questions!!

I didn't hear the media refer to what happened in Boston, for one day while the manhunt was going on, as martial law; however if that isn't what it was, it was way too damn close. The traditional media showed a lot of cheering people when they caught/…

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