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MAY 16, 2010 9:18AM

Gymnastic Sex

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 A good sex life is a wonderful thing.  What we find satisfying is different for everyone.  There is an interesting little movie called "Short Bus" on this subject.  It isnt for everyone as it is about a sex therapist who has never had an orgasm herself.  In the beginning of the movie there are scenes of the most gymnastic sex I have ever seen.  They jump all over each other in every conceivable position and in every part of the room.  But the lady had never had an orgasm.   It looked like a fun romp but no happy ending for her.  In the movie she searches for the elusive O and Im going to tell you the ending.   She finds it alone in a warm bathtub of water.  That is the same ending in the movie "Pleasantville".  The lady in that movie turned from a black and white character in a fifties sitcom to a full color person by just touching herself in the right place.

When you have a partner you seek to satisfy each other in all kinds of ways. We just got back from a trip to the grocery store.   It was funny how we watched out for each other in there.  Our big treat was a big flat of giant strawberries.  He dragged me away from the Brownie Bits and I dragged him away from his old nemisis Cheesecake.  We debated a long time in front of the ice cream display.  He didnt like Rocky Road.  How could anyone not like Rocky Road?  Vanilla was his choice but I would have had to buy chocolate sauce.  It was finally easy to just forget it.  I always long for a bowl of ice cream in the evenings but I never feel like going out to get it.  So not having it in the house is a good idea.  We got thru that temptation together.  We helped each other along the path.

So having a partner in life who lives with you and gives you pleasure in simple ways that arent fattening or expensive is priceless.  It doesnt have to be someone who is physically fit.  It doesnt have to be someone who is rich or handsome.  It just is nice to have someone you get along with who knows how to push the right buttons and not push the wrong ones.


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Gymnastic Sex! Hilarious. These people are silly, imagine trying to enjoy ice cream or a conversation while jumping around and contorting yourself. Oh, and I eat ice cream in the bathtub and it's heavenly.
Amen, for the sex and the ice cream!
The greater the gymnastic exercise, the greater the caloric intake. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we screw like bunnies.
Just went through the same temptations in the market! We "compromised" no eclairs or cheesecake. We bought fabulous huge strawberries at the peak of perfection --- and then I dipped them in chocolate. Heaven.

I just watched Pleasantville again the other day. Sometimes the ability to be blissfully happy is right there all along.
love this title, zanelle. You make me want to watch short bus. I sure liked Pleasantville. NOT pushing the wrong buttons is huge.
I'm beginning to crave strawberries... hmmm, wonder why ;)