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OCTOBER 7, 2011 9:55PM

Dust to Dust/ Weekend Fiction

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What is life like under our new alien overlords?


"Mom, what is all over this paper here on the desk?  It is kind of a grey film but it looks electric somehow."

"I don't know dear.  Eeww.  It looks like dust but it seems alive somehow."

       The two women shook the paper and the sunlight from the window showed the dancing dust particles swirling up and away all over the room.  They really did glow and the women began sneezing.

    As the day continued they found other deposits of dust building up on the furniture and the window sills.  The way it settled in soft and unobtrusive and yet had a menacing feel made the women wary right from the first time they noticed it.  Finally the daughter got a magnifying glass and looked closely at the dust.

  "It seems to be just fine grey balls.  Nothing out of the ordinary."  She sneezed again and the puff of dust on the television moved ever so slightly in a tight cloud that spread out over the screen.  

  "I'm going to get that duster and go over the whole house." said the Mom.  She dusted about twice a year and had thought about what dust was made of in her hippy days.  Now it was just a nuisance.  But this dust was different.  It seemed to be increasing as the day wound down to night.

   In the morning it was even thicker and the two women started to call friends and visit neighbors to see if they were experiencing the same things.  No one answered the phones or came to the doors.  The women seemed in a daze when they returned from their walk around the neighborhood.  It was so quiet.  They each sat in a living room chair and watched the dust swirl in the sunbeams from the window.  Now it settled on their hair and shoulders but they didn't seem to mind. 

   The world became very quiet.  Grey matter like ash shrouded everything eventually.  The aliens had arrived in very tiny modules and there seemed to be so much space for them on this new planet.  As their colonies spread over the earth there was room and resources aplenty to go around.  They were glad they had made the journey.  




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This was just like a movie I saw that I cannot remember.. scared the crap out of me hahaha
Ha I read a short story where a boat pulled into a remote harbor and a man rowed out to talk to them but he wanted to remain in the shadows. He said he needed just a little food and to throw it on the beach and he would get it later. The captain got a glimpse of him as he was rowing away and he was all moldy.
Oh My Gosh....I just watched the new episode of Fringe and it was so much like this story. Totally amazing. The fungus took over the little boy's mind but to save him. This dust took over just for their own purposes. So interesting. There is more to life than meets the eye.
Having a Bradbury day?? This is very cool...
This was really good. I wonder if they were the same ones who wrote WASH ME on the rear window of my car?
Dust busters to the rescue! Till dust do us part!
Fantastic tale, and use of the prompt.
Mr Serling would've snapped this up! r
Oh Gee, nice to be compared to Bradbury and Sterling. I would love to write with a team of people and come up with ideas. It must be great fun. Also lots of work. I love the OS fiction prompts once a week. That is plenty for me and it is nice to see so many people supporting our little club.
This freaked me out! I think you've found a way to get me out of my flu-induced fog and do some much needed housework! :-)
End Dust!

So very cool !

I second Jramelle's Twilight Zone! Very creepy.
This is so funny and so profound. A real existential horror story that even I can feel creepy about! 'way to go!!
R+ (I'm linking this one on Facebook)