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FEBRUARY 6, 2012 11:37PM

Movie to Blow My Mind..."Chronicles"

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  I was looking for a movie after work.  I found myself at the Giant Mall and there was only one movie that I could walk into right that minute.  "Chronicles".  I asked the fellow selling tickets if it was any good.  

   "Well it is about some people who find a meteor and it gives them super powers.   It is shot in kind of a shakey real camera style.  People are saying it is pretty good.  Short."

   "Sounds good.  Eleven dollars.  Geez.  Ok.  I'm looking for something that will blow my mind."

    And the movie was just what  I needed.   Woo.  It starts off with a bang and goes on like you would imagine a home movie would unfold.  Then all sorts of crazy things happen and it is just the kind of reaction I would have if I suddenly found myself with super powers that were getting stronger every time I used them."

   They can move legos!   They can pour potato chips into their mouth perfectly.  They can.....well, I hate to spoil it for you.  The three guys become your friends.  I was pulling for them the whole time and had several great laughs at how they enjoyed their super powers.

   Then it got heavy.  Not really scary but life heavy.  Just the kind of things that seem to happen in this brutal world.    It takes place in the Seattle and Pacific Northwest area so I knew I would enjoy it.  The rain is wonderful.  The scenes at the Space Needle are awesomely real and supernatural.  

   So my mind was sufficiently blown and I made my way out of the grand mall and sped up here to the mountains  imagining the world blowing up and glad that it doesn't.  We need to be careful tho.  Life is fragile. 

   I hear the big malls are looking for ways to become more like community centers to lure people in.  I heard so many different languages as I sat watching the fountain after the movie.  The world is coming together even tho the mall was relatively empty tonight.  I could imagine three guys with super powers livening up the place.  They were so happy at first.  Life has a way of catching up with all of us and karma is a bitch.








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karma truly is a bitch.

rated with love.
wow.. that looks like one of our malls.. It has a theatre too.. saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This looked really good Zanelle although I hate the shaky camera stuff.. HUGGGGG
I want to see this movie. Thanks for the reminder.

But do they blow stuff up? For me, a movie's only worthwhile if they blow lots of stuff up. Add a good car chase and I'm in heaven.
I like to do that- go up to the theatre and watch whatever movie is next. I got a guy friend to see Gone With the Wind that way, and another one who was into rom-coms to watch an action flick full of blood and explosions.
I may take that movie in. You tie separate things together in an interesting way in this piece.
They almost destroy Seattle.