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December 07
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MARCH 4, 2015 7:24AM

Carl Sagan and I Take a Walk

           I have been doing lots of things with Carl since he is my new best friend.  He is embodied in his book COSMOS and comes with me in all sorts of situations.  He even snuggles with me in bed.  Today we went for a walk i… Read full post »


                   I don't know how you snow people do it.   The February/March run of winter used to do me in when I lived in Alaska.   Here in Southern California I have been… Read full post »

MARCH 2, 2015 8:37AM

Argo, Zero Dark Thirty and Zombies

  Is the world a little nervous?   Israel is in the spotlight with Netanyahu's speech on Tuesday and the network is showing ARGO right now and Zero Dark Thirty is on soon.   I haven't seen either so I am watching with interest.

   So far ARGO is a great story with… Read full post »

MARCH 1, 2015 7:06AM

Good News Hunt


                                       Looking for good news on Fox and Friends at 2am

 &nb… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 27, 2015 8:49AM

The Box of Letters from Remote Alaska


I am almost done with the box of letters my friend sent me that I sent her for the last thirty years.  I think I have read them backwards.  I am to the point now where the kids are young and we are up in Alaska at a remote fish hatchery… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 25, 2015 10:59PM

My Mom's Backyard

FEBRUARY 23, 2015 9:00PM

Diving Into the Feed Uncensored


    I woke up this morning thinking it was time to get back into the FEED.   I wasn't thinking of Open's Feed or Our's Feed....which are both quite beautiful and lots better than that terrible Word Press....I was thinking of the Feed of Life.


   The Fe… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 22, 2015 12:46PM

Bombing American Malls


   I remember when the first mall opened up in Seattle.  Until then my mother and I put on our hats and white gloves to take the bus into downtown and have lunch at the big department stores there.   The Westlake Mall was way out of town and looked like… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 20, 2015 5:07PM

Fifty Shades in My Life

I just read this post about the movie FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.   Sure sounds like an abusive relationship to me.  I went into BDS&M for healing and I got it.  I never thought it was a p… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 20, 2015 2:09AM

Red Air

                       The plain red air wasn't enough for me...oh no.   I had to put a leaf falling off a branch to show the empty space between things that is air. &n… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2015 9:36AM

Evening Peace


                                 Waiting for something and yet not waiting

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FEBRUARY 16, 2015 8:33AM

Dry Desert Musings

                                                 … Read full post »

FEBRUARY 15, 2015 6:33AM

Girard's in La Jolla, California




Jmac put a reference to Girard's in his last post

and I got a hankering to head right out and visit the place.  What a fine thing to do early on Saturday morning and… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 14, 2015 9:07AM

Valentine Card From My Past

                     I sent this card to my friend when my daughters were ten and thirteen.  When I read about their teenage years I am in awe about how difficult it all was and yet how it… Read full post »

 During the months he meditated he ate just what landed in his lap!!!  Can you imagine that?  What?  Maybe a spider, a leaf or a twig and some rain or dew drops.  I bet when whatever it was landed he was really focused on it. 

I have been learning about… Read full post »

                       I figure the air is full of tunnels and threads of energy that define the air space.   The hot lines of telephone usage on the early 'porn call in' li… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 9, 2015 9:54AM

Painting Air

            Air paintings should make you feel like taking a breathe.  A photograph doesn't capture the changing light on these paintings.  Is it all just sparkle?  Does air have texture?  Lots of little dots seem… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 8, 2015 8:27AM

Waiting by the Airport

      I left my house in the hills and headed for the coast to meet our friend coming in from Boston at 10am.  She wants to be back in the sunshine so much but I long for the quiet of the snow where she is coming from.  I want to… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 7, 2015 8:26AM

Kayla and Corrie - Pictures

Visuals for the horrors of the war are really testing my empathy.   ISIL wants us to feel bad for this lady but they don't really want to kill her publicly because of their religion.  I think it is a false story that they have told about how the building sheRead full post »

FEBRUARY 6, 2015 10:32AM



    I can see myself inside other people and even in other things.  Narcissists are always imagining that everything relates to them.  They have no empathy.  Narcissists think everyone and everything is about them.  Empathy makes a person give upRead full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2015 11:29AM

Pot Vending Machines!


                      I wimped out on the execution post yesterday.  It was too heavy for me.  To lighten things up and make me believe there is hope in the world I saw th… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 3, 2015 6:46PM

ISIL Burned the Jordanian Pilot Alive

  ISIL put the Jordanian pilot they captured in a cage and set him on fire.  Then they buried the whole mess with a bulldozer. They want this execution to ignite their enemies and it is working.  This comes after the beheading of the Japanese prisoners.  I guess beheading got to… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 2, 2015 8:02PM

Splash Tops

                                      So I am sitting in the sun b… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 1, 2015 6:01AM

Three Stories


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JANUARY 29, 2015 10:47PM

Hearts on Crystal Pier/More


               A winter walk on the Crystal Pier

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