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MARCH 24, 2012 12:03AM

Limp Sunset

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  Sandy Eggo has a marine layer of clouds that comes in and swallows sunsets.   It looks like a good one is developing however the wait comes to an abrupt end when the sun is engulfed in a thick layer of grey. 

   May Grey and June Gloom are famous for the anticlimatic end to the days in this area just when you think summer should be here it is off.  Now, I am not complaining because it keeps us from getting scorching hot until August but it is just so frustrating to have a limp sunset.

   The tropical sunsets I saw on Bali, Indonesia were the best.  The whole sky lit up and we had sunset marathons where we would give them all grades and they were mostly A's.   Flaming orange and red sunsets with magnificent magenta and deep purple endings are so passionate.  These wimply Southern California sunsets seem to mock me.

  I did get some nice shots of the sun as it was promising to go down in a silvery flash through the trees.  It played peek a boo with me as I walked toward the boardwalk.  I love these twisted trees.



     There was a group gathered around a magic act and I love to watch magic.  He was a cute little fellow and had people tie him up and then he would escape.  I gave him a dollar and so did about twenty other people.  He was a Houdini.


     This is the park where I met my boyfriend.  We had so much fun here and I was moping around sitting on odd benches like an invisible old lady tonight.  There were other places I could have gone to be with people but I thought there was going to be a festival here so I went.  There was just the one magic act.  Tomorrow is the festival.  

   But when life gives you a limp sunset and disappointing evening you make the best of it.  I got this great shot after the magic show was over.

          limp sunset

         There is always hope.



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Best sunsets in California are about ten or twenty miles inland or out in the desert. Best in the southwest are in West Texas... glorious canyons of orange, pink and red clouds against a blue, purple and black gradient sky.
yes there is my sweet.. it will come.
Z, your attire becomes solid with your OS friends. I like it. You touch on a delicate subject: when I had lived in Cali, the seasons would pass me without much notice, this subtle tumble out of one season. Enjoyed the sense of what you portray life there -- the magic, the people have a completely different orientation, I had felt. This is a beautifully captured time that I could well remember from my years there. Thanks for sharing.
It doesn't look so limp
but then
there is always hope
and tomorrow
rated with love
Well that photo is just before it went limp. hahaha It slipped behind that big band of grey that you see just beneath the sun and it got cold and grey. Marine layer. phooey.
These are good! I just posted a few sunsets myself. did you make a couple of them larger than the others? Mine aren't that big.
Zanelle,your images and writing are excellent.Thank you for sharing so beautiful ρictures.Rated for the beauty and with my best regards.
Great photos - limp or not.