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FEBRUARY 20, 2012 7:06AM

A Physical

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  It has been a long time since I had a physical exam.   I chose a Black doctor at an Indian Clinic  with a Caucasian woman doctor who gave me a pap check and breast exam.   She shared the results with me today.  Blood pressure good,  Cholestrol 205 and should be under 200.  Same as ten years ago.   The bad was high and that made the difference.  She said exercise would help like a Cardio workout.   I don't think that is something I want to do tho.

    My tests including the sexual ones were just fine.  My Hemoglobin is a bit high and she said that could mean so many different things.  It wasn't extreme so we let it go.   She was very nice as she felt inside and outside my body.  She was fifteen minutes late for the appointment and the receptionist said she had some personal problems.   I think I helped her by being a patient without a trauma involved.  She said I was one of the few she sees who does not take any meds.  

    The other Doctor had made me stand with my eyes closed and balance.  He told me I have good genes.  I imagine I could be perfect if I lost fifty pounds but I really resent that thinking.  I don't want to be perfect.  I don't want to live forever.   I will wear out eventually  like the Velveteen Rabbit.  That is ok. 

    After the physical I went to the grocery store and bought some good things to eat and some bad things.  I ate the bad things first like the Blue Bunny ice cream with strawberries and bananas on top.  Or maybe that was a good thing.  I get so confused.  Dairy is only bad for some people.   Sugar is only bad for some people and my glucose levels are fine.   

      Then I found some Nutella.   I had never tried it before and wanted something to take the place of Peanut Butter which I eat by the spoon full.   However that Nutella is more expensive and even more addicting than Peanut Butter.   Hummus would probably be a better choice.

      I am a body.  I like my body until I get around someone who makes me feel odd.   The doctors seemed to think I am fine.   Catastrophic thinking could make anything seem worse than it is.   The doctors really don't have much to go on.  A few blood and pee tests, a little groping and some conversation.   I want that little thing they used in Star Trek that can analyze your body after a quick pass.   

     I took my mom to see her new doctor.  After three temper tantrums by her handsome doctor who we went to after she couldn't understand the doctor from India we changed to a young woman.  Mom is worried that she is a DO and not an MD.  But she is affiliated with a big doctor group here and works part time since she takes care of her little boys the rest of the time.  Mom wondered why she didn't hire someone to take care of the boys since she was a rich doctor.  I suggested that maybe she loved them.  Foreign concept.

     My mom only takes a half of a blood pressure pill a day and drops for glaucoma.  She has pain in her back and legs but it doesn't stop her from going go go go.  She is fierce.  We are going to the hot tub at her community park today.  We had her records transfered from the handsome temper tantrum doctor to this young lady doctor.  A woman doctor was hard to find.  The record department was a locked room where they only talked to you outside the door in the hallway.  Very odd how medical records have become like gold lately.  

    This was my free physical for turning sixty five and going on medicare.  I want to thank the goverment for seeming to care how I am doing and I know they just hope that I won't cost them more money as my life putters to a stop.  I do not have much faith in medical doctors.  I am glad they are there in emergencies but as far as catching some horrible thing before it happens they aren't great at that.  Stuff happens and without warning you face a complicated situation. Who will be in your corner?  Is it a fight to the end?  I do not want to rage, rage against the dying of the light.  I just want to go peacefully and with some dignity.



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65 or not your still have a great body of work here including this one.
•.•♥╔╗╦╦╗▄║╔╗╔╗ & ╗╔╗╔╔╗╔╗•(¯ `v´¯ )◦•*✿
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•.•♥╚╝──╚╩╚╚╝╚╝ & ╝╚╚╝╚╝╚╝◦.(_.^._)•*¨✫
❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´  ¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊
Have a beautiful new week with love and happiness❤¸.•*¨✫
I think it's great you don't have to take pills. When I quit smoking, a week later I got off the blood pressure medicine, but still have to take cholesterol meds. Unfortunately, the pain meds (which I despise) will be forever. You may outlive your mom who seems to be heading for the century mark.
The results seem stellar. I think bananas with strawberries and ice cream was a good way to celebrate your success. Too bad about the hot tempered male doctor. Its good your mom tried him three times before moving on. First impressions are so...unreliable. Most people have a lot of heart and care in their work. My favorite sentence is the comparison to Velveteen Rabbit. I like that...lots.
Congrats on your outcome, Zanelle. I dread physicals, altho I've been lucky so far. They intrude upon my carefully nurtured sense of denial, too vivid a reminder of what lies down the road.
I like your take and wholeheartedly agree. Though some cardio is just good overall; its worth the annoyance. We're talking a 15 - 20 minute walk everyday, that kind of thing. It's worth its weight in gold, trust me.

But really like your casual approach to this topic and how you relayed it to us.
I like this post. Sometimes it's even nice to grow older, although yes, it has it's drawbacks. For one, it's not as dynamic as being young. And there are those pains, whatever it is that pains you. I have arthritis that bugs me sometimes. And my memory is a joke. But it's so nice to healthy, to have confidence and to know a little about life. There's a very pleasant peace that comes with growing older.

O if only I knew then what I know now.

but you know that's the rub...that's this is tradeoff, isn't it?
Thanks Beth. I do have a treadmill and last winter I used it every day. It helped. I know it did and now I need to get back on it. I really do.

Mango, my mom tried him for three years. He was just a typical smart alec doctor but I had to agree that he needed to be replaced. This little lady seems just as fine as any of them. My mom is a perfectionist and that is exhausting.

If I did before my mom, Scanner, she is going to be so mad. Almost worth it for the revenge factor but I am not that mean. I hope it all goes well as planned. She has said two more years when prices for her house have gone up. geez.

Matt, they are the pits. If they could really pinpoint something it would be worth it. I know many people get the diabetes news from a physical. But then they just give you pills and tell you to go home and eat right. No one has all the answers and we should not all live so long. The earth is too crowded now.
Interesting post for me
I have my free 65 turning physical in March.
I haven't had one for a while either
I do take some pills though
I eat peanut butter by the spoonful
but peanut butter is really good for you
its part of the flat belly diet
Nutella, on the other hand
I hope its good for you because I am addicted
I really became addicted when I started putting it on top
of the peanut butter in my spoon
You have such a healthy attitude
I hope you have another healthy year
rated with love
As you know I do not do doctors as I do not want to know but I do admire those who do.
Well done.. and
I will wear out eventually like the Velveteen Rabbit

Me too.:)
Most anything in moderation, unless your base jumping, seems fine to me. I encourage my 81 year old mother to live it up and eat that ice cream if it brings her joy. My sister would have her eat nothing but spinach and tofu...

My physical is this afternoon, have a few concerns but hope they are unfounded... ack
I’m glad it all turned out well
All in moderation is what I say
zanelle- how funny we posted about physicals on the same day. I'm glad you're doing well. My cholesterol is 192...not great for a 36 year old. Family history of heart disease. I have a hard time giving up the cookies and cake andd french fries.

Have a great day.
Glad to hear you're doing well. My 17 year old cat had hers on Saturday and may have a urinary tract infection but is otherwise fine. Caveat- she started having seizures about a month ago. But I am not traumatized by them and she appreciates me being there.
My doc is a DO; I love her, she always has time for me.
Good to know about the DO. I liked her hands on approach.
A physical is just a road map. I have been thinking about the slightly elevated hemoglobin. Too much RED blood. ha. Maybe because I live at a high elevation now or had my heart broken too much this past year or I am just getting tired. Lungs and hearts are just human. I am breathing deeper now tho. Trying.
You sound like you're doing great! Peanut butter, Nutella, hummus - why choose? Why not all of the above (maybe not all at the same time)?!
I guess because your mom "is fierce," that's where you get it.
sounds like you aint going anytime soon. nor mom.
ha: I am a body. I like my body until I get around someone who makes me feel odd.

so damn true...

your genes are obviously stellar. evolution worked,
in your case.
bless evolution.

your brain , too, is in fine working order.
i am a Brain Doctor, who knows a nutcase brain
from a regular healthy one.
i have no degree, but ya gotta trust me:
it is your attitude toward life, and death,
that "trickles down" to your body.
ah, you an old gal, you know this already.
you dont need a healthy 44 yr old male
telling you this............................... : )
We both have lots of tension inside us. Ready to survive at a moment's notice. Stress and tension. And my heart took a big hit this last year. Doctors don't count that in I guess. Broken heart, check, on the form for yes.
If God wasn't a woman you'd have a prostate exam to look forward to.

I may be paranoid but that doesnt mean they're not after my prostate.
When I passed the big 50 every one was a suspect examiner.
In the elevator, the tailors, everywhere.
It's mine, all mine.
Leg stirrups - those you Ladies are welcome to. Brave isn't a strong enough word to express my admiration either.

"Yes FRed(tm) the nice lady knows you've had your nutz removed but that's allowed coz I have the thumbs which makes me your Boss and genetically superior - well in theory."

Last June when my most recent medical catastrophe put me into the hospital for 17 days, women doctors outnumbered male doctors two to one, surgeons, physical therapists, nursing staff across the board. And now the doctors I see are both women... all of them under forty, very competent, and attractive. If I'd known their were so manner bright, beautiful young women in medicene, I might have gone to see a doctor since 1994.