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SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 8:09PM

Real Pirate Women Pictures

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I found an interesting website on real pirate women....







This blog had some interesting stories about pirate women.  Somewhat brutal.  It is hard to imagine myself being so mean but maybe if the times were right and I was desparate enough anything is possible.




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So which one goes best with blue cheese dip?
These are great, Zanelle.

We is mean! It is mean times and the girls have to be as bad as the boyos. But deep down in our hearts and souls, there are the spirits of kind and good womens (if we stay off the "tea" that warps and twists the mind and the soul.!)
Hey! Where the hell are tr ig and Tink? Somebody check the brig to see if they’ve been captured already.

Swords at the ready Men Pirates, there’s skullduggery afoot and methinks them Wimmin Pirates is at the bottom of it!
anything IS possible, tonight.
the red hair in our pirate woman's illustration, above,
is but the symbol of the heat and flame waiting
to lick at the hearty pirate menz's red souls
they make that last suspension of disbelief:
that this is not
another trick of the vexsome snow white, or her all-gal
midget army of ambidextrous socially aware phd's in psychology.
big argh!

(the proof is in the boiling pudding)
That blog was fascinating! So many of them had to pose as boys to be happy or to survive, yet some of them went on to live normal lives!...incredible.
Mean times. Bad as the Boyz. But yes, deep down women must all be more caring than the boys. No? I don't know. I just know you gotta do what you gotta do.
Interesting, but do you really think they all looked that beautiful?
Anne Bonny and Mary Read were feared to be more vicious than their male counterparts.

Yo ho ho!
These are some pretty hot pirates, too bad I get sea sick...
Those two in the first picture don't look so glamorous. I must say that the link to the last blog told some stories that curled my toes. The women were ruthless. We have it in us I know.
I am betting no real pirate wimmins looked like that!
We OS Pirate Wimmin be ruthless too, Zanelle.

This is great.
In those days women had so few options so falling into meanness perhaps wasn’t a choice but the desire to survive.
Thank you
We OS pirate women are beautiful too!!
I sense the real fight and hurt is within yourself and this is just a dillusion of an illusion to help you to allieviate the hurt inside. Might I suggest deep breathing and with each breath you let out, feel the release of the pain and/or restlessness you are feeling in your soul.

As to what each person is capable of in specific circumstances, I believe changes as we grow and accept the flow of life.

And the history of pirates was very tragic, and more complicated than many would think. History is important. If we remember we can change and go on with a new light and in a better direction.
Which one of those pirate women is you?! :)
Yes I love the idea of a free wheeling life but not the desperation. Life should be comfortable.

I think I am that last one. Kind of wooden and stiff. Not too real yet.
Zanelle- you are bringing me back. I made pirate women puppets for my daughter so she would have female role models...she was obsessed with sea shanties and pirates.
I think I might have donned a parrot suit had I known they look this good!