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December 07
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APRIL 1, 2012 10:56AM


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  Flying is something we remember.  To be weightless is what was before birth and after death.  We know how to fly.  We love it.




    Words can't describe the feeling of flying on the website Second Life.  It feels so natural to just lift off the ground and soar into the sky.  You can even sit on the moon if you want to or hang from a star.




new zanelle_005 

    Flying with someone is always the best!

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Love to fly... learned by hang gliding over the Abyss...
This is fantastic. Where on earth did you get those pictures?/r
I know what I'll be dreaming tonite!
Hang gliding is a big thing here in Southern California. I have fear there tho. In Second Life there is no fear. You just click fly and off you go soaring over hills and buildings. It is so FUN and it feels so natural. The stuff of dreams or maybe of another way of life that we have lived in other times and spaces.
I often dream I am flying...I wonder what that means!
It seems to be something deep inside us all. I have dreamt that I was flying one foot off the ground. It was very real and I was in my backyard where I grew up. It was so much fun!
Ohhhhhh, so gorgeous. I know you have to be right, I'm sure being on the ground is not our natural state. I watch the birds and it seems I should just lift off too. This was wonderful, thank you so much zanelle.
Maybe that's why my granddaughter laughs and begs for more when I toss her in the air...she's only 7 months out of the womb.
Wonderful you explain second life is so beautiful. An artist can find beauty where no one else expects to see it. Well done. And I agree, a partner is always best.
sigh.. my dream..
I would love to soar with the birds. I watched a flock of herons, I think, migrate over my yard. They hit an updraft right above me so I got to watch them spiral up and change altitude to catch the breeze that was going their way. Too awesome. And Madonna was playing in the background. Very appropriate.
Did you ever play that game when you were a kid? The one where you are asked, "If you could have one super power....."

Mine was always to fly...
Loved this, zanelle :)
I am reminded of Sinatra, channeling, 'Fly me to the moon ... '

Greats visuals that transport within that hush and half step back that make us wonder. Thanks for sharing.