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FEBRUARY 24, 2012 8:11AM

Gladys Kravitz Report

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  It is a challenge to describe what goes on next door to me.   As many of you know there is a house many would call a "druggie" house.   The lady and her two sons moved in about nine months ago.  Just this month a new family has moved in across the street.   The police have been to the druggie house twice since then and I guess the new neighbors are figuring it all out because they were the ones who called the police the second time.

    I hear the skuffle outside in the street and in my Gladys Kravitz mode I peeked out the blinds.   I saw a tall fellow yelling at someone in a truck and then the truck took off one way and the tall fellow took off the other way to head them off.   I skuttled to the other window.

     I saw the tall fellow at the passenger side of the truck and apparently he got what he wanted as the truck moved on and I watched his skinny body with the pants hanging  low go by and back into the druggie house.  In the next five minutes the cops were in front of the house talking to the tall fellow.

     I saw them shake hands and I heard my other neighbor ask what was going on.   The family with the four kids had called the cops when they heard the arguing.  We hear them arguing all the time over there.  The cops were shaking their heads as they left.   They know that place only too well.

    I had house guests this last weekend and while the fellow was here alone during the day someone from the druggie house came over and knocked on the door and told him there was a restraining order out on the lady's boyfriend and to call the police if we saw him over there.  Ha.

     There are so many people coming and going over there that I have no idea which one is the boyfriend.  My friends think I live in a rough neighborhood.  Ha again, it is not safe anywhere.  I like tough.  It is interesting.  What else would Gladys have to entertain her on a lonely weekend?


   Everything has been deadly quiet over next door for about five days. Someone has been spray painting some little tree sculptures a golden color over there.  I'm amazed that life goes on even in crisis. This morning two strong minded fellows pulled up in front of the house and I could see one of the young men confiring with them.  I heard them say "This is getting old."  Another said," I'll meet you up there."

   One put a satchel in the trunk of his car and they took off with another car that had pulled up.  I peeked over the fence.  Just a little.  One of young fellows saw me.  Just for an instant.  I skuttled back in my yard.  Now the manager of the park is over there.  He timidly knocked on the back door which is all boarded up again after another window smashing incident which I seem to have missed.   No answer.

     I see they are building a fence behind the house to keep the ground from sliding.  It may be just a routine call and check in.  If the police come by sometime soon I won't be surprised.  Otherwise it is just another beautiful day in Southern California. 


     Well I predicted trouble and two big police vans and one cop car just pulled up next door.  I saw the lady of the house walking back from the nearby fields.  She looked like a typical flower child.  So beautiful and wild.  

    I can only hear some of what is being said..."So the next thing you know you are drunk in your house...."

    "How did he get in the house?"

    One of the cops took her picture.  She speaks very softly.  I heard one cop say..."What did he do to you?  It's all good?"  It's all good!"

     "So, why didn't you scream for help?"

      One of the cops leave.  She squats down in the driveway and the other cop is still asking her loud questions.  He seems to know the names of all the characters.  The cops are so tired of all the drama over there.

      "Did you call yesterday?  He said he was going to kill you?  When was that?  What did he say exactily."

    "So for no reason he just goes into your house and trys to destroy it? Who invited him into your house? "  She wanders off into the back street again.  The cops are all talking together.

    Wow, her mother pulls up.  She hardly ever comes in these messes.  

    " He went in thru a window yesterday and tried to crawl in bed with her.  We keep locking him up. "

       Everyone leaves shaking their heads.


  This episode of "Bewitched" had me laughing out loud.  Oh, for a more simple time and yet I know there were hard times then too.  We just didn't acknowledge them.  

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It constantly amazes me how people love to complicate their lives and those of others. What's the point, honestly? Be safe.
And, yes, you still are able to find humor.
Laughed at the Gladys remark, I remember her, with the curlers.
You are so good hearted, I would be pissed off having that around me all the time, why we moved away from one house we fixed up so nicely. The guy would beat his wife on weekends. It was awful. Hang in Z. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.
I find it all fascinating. I wish I could help more. But I honestly don't know who is the boyfriend and who is the son and I don't want to know. I was just imagining calling the police and having them come over here with all their questions. No thanks. Neighbors. Makes me want to live far away in the wilds with a pack of dogs.
I love Gladys Kravitz--the original one, when Bewitched was in black and white. I sit on the porch of my apartment and watch the "haps" in the neighborhood--being upstairs, people rarely notice I'm up there reading and watching and listening to my iPod. It's amazing and sometimes terrifying what you see....
I think you have the perfect place to be a writer, Pensive. Let your imagination go wild!
What a pain, yet interesting... at least to read about it- don't think I'd be very happy having to listen and watch daily.
The amazing part is how the cops seem to have virtually no effect. I mean, with all the comings and goings.. and other 'clues' it's obvious they are selling.
Nearly exact same situation happened next door to my ex-girlfriends'. The buyers wouldn't even bother to go knock. They'd just pull up and honk horns on the street; then one of the very many people that lived there, ranging from white to mexican to black and everything in between, would run the dope out to the car, pass it through the window, then collect cash... all in front of the eyes of god and whoever else cared to look.
She called the cops over the honking, and that started a war between them and gf's bunch... leading to the main momma dealer physically attacking gf's 17 year old daughter in their front yard... WHICH the daughter managed to film on her phone.
Day or two later one of the younger guys from "the dope house" was pulled over just seconds after leaving-- caught red handed with a LOT of crack (I think it was crack.. maybe meth) in individual for sale packages. I say red-handed, but he actually had his girlfriend passenger stick the whole mess in her you know where, and it was found by the cops... how I don't know!
So, major charges there...
Bottom line though, the dope house kept operating-- gf's crowd was scared to even go outside, and they ended up, victims as they were, having to move to get away from that madness.
Which takes me back to what I said-- amazing that the cops have so little effect.
Keep us informed Mrs. Kravitz.. lol
and the saga will continue..:(
"Why him? Who's he?"
Thanks for keeping us posted
I am starting to worry for you
these people seem to have no boundaries
rated with love
ha:" " He went in thru a window yesterday and tried to crawl in bed with her. We keep locking him up. "

i guess they arent good locks. easily pick-able, or something..

Downstairs in my rooming house some guys are causing trouble.
They are 'in recovery', but i guess it's not
taking, so i am told.
there is alot of bumping around and slamming doors
and raised voices and all that.
when i am bored i go in the upstairs bathroom
and listen thru the vents.
typical stuff.
she done me wrong.
or..whattaya mean , i done u wrong?
stomping and senseless utterances.

i get nervous easily so i put on my tv and watch law and order.

gladys was nosy, but good hearted. just needed a little
vicarious drama to distract her from hubby,
a lump .
Sheesh, now I'm shaking my head, too.
Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When they come for you...

Play this really loud with your windows open.
Be careful, zanelle. The lives of the down and out . . . I feel kind of sorry for the druggie house people.
With all that going on, you don't need TV.
Zanelle, are your neighbours on OS?
Just a suggestion but on they sell inflatable TR ig and Nanas.
(Allegedly, you blow them up thru the thumb).
Set them on full remote and bingo, no troublesome neighbours.
If that doesn't work there's always Tink or some of the 'fearsome ladies' on OS who can drop in like Ninja to do 'extermination' work.

For a price.....

"Press sink please FRed(tm)."
Checking it out is ok caz you have a right to know what goes on in your neighborhood, but don't keep track of the boyfriend, least I wouldn't. No sense in bringing danger to yourself. (Peeps are nuts these days, y' know?)
Otherwise it is just another beautiful day in Southern California.

Poor Gladys. Always a seat in the peanut gallery.
Good reporting, Gladys!
Oh my. In this neighborhood like in the Karvitz's time, you just don't know too much, but there is always something going on, under the veil...
Drama indeed
You be careful not to get caught in the cross fire
I used to live in that kind of neighborhood, with the SWAT teams and all kinds of nonsense.

You describe a huge problem with complete clarity: there is no clarity in those people's lives, and there never will be! R and hugs. Be careful!