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APRIL 21, 2012 8:46AM

OS Weekend Fiction/ Divine Intervention

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    Once upon a time there was a God and a Goddess.  They liked to play  in the puffy clouds and they had some influence on the people they could feel and see roaming the earth.  They liked to mess with the emotional lives of these people because their lives were so perfect they were bored.

    So they choose a young girl and guided a boy into her path.  They watched as her heart opened to the attentions of the boy.  The Goddess especially enjoyed helping the young girl grow her body into a pleasing form and at times she wished she could be the young girl opening to her first love.  She lived vicariously thru those feeling because her perfect love with the God had settled into a comfortable routine that was  satisfying but empty.

   The God was interested in the young girl too.  He could also identify with the boy and was very involved in controling his fate and destiny.  Yet it was the girl that he wanted to force open and explore.  He entered both their lives on a regular basis and basked in the energy that their love generated.

   The boy felt the God presense in his life as a calling to the church.  The Gods were not too pleased with this development as they saw the church as competing with them for energy.  The boy began to go to Church more often and the Church welcomed him with open arms promising him friendship and love.  He became one of the officers in the church and he was extremely busy helping the flock.

    The girl meanwhile had not been called to the nunnery.  She went in the other direction to a life of hedonistic pleasures.  The goddess influence had made her warm and welcoming to all forms of life and she felt the divine presense especially when it was not in a church.  She became an earth woman who was drawn to a simple life in the hills.  

    The boy grew into a man and had the desires of a man.  He had been with women and he developed into a very good lover but the Church drew him further and further away from a domestic life.  When he met the girl as the Gods and Goddesses had ordained he was unable to meet her open heart with his own heart.  When he tried to open to her he just felt tied down.  His first love was the Church.

    The God and Goddess quarreled about this human couple.  He wanted to abandon them and the Goddess wanted them to mate and live happily in the earth mother's nest.   The tension grew and with a loud crack of thunder the young boy who was now a man went into the priesthood and took a vow of celebacy. 

   The young girl who was now a woman lived alone in her hilltop cabin and adopted pets to care for so she wouldn't miss her young love too much.  She had opened her heart to him but he had choosen another path.  She would be careful about opening her heart again to anyone especially if they talked about love.

   Then one day an ungodly, unshaven man came limping over the hill on her property.  He had hurt his foot and needed some attention.  She felt her heart opening again as she got out the bandages. 

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The blessings of deities are often disguised as curses...
I wonder if his godliness appeared after a good shave.
One never knows when the heart will open, despite what the
Gods and Goddesses have planned.
rated with love
Yes I can see this story going on and on....
There is a country song which I think is...Sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. I'm not sure how that fits. Anyway..
Is this man the answer to her prayers? I guess I'll have to wait and find out.
Interesting rejuvenation of the Creation Myth & Aftermath...
'he was unable to meet her open heart
with his own heart.
When he tried to open to her he just felt tied down.
His first love was the Church.'

friendship & love for the flock ,
nice cop out.

not alot of risk.

the ungodly man, who can wander not a bit
til his foot is fixed,
will be a
solution, let us hope.......
The cycle of life. Just because a God or Goddess puts someone in your path doesn't mean that person is the right one for you.
Tales from the island of zanelle! Well carved mythology including the curse of the dragon. (the church)
A myth of hope, the end leaves the reader with a rewarding feeling.
Bored gods would explain a lot. An interesting tale told with brevity.
What a cool and unusual and unexpected tale! Against the Gods themselves she can still open her heart again. Only a dumb-ass guy could convert a God presence into sterile intellect! Disturbing, cautionary, and yet you find the nascent happy ending afterall!
Yes! An unshaven man! The guy with the beard is the one for her.

The God and Goddess were wrong this time.
The Olympians (and probably other deities) were always screwing up. They had human failures, which is what makes them so lovable.

So what happens next?
Hmm....normally "ungodly" is an insult or a negative thing. Here, you've definitely made me think otherwise!